Executive Yuan

The Executive Yuan is the country's highest administrative organ, and exercises the powers granted to it under the Constitution. The Executive Yuan Council—composed of the president and vice president of the Executive Yuan (commonly referred to as the premier and vice premier), the ministers and chairpersons of the various ministries, councils, and commissions, and the several ministers without portfolio—makes decisions on important matters brought before it. In the promotion of organizational reform, since 2012, new agencies under the Executive Yuan have been established following legislative approval of the bills for their respective organizational statutes. The most recent amendments to the Organizational Act of the Executive Yuan were announced on April 26, 2023, placing under it a total of 30 agencies, of which there are 14 ministries, nine councils or commissions, three independent administrative institutions, the Central Bank, the National Palace Museum, and two directorates-general. The Executive Yuan, R.O.C. (Taiwan)