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Vice President Lai
Vice President Lai

Dr. Lai Ching-te was born in 1959 in New Taipei City’s Wanli District. The son of a coal miner, his upbringing and medical training in empirical logic have given him the ability to understand and identify with the popular will and find tailor-made solutions, the foundations of a unique governing style that inspires public trust.

After receiving a B.S. from National Taiwan University’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr. Lai completed the Post-Bachelor Program in Medical Science at National Cheng Kung University. He then obtained a Master of Public Health degree from Harvard University, making him one of the few physicians in Taiwan with rehabilitation, clinical care, and public health expertise.

In 1994 when he was a chief resident at National Cheng Kung University Hospital and Taiwan was holding its first direct election for Taiwan provincial governor, Dr. Lai began his involvement in public affairs as the head of a Tainan physicians association supporting Chen Ting-nan (陳定南), the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate for governor.

During the 1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis, Dr. Lai decided to emulate his predecessors in the pursuit of democracy and gave up his medical career to enter politics. In the election for National Assembly representatives that year, he was the leading vote getter from Tainan City, and he set out on a historic mission to abolish the National Assembly.

In 1998, Dr. Lai was elected to the Legislative Yuan representing Tainan City. Leveraging his medical expertise, he played a dynamic role in the Social Welfare and Environmental Hygiene Committee while addressing over 100,000 local issues. Dr. Lai put equal emphasis on professional governance and solid service, and Tainan citizens showed their appreciation by electing him to the legislature for four consecutive terms (1999-2010).

During his legislative tenure, Dr. Lai was named "Best Legislator" by Citizen Congress Watch, demonstrated leadership and coordination skills as the DPP caucus whip, and led delegations to Japan and the United States to conduct parliamentary diplomacy. He chaired the legislature’s bipartisan Health, Welfare and Environment Foundation and was also part of a lobby group promoting Taiwan’s World Health Organization (WHO) membership, making seven trips to 22 countries including Korea, Japan, the United States, and European Union member states. In 2004, Dr. Lai was also chosen to participate in the US Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program.

In 2010, Tainan County and Tainan City were merged to form the Tainan Special Municipality. Dr. Lai was elected as the first mayor, building a reputation for honest, diligent, and efficient government that became known as the Tainan New Deal. Running for re-election in 2014, Dr. Lai garnered 72.9% of the vote, the highest percentage in Tainan history, and the highest for any county or city head since the lifting of martial law in 1987.

As mayor from 2010 to 2017, Dr. Lai also actively promoted city diplomacy, working closely with Japan’s government, National Diet, and private sector to promote exchanges and sister-city agreements, enhancing substantive ties in culture, tourism, sports, agriculture, and disaster relief. In 2014, he met with State Department and National Security Council officials responsible for Asia-Pacific affairs for topical discussions in Washington, DC.

In keynote speeches delivered in English at the Henry L. Stimson Center and Project 2049 Institute that same year, he cited the DPP’s achievements using the letters of the party’s English abbreviation: Democracy, Peace, and Prosperity. He was also invited by the Israeli government to attend the 2016 International Mayors Conference in Israel, and he was the only mayor representing an Asian city in attendance that year. In 2017, he visited Washington, DC once again to hold in-depth discussions with experts from well-known think tanks about the Indo-Pacific situation, US-China relations, and the international trade regime following the US withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Taking on new leadership responsibilities in troubling times, Dr. Lai served as Taiwan’s premier from 2017 to 2019. His practical, results-oriented Cabinet adopted five key policy goals, setting out to promote: Taiwanese culture, the Green Silicon Island and smart digital nation concepts, a just society, and national well-being. His term of office also saw solid progress in achieving his vision of providing peaceful lives and employment security, sustainability, and balanced development throughout Taiwan.

In May of 2019, Dr. Lai traveled to Japan to deliver a speech to the House of Representatives on Taiwan-Japan relations during the Reiwa reign of Japan's new emperor Naruhito. He also held talks with dozens of parliamentarians and secretaries from various political parties, emphasizing that new international conditions make Taiwan-Japan cooperation under the Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy essential.

