Examination Yuan

The Examination Yuan is responsible for the examination, employment, and management of all civil servants in this country. Specifically, the Examination Yuan oversees all examination-related matters; all matters relating to qualification screening; security of tenure, pecuniary aid in case of death, and the retirement of civil servants; and all legal matters pertaining to the employment, discharge, performance evaluations, scale of salaries, promotions, transfers, commendations, and rewards for civil servants. All these functions are handled by the Ministry of Examination, the Ministry of Civil Service, the Civil Service Protection and Training Commission, and the Public Service Pension Fund Supervisory Board.

The Examination Yuan has a president, a vice president, and 19 members, all of whom are, with the consent of the Legislative Yuan, appointed by the ROC President for six-year terms.(As provided by amendments to the Organic Act of the Examination Yuan promulgated on January 8, 2020, the Examination Yuan will now have seven to nine members, and the terms of office of the president, vice president, and members have been reduced to four years. The president, vice president, and members in office prior to the date on which such amendments came into force may exercise their authority pursuant to the provisions of the pre-amendment Act until the expiration of their original terms of office.)The Examination Yuan, R.O.C. (Taiwan)