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  • President Tsai receives credentials from new Belize Ambassador to the ROC Diane Haylock
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New Belize Ambassador to the ROC Diane Haylock presents the credentials to President Tsai at the Presidential Office and is welcomed with full military honors. President Tsai receives the credentials from the new Belize Ambassador to the ROC Diane Haylock. President Tsai talks with the new Belize Ambassador to the ROC Diane Haylock.
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On the morning of October 19, President Tsai Ing-wen accepted the credentials of the new Belize Ambassador to the ROC Diane Haylock in a ceremony at the Presidential Office. The president warmly welcomed Ambassador Haylock to her new post in Taiwan and called for continued efforts to enhance cooperation and diplomatic ties between the two countries.

In remarks, the president noted that following Taiwan's presidential election early this year, Belize Governor-General Sir Colville Young and Prime Minister Dean Barrow promptly sent congratulatory messages. The Belize government also dispatched Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Peter Elrington to attend the inaugural ceremony on May 20, thus clearly demonstrating the depth of the bilateral friendship.

President Tsai pointed out that Prime Minister Barrow, who first took office in 2008, is now into his third term, which makes him the longest-serving prime minister in the history of Belize. He enjoys strong popular support, and has brought a breath of fresh air into his country through his efforts to stimulate the economy and build up infrastructure. In the process, he has exhibited outstanding leadership.

President Tsai mentioned that Belize has been an active participant in a variety of regional fora focusing on Central America and the Caribbean, vigorously advocates cooperation among island states to implement a joint response to climate change, and is deeply concerned about the development of freedom, democracy, peace, stability, and prosperity. Taiwan and Belize have a shared commitment to these mainstream values, which constitute the foundation of the bilateral friendship, said the president.

Noting that Belize has often spoken up for Taiwan at international venues over the years, President Tsai conveyed thanks for its resolute support and pointed out that the deep friendship between Taiwan and Belize dates back 27 years. For many years, Taiwan has continued to provide assistance to Belize in such fields as agriculture, public health, and human resources, and the ruling and opposition parties of Belize have been very positive about the results. The president expressed hope that the two countries can fully reap the potential benefits of economic cooperation and boost two-way trade and investment.

Mentioning that Ambassador Haylock had been the president of the Belize National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) for many years, President Tsai noted that during her tenure there Ambassador Haylock arranged for a Belizean steel band to perform in Taiwan, where the response was enthusiastic, and oversaw very successful collaboration with Taiwan on the NICH's Primary School Art Skills Training Project. President Tsai welcomed Ambassador Haylock to her new post in Taiwan, and expressed hope for enhancement of Taiwan's cooperation and interaction with Belize in more varied areas.

President Tsai reiterated that Taiwan attaches great importance to its relations with Belize and the commitments it has made, and in the future will work together with all sectors in Belize to improve bilateral relations. The president stated that Taiwan will continue to build up the bilateral relationship, and expressed hope that Belize will continue to support Taiwan in the international community so that the two countries can support each other's interests.
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