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1 1996/07/02 President Lee Meets with South African Foreign Minister
2 1996/07/04 President Lee Meets with Panamanian Legislative Assembly President
3 1996/07/08 President Lee Meets with U.S. Senator Rod Grams
4 1996/07/16 President Lee Teng-hui Confers Order on Honduras President
5 1996/07/22 President Lee Welcomes Senegalese President
6 1996/07/23 President Lee Meets with Foreign Scholars
7 1996/07/23 President and Madame Lee Host a State Banquet in Honor of President and Madame Abdou Diouf of Senegal
8 1996/07/26 President Lee Meets Guests from the St. Christopher and Nevis
9 1996/07/26 President Lee Meets with Central American Guests
10 1996/08/04 The Office of the President Opened to Public
11 1996/08/28 President Lee Hosts a State Banquet in Honor of Salvadorian President Calderon
12 1996/09/06 President Lee Meets with Former Irish Prime Minister
13 1996/09/17 President Lee Meets with US Deputy Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers
14 1996/10/07 President Lee Welcomes Malawi President with Military Honors
15 1996/10/08 President Lee Hosts State Banquet in Honor of Malawi President
16 1996/10/09 President Lee Teng-hui's National Day Message
17 1996/10/11 President Lee Meets with Russian Dignitaries
18 1996/10/15 President Lee Meets with Washington State Governor
19 1996/10/16 President Lee Mourns over the Passing of Senior Advisor Huang Shao-ku
20 1996/10/21 President Lee Teng-hui's Address to the 11th Plenary Session of the National Unification Council
21 1996/10/28 President Lee Meets with Chancellor of Univerity of Massachusetts at Amherst
22 1996/10/30 President Lee Accepts Invitation for World Congress on the Panama Canal
23 1996/11/01 President Lee Meets with South Korean Delegation
24 1996/11/01 President Lee Meets with former Polish President Walesa
25 1996/11/02 President Lee Meets with British Conservationist Jane Goodall
26 1996/11/03 Office of the President Opens to the Public
27 1996/11/05 President Lee Meets with Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Bentsen
28 1996/11/05 President Lee Meets with Philippine Envoy Navarro
29 1996/11/06 President Lee and Vice President Lien Congratulate U.S. President Clinton and Vice President Gore
30 1996/11/11 President Lee Meets with Maryland Governor Glendening
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