In November of 2019, as the anti-extradition movement roiled Hong Kong, Taiwan was in a key strategic location in the first island chain defending Asian democracy. With democratic institutions threatened like never before, Dr. Lai accepted President Tsai Ing-wen’s invitation to be her vice-presidential running mate in the following year’s election. Working on the front lines to consolidate Taiwan’s democratic system, he campaigned for the DPP candidates island-wide and defended Taiwan’s democracy, helping President Tsai win re-election and the DPP retain a legislative majority. The Tsai-Lai ticket rode to victory with a record-high of 8.17 million votes.

In February 2020, Dr. Lai accepted an invitation to the 68th National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC, becoming the highest-ranking official from Taiwan to attend since official diplomatic relations were severed 41 years ago while opening a new chapter in Taiwan-US relations. In May, Dr. Lai was officially sworn in as the 15th-term Vice President. In January 2023, Dr. Lai began concurrently serving as DPP chairperson. In the same year, he was announced as the DPP candidate for Taiwan's 16th-term presidential election, and was successfully elected in January 2024. Dr. Lai's presidency will be the first to mark three consecutive terms of the same political party in office since Taiwan began holding direct presidential elections in 1996. Dr. Lai is also the first president-elect to have served both as vice president and as a physician.

Meets with a delegation from the Hudson Institute, and states that the institute is the first United States think tank to visit after Taiwan's presidential election, demonstrating staunch support in US academia for Taiwan's efforts to safeguard its free and democratic system. Says that Taiwan successfully achieved the year's first major victory for democracies around the world, and has successfully defended our hard-won democratic achievements. States that Taiwan will continue to strengthen asymmetric combat capabilities, actively carry out national defense reforms, and cooperate with the international community to promote peace, stability, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region.
Meets with a delegation from the Lithuania-Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Group, and thanks them for visiting immediately after the presidential election to express their staunch support and congratulations to democratic Taiwan. States that global peace, prosperity, and stability depend on the collective efforts of all members of the international community, and that to address the challenges of authoritarian expansionism, Taiwan will collaborate with Lithuania and other like-minded countries to defend democratic values and human rights ideals.
Meets with a bipartisan delegation led by co-chairs of the United States’ Congressional Taiwan Caucus. Thanks the US government and members of Congress across party lines for conveying congratulations to democratic Taiwan immediately following the recent election. Reiterates that he will unite the people of Taiwan, strengthen societal resilience, and continue to defend the status quo of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. Says that with support from the US Congress, he looks forward to continuing to enhance cooperation with the US and furthering the Taiwan-US partnership. 
Speaks with newly reelected President Hilda C. Heine of the Republic of the Marshall Islands via videoconference. States that both Taiwan and the Marshall Islands have successfully held presidential elections this year, reflecting our shared universal values of democracy, freedom, and respect for human rights. States that this year marks the 26th anniversary of official diplomatic relations between Taiwan and the Marshall Islands, which have yielded outstanding cooperative achievements in fields such as agriculture, medicine and public health, clean energy, education, climate change response, and information and communications technology. Says he looks forward to developing even broader and more diverse cooperation in the future.
Meets with a delegation from the US-Taiwan Business Council. Emphasizes that he will guide the new administration to staunchly protect democracy and cooperate with like-minded partners, doing our utmost to jointly maintain the status quo of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. Expresses hope that the council will continue to support Taiwan as we work together to strengthen Taiwan-US economic and trade cooperation.
Speaks with President Surangel S. Whipps Jr. of the Republic of Palau via videoconference. States that Taiwan and Palau have close cooperation in areas including public health and medicine, agriculture, fisheries, livestock, clean energy, infrastructure, digital development, climate change response, education, training, and women's empowerment, while democracy serves to make our bilateral relations even closer.   
