Judicial Yuan

The Judicial Yuan is the country's highest judicial organ under which are courts and administrative courts at all levels, as well as the Committee on the Discipline of Public Functionaries. It is responsible for the adjudication of civil, criminal, and administrative litigations, as well as the discipline of civil servants.

The Judicial Yuan shall have 15 grand justices. The 15 grand justices, including a president and a vice president of the Judicial Yuan to be selected from amongst them, shall be nominated and, with the consent of the Legislative Yuan, appointed by the President of the Republic. Each grand justice of the Judicial Yuan shall serve a term of eight years, independent of the order of appointment to office, and shall not serve consecutive terms. The grand justices serving as president and vice president of the Judicial Yuan shall not enjoy the guarantee of an eight-year term. Through group consultations, the grand justices interpret the Constitution and unify the interpretation of laws and ordinances. They also form a constitutional tribunal to adjudicate matters relating to the impeachment of the President or the Vice President, and the dissolution of political parties violating constitutional provisions.The Judicial Yuan, R.O.C. (Taiwan)