Legislative Yuan

The Legislative Yuan, the highest legislative organ of this Country, exercises legislative power on behalf of the people. Beginning with the Seventh Legislative Yuan, the Legislative Yuan shall have 113 members. The members of the Legislative Yuan shall serve a term of four years, which is renewable after re-election. The distribution of the Legislative seats is as follows: (1) Seventy-three members shall be elected from the Special Municipalities, counties, and cities in the free area. At least one member shall be elected from each county or city. Members for the seats shall be elected in proportion to the population of each Special Municipality, county, or city, which shall be divided into electoral constituencies equal in number with the members to be elected; (2) Three members each shall be elected from among the lowland and highland aborigines in the free area; (3) A total of 34 members shall be elected from the nationwide constituency and among citizens residing abroad. Members for the seats shall be elected proportionately from each of the political parties that obtains at least 5 percent of the total vote, and each party's female elects shall not be less than one-half of its total elected members. The Legislative Yuan has a president and a vice president, elected by and from among its members.

The functions of the Legislative Yuan are: to decide by resolution statutory or budgetary bills or bills concerning martial law, amnesty, declaration of war, conclusion of peace or treaties, and other important affairs of the state; to propose to amend the Constitution, change the nation's territorial boundaries, or impeach the President or Vice President; to exercise the power of consent regarding appointments of personnel nominated by the ROC President, such as the president, vice president and grand justices of the Judicial Yuan, the president, vice president and members of the Examination Yuan, the president, vice president, members and the Auditor General of the Control Yuan, and the Public Prosecutor General of the Supreme Prosecutors Office. When the Legislative Yuan convenes each year, it may hear a report on the state of the nation by the President.The Legislative Yuan, R.O.C. (Taiwan)