Attends the 2023 Hakka Contribution Awards and a commemoration event for National Hakka Day. Says he looks forward to using our solid existing foundations to promote the new Hakka action plan across six key areas: public services, cultural identity among the youth, food culture, cultural and creative industries, local revitalization, and international promotion. Says he looks forward to continuing to develop Hakka industries and preserve Hakka culture. 
Attends the annual meeting of an association in Taiwan established for children with serious diseases. States that the government will help improve care for newborns, serious diseases, inheritable diseases, and childhood cancer. Says we hope to establish a multi-billion-NT-Dollar fund for the development of cancer medicine to reduce cancer patients' financial dependence on their families, and to give patients earlier access to the advanced medical treatments they need.
Attends the 67th Anniversary of Taiwan Visitors Association. Says he hopes to spur broader economic growth through developing Taiwan's tourism sector by bringing awareness of tourism into all government agencies, promoting platforms that centralize local tourism resources, establishing an agency responsible for tourism research and training and international marketing, and helping tourism firms in the overall process of digitalization. Says he looks forward to helping give Taiwan a unique image in the tourism industry that will let the world see Taiwan while bringing Taiwan closer to the rest of the world.
Meets with new Chief Representative of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Taipei Office Katayama Kazuyuki. Expresses hope for an even closer friendship between the people of Taiwan and Japan and that we can foster mutual economic prosperity. Says he hopes that Taiwan and Japan will continue to play important roles for peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. 
Attends the 20th meeting of the Presidential Office Indigenous Historical Justice and Transitional Justice Committee as deputy convenor. Says in closing remarks that the government has the responsibility to promote transitional justice, as well as its relevant policies, for indigenous peoples. Says that after the efforts of these past few years, we have accelerated the pace of reconciliation between the state and indigenous peoples, helping foster in the nation's citizens a more diverse historical perspective and ensuring that people of all ethnicities can live in dignity.
2023-11-30 Attends the Meet Taipei Startup Festival 2023. States that the government will continue to optimize Taiwan's startup environment by taking measures to cultivate more talent, provide early-phase startup funding, establish test fields, deregulate, and align with international practices. Expresses hope that 20,000 new startup jobs can be created within five years, that investments in startups arranged through public-private partnerships can exceed NT$150 billion per year, and that within 10 years Taiwan can become a net exporter of innovative solutions to the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.
2023-11-28 Attends an award ceremony for Taiwan and overseas individuals recognized with the 2023 Model of Entrepreneurs Awards. Praises award recipients for their contributions to Taiwan's economy. States that the government will continue to help in the upgrading and transformation of small- and medium-sized enterprises. Expresses hope that enterprises will base themselves in Taiwan and from there expand globally and provide their products and services worldwide.
2023-11-24 Attends the opening ceremony of the 2023 Taipei International Financial Expo. Recognizes the financial industry for promoting the development of industry in Taiwan. Expresses hope that everyone can work together to create a stable and resilient financial system that will turn Taiwan into a hub in Asia for asset management and financial technology development as well as a regional model of sustainable finance.
2023-11-16 Attends the unveiling ceremony for the High-Speed Electronic Transmission Interface Packaging Design and Testing Talent Training and Technology Center, launched under the Ministry of Education's program for establishing regional talent and technical training bases. States that Taiwan is playing an increasingly important role in the global trend toward development of smart industry. Expresses hope that the center will prove useful to the regional industries of the future and that it will make an outstanding contribution to Taiwan's economic development.
2023-11-14 Attends banquet marking the 60th anniversary of the Taiwan Steel & Iron Industries Association. Emphasizes that the government has a responsibility to develop domestic demand-driven industries, promote industrial innovation, and help steel and iron enterprises engage in green transition.
