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211 2016/06/30 President Tsai takes in performance by Chai Found Music Workshop, hosts a reception to thank Paraguay President Cartes Chinese
212 2016/06/30 President Tsai holds reception in Paraguay for traveling press corps Chinese
213 2016/06/30 President Tsai attends Rural Association of Paraguay banquet, visits animal feed and orchid development projects Chinese
214 2016/06/30 President Tsai attends ceremony for computer donations by ASUS Foundation Chinese
215 2016/06/29 President Tsai attends expatriate banquet and meets Fo Guang Shan and Tzu Chi representatives in Paraguay Chinese
216 2016/06/29 President Tsai inaugurates new ROC embassy building in Paraguay, receives key to city from Asuncion mayor Chinese
217 2016/06/29 President Tsai delivers address before Paraguayan Congress Chinese
218 2016/06/29 President Tsai meets Paraguayan President Cartes, receives decoration, signs air transport agreement and joint declaration Chinese
219 2016/06/28 President Tsai arrives in Paraguay for state visit Chinese
220 2016/06/28 President Tsai meets Panamanian President Varela and Haitian First Lady Privert Chinese
221 2016/06/27 President Tsai attends inauguration ceremony for Panama Canal Expansion Chinese
222 2016/06/27 President Tsai attends ceremony for donation by Taiwan of flu medicine to Panama Chinese
223 2016/06/27 President Tsai hosts luncheon for Taiwan Scholarship recipients from Panama Chinese
224 2016/06/27 President Tsai meets presidents and vice presidents from Central and South America Chinese
225 2016/06/27 President Tsai visits Evergreen Group's Colon Container Terminal in Panama Chinese
226 2016/06/26 President Tsai's first-day itinerary in Panama Chinese
227 2016/06/26 Itinerary announced for President Tsai's transit stop in Miami Chinese
228 2016/06/26 President Tsai attends expatriate banquet in Miami Chinese
229 2016/06/24 President Tsai delivers remarks aboard aircraft after departing for Panama and Paraguay Chinese
230 2016/06/24 President Tsai departs on journey to diplomatic allies Panama and Paraguay Chinese
231 2016/06/23 President Tsai attends the first meeting of the Office of the President’s Pension Reform Committee Chinese
232 2016/06/22 President Tsai meets delegation from Atlantic Council Chinese
233 2016/06/21 President Tsai meets delegation from US-China Economic and Security Review Commission Chinese
234 2016/06/17 President Tsai meets 153rd Naoki Prize winner Akira Higashiyama Chinese
235 2016/06/17 President Tsai meets Matthew J. Matthews, US Deputy Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs and Senior Official for APEC Chinese
236 2016/06/14 President Tsai meets Panama's President of Supreme Court Jose Ayu Prado Canals Chinese
237 2016/06/14 President Tsai to depart on June 24 for Panama and Paraguay Chinese
238 2016/06/14 Vice President Chen's opening address at 23rd Pacific Science Congress Chinese
239 2016/06/13 Office of the President responds to terror attack in Orlando, Florida Chinese
240 2016/06/11 Vice President Chen's opening speech at 2016 APASL Single Topic Conference on Hepatitis C Chinese
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