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  • President Lee Teng-hui Meets with Dr. David Ho
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Presidnet Lee Teng-hui this afternoon praises prominent scientist Dr. David

Ho for his significant contributions to AIDS research and treatment, saying

that Dr. Ho is the pride of all Chinese.

Dr. Ho, his parents, and his wife are accompanied by Dr. James C. Y. Chu,

chairman of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission (OCAC), and Dr. Po-ya

Chang, director-general of the Department of Health, to the Office of the

President for the meeting. Also present is Mr. Stephen S. F. Chen, deputy

secretary-general to the President.

While receiving Dr. Ho and his family, the President expresses the hope that

Dr. Ho could regularly visit Taiwan to help fight against the deadly disease.

Dr. Ho, currently the scientific director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research

Center, was named Time Magazine's 1996 "Man of the Year" for his major

breakthrough in AIDS research. His drug "cocktails" treatment has proved to

be able to prolong the lives of AIDS victims.

Seeing that President Lee has great interest in his research, Dr. Ho briefs

the President on current AIDS research and its future prospects. Dr. Ho also

suggests that, since prevention is more important than cure, Taiwan make more

efforts to prevent the disease from spreading, especially at a time when AIDS

infection in Taiwan is far from serious.

During the meeting, President Lee also says that he attaches much importance

to Dr. Ho's suggestions made during a news conference held in Taipei on

January 29 that Taiwan should establish a hospital devoted exclusively to

AIDS treatment. The President then asks Director-General Po-ya Chang to work

on the issue.

Dr. Ho, being on a six-day Taiwan visit, was conferred a Hwa Kuang Medal,

First Class, by the OCAC yesterday morning. The medal is the ROC's top honor for

Chinese who have made special contributions in overseas Chinese affairs or

academic research at home or abroad.

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