2023-11-08 Attends the groundbreaking ceremony for the Emergency and Critical Care Center of Taipei Hospital under the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Notes that the hospital will be able to provide more timely medical care and help realize health equality. Says that in the future, by linking the medical community and Taiwanese society, we will continue promoting precision medicine, regenerative medicine, and smart medicine. Says that these efforts will help spur development of the biomedical industry and bring it more in line with international medical technologies.
2023-11-07 Attends a Premium Event of the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan. Shares his national policy blueprint, the National Project of Hope, to make Taiwan more democratic and peaceful; innovative and prosperous; and just and sustainable. Expresses hope for a stronger Taiwan-Europe partnership.
2023-11-06 Meets with members of the Association of Taiwan Master Tailors who participated in the 39th International Congress of the World Federation of Master Tailors in 2023. Praises the members for their long-term efforts that earned them top honors at the congress. Points out that attendance at general high schools and vocational high schools in Taiwan will become tuition-free starting next year, and that the government will improve facilities and expand teaching staff at technical and vocational schools in order to boost the development of related industries.
2023-11-04 Attends the International Digital Textbooks Forum. Says that in the future the government will adopt a generative AI learning program that capitalizes on the strengths of our semiconductor and information and communications technology industries. Says that the government will continue cooperating with businesses in hope of using the strengths of Taiwan's tech industry to create a better digital learning environment.
2023-11-04 Attends the opening ceremony for an event showcasing the use of technology in baseball held by the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology. States that the development of sports technology is an important objective for the government. Says that Taiwanese athletes have been successful in recent Olympic Games and other international competitions by using sports technology to further hone their skills. States that the government will continue to support the application of technology to the development of sports and health in Taiwan so that the people will be healthier and our nation stronger.
2023-10-31 Attends the 2023 Associations of Star Alliance Pilots Executive Board Meeting. States that with the pandemic subsiding, there is increasing demand for air travel. Expresses hope that Taiwan can take advantage of this gathering and learn from the experience of other countries' pilot associations when it comes to promoting aviation safety and labor rights to help foster a healthier, safer, and more respectful air travel culture.
2023-10-27 Attends a session of the 2023 Taiwan Capital Market Forum and calls for effective use of Taiwan's deep pools of capital to support the building of national infrastructure, promote economic and industrial development, resolve various social issues, and improve our people's quality of life.
2023-10-24 Attends a forum on innovation in the first island chain and says he hopes to bring together people from all walks of life to promote the National Project of Hope and move Taiwan from a factor-driven to an innovation-driven model of economic development. Adds that the government has a responsibility to prioritize developing Taiwan into an AI services hub for the Asia-Pacific region and to promote startups so that Taiwan can become a provider of innovative solutions to countries in the first island chain.
2023-10-23 Meets with a delegation led by Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, speaker of the Seimas (parliament) of the Republic of Lithuania and thanks her for demonstrating support for Taiwan through concrete action. Expresses hope that Taiwan and Lithuania can step up cooperation in democracy, freedom, human rights, high-tech research and development, and economic affairs.
2023-10-20 Attends the 23rd Annual Congress of the Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Society of Asia. Notes that the selection of Taiwan to host the annual congress once again this year not only signals continuing support for Taiwan in the international community, but also shows strong recognition of Taiwan's accomplishments in this field. Expresses hope that nutrition science can help resolve public health issues.
2023-10-17 Delivers an address titled "Stronger Together" at an AmCham Taiwan luncheon. Shares his thoughts on topics including Taiwan-US trade, energy transition, healthcare systems, the biomedical industry, and regional peace and stability.
2023-10-17 Attends the opening ceremony of the Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show and commends textile firms for spurring Taiwan's economic development by focusing on environmental sustainability, functional applications, and smart manufacturing. Says the government will continue improving the investment environment, encouraging companies to invest in Taiwan, and working to facilitate integration into the regional economy.
