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Journey of Freedom, Democracy, and Sustainability

Local media coverage

President Tsai to attend first-ever press reception in US, 8 gifts for tomorrow's state visits revealed

President Tsai: Taiwan will not be intimidated, looks forward to allies' continued support

President Tsai pays first public visit to ROC offices in US, scholar: Taiwan Travel Act gradually coming to fruition

President Tsai addresses Columbia University: Day to day, Taiwan stands on the frontlines of democracy

China vows sanctions on US firms selling arms to Taiwan, President Tsai: No need for others to make irresponsible remarks regarding strengthening national defense

President Tsai attends Taiwan-US Business Summit: Taiwan's free business environment ties us closely with US

Strengthening Taiwan's ties with allies in the best interests of both Taiwan and US

National Security Council confirms President Tsai thanked US House Speaker Pelosi by phone for passage of Taiwan-friendly bills

Tough as triathlete, President Tsai visits 2 allies in same day, concludes stopover in New York, departs for Haiti and St. Christopher and Nevis

President Tsai visits Haiti: Strengthening 63-year diplomatic ties

President Tsai visits St. Christopher and Nevis, invites Taiwan's tourism sector to explore commercial ventures

President Tsai receives the Order of St. Christopher and Nevis, the country's highest honor: Strongest possible affirmation of our partnership

President Tsai visits St. Christopher and Nevis, urges cooperation to sow the seeds of peace

Freedom House calls on Washington to support Taiwan’s democratic values

President Tsai visits Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, thanks SVG for establishing embassy in Taiwan

Saint Lucia Prime Minister: International organizations should welcome Taiwan's participation

US recognizes US-Taiwan relationship as strongest ever, President Tsai makes stopover in Denver, key Senator promises to push for bills supporting Taiwan

President Tsai witnesses Taiwan-US aerospace cooperation

President Tsai concludes sustainable state visits, highlights deepening Taiwan-US ties

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