2023-10-15 Attends the closing ceremony of the 2023 Hakka Expo. States that the term "Hakka" refers not just to an ethnic group, but to an entire culture, and to a feeling of pride in being Hakka that has been handed down through generations. Calls on Hakka youth to inject new vigor and creativity into Hakka culture and to engage with the world.
2023-10-12 Attends the 2023 Yushan Forum and states that going forward the New Southbound Policy will be people-centered. Says that the policy will be used to pursue an innovation-driven vision of economic development and social reform strategies geared toward the goals of justice and sustainability. Adds that the policy will follow a diplomatic strategy based on the guiding principles of democracy and peace.
2023-10-12 Delivers remarks using artificial intelligence at the Annual Taiwan AI Innovation Investment Summit. States that to address the rapid growth of AI, Taiwan has world-class supply chains in information and communications technology and semiconductors, and has innovative capabilities that are flexible, diversified, and customizable, all of which represent considerable advantages and opportunities for Taiwan. Says that as we work toward both digital transformation and transitioning to net-zero, Taiwanese startups are using AI to accelerate the creation of an intelligent and sustainable new Taiwan.
2023-10-09 Attends a Legislative Yuan welcome banquet for a delegation from the Japan-ROC Diet Members' Consultative Council visiting Taiwan to take part in the 2023 National Day celebration of the Republic of China and to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the council. Praises and thanks the council for its contributions to Taiwan-Japan relations and calls for further strengthening of people-to-people ties and economic cooperation between Taiwan and Japan.
2023-09-27 Attends the Hard Talk, Soft Power, Bold Future 2023 Forum held by the Taiwan Women on Boards Association. States that to encourage companies to increase female participation in decision-making roles, the government will continue working to promote gender equality policies, establish a more welcoming environment, support more diverse opportunities for women, and help them to obtain the professional skills needed in decision-making roles.
2023-09-20 Attends an international press conference for the unveiling of the Asia Trails Network secretariat logo and an introduction to its operations. Praises the Taiwan Thousand Miles Trail Association for making Taiwan an Asian hiking destination. Calls on the people of Taiwan to take up hiking and establish healthy habits to reduce time spent living with illness or disability, and help create a healthier Taiwan.
2023-09-19 Attends a forum and industry exhibition on the theme of technological innovation and global trends organized by the Tainan City Government. Expresses hope that society can pool its resources to promote an innovation-driven model of economic development, so that Taiwan's high-tech industry can achieve growth amidst the restructuring of global supply chains.
2023-09-15 Attends the opening ceremony of the 2023 Taiwan AI Academy Annual Conference. Says that AI is increasingly entering our daily lives and that geopolitical changes in recent years have presented excellent opportunities to Taiwan, which excels in the field of information and communications technology. Expresses hope that in the age of globalization the power of AI will open up bigger windows of opportunity for Taiwan, so that the nation can become even stronger.
2023-09-09 Attends the flag handover ceremony for Taiwan's esports team taking part in the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou. States that the government will continue to support the esports industry and help young esports competitors pursue their dreams.
2023-09-07 Attends the opening ceremony of Cares Expo Taipei 2023. Thanks partners in the long-term care community for working together to advance the long-term care sector, and for providing senior citizens with higher quality services.
2023-09-07 Attends the opening ceremony of the Taiwan International Religious Freedom Summit 2023. States that Taiwan is now a free and open democracy thanks to the bravery of its people and global support. Says that, therefore, Taiwan has a responsibility to give back to the international community. States that Taiwan stands together with religious leaders and the democratic alliance, and is prepared to do everything in its power to help foster world peace.
2023-09-06 Attends the SEMICON Taiwan 2023 Leadership Gala Dinner. States that the semiconductor sector is Taiwan's strength as well as its responsibility. States that Taiwan, in the face of geopolitical changes, is striving to maintain regional peace and stability, and that it will continue to improve its investment environment to spur stable development of its semiconductor ecosystem.
2023-09-04 Attends a press conference announcing the winners of the 61st Ten Outstanding Young Persons awards, where he personally announces the names of the winners. Praises the awardees for their contributions to society. Encourages young people to be brave and resolute, and to bring hope for the nation, our society, and humanity through their actions.
2023-09-01 Attends the joint closing ceremony of the Taiwan Youth & Overseas Expatriate Bridging Program and Senior Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors Training Program, both of which are supported by the Overseas Community Affairs Council. Encourages youth to travel abroad, expand their world view, and develop a forward-looking mindset. Welcomes youth from overseas communities to come back to Taiwan often so that they can see different parts of Taiwan, become more familiar with the country, and come to love it even more.
2023-08-21 Meets with a study delegation from the Youth Division of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. Expresses hope that person-to-person connections between Taiwan and Japan will continue to grow closer and that our cooperative ties will deepen so as to benefit both of our countries. Points out that Taiwan is Japan's fourth largest trading partner and that Japan is Taiwan's third largest, with last year's bilateral trade amounting to an all-time high of US$88.2 billion. Says that he hopes this figure will continue to rise. Emphasizes that, by cooperating to maintain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region, Taiwan and Japan are helping foster prosperity and development in the region and throughout the world.
2023-08-18 Returns to Taiwan from his trip to Paraguay and issues remarks at Taoyuan International Airport. Discusses the results of his trip, saying that he and his delegation had successfully achieved their objectives of strengthening the friendship between Taiwan and Paraguay and expanding our bilateral collaboration. Notes that, in a rare display, Paraguayan President Santiago Peña Palacios reiterated in his inaugural address that the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Republic of Paraguay are brothers that share the values of freedom, democracy, and respect for human rights and stated that he will continue to promote collaboration with the Republic of China (Taiwan) in all areas to further bolster our bilateral relationship.
2023-08-17 While transiting through San Francisco on his way back to Taiwan, is welcomed by Representative to the United States Bi-khim Hsiao (蕭美琴) and American Institute in Taiwan Chairperson Laura Rosenberger aboard the plane. Later attends a banquet with members of the local and Taiwanese overseas communities.
2023-08-16 Attends the inauguration of President Santiago Peña Palacios of the Republic of Paraguay. Also attends a luncheon hosted by the president and first lady. Exchanges greetings and interacts with the assembled heads of state and representatives. Later holds a reception for the press corps traveling along with his delegation. Shares the results of his delegation's efforts to complete the objectives entrusted to him by President Tsai, specifically to strengthen the friendship between Taiwan and Paraguay, to expand our bilateral collaboration, and to engage with leaders from other countries.
2023-08-15 Attends a banquet with President of the Senate Silvio Ovelar and President of the Chamber of Deputies Raúl Latorre of the Republic of Paraguay. Expresses hope that both chambers of congress will offer their support for Taiwan-Paraguay cooperation, which will further bolster our friendship and deepen our cooperative partnership. Then meets with a gathering of recent graduates and current student representatives of Taiwan-Paraguay Polytechnic University (UPTP) and learns how to make a native Paraguayan snack. States that Taiwan will continue to cooperate with Paraguay on the UPTP program and assist Paraguay in fostering talent. Says that he looks forward to the UPTP students acting as an important bridge to strengthen Taiwan-Paraguay cooperation. Later attends a welcome banquet hosted by our overseas community in Paraguay.
2023-08-14 While transiting through New York City en route to the Republic of Paraguay, attends a banquet with the local and Taiwanese overseas communities. Emphasizes that we stand up for our values of freedom and democracy and do not fear or shrink from the threat of authoritarianism, no matter how big it is. Holds an in-person discussion with young Taiwanese-Americans from various fields. Then visits Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets, where he watches a ballgame. Subsequently departs for Paraguay, and after he arrives, receives a key to the city of Asunción and an honorary certificate from Mayor Oscar Rodríguez. Meets separately with outgoing President Mario Abdo Benítez and incoming President Santiago Peña Palacios and discusses with each of them the deepening of our countries' friendship and several future cooperative projects.
2023-08-12 Taking up the role of President Tsai's special envoy, delivers remarks before departing for the Republic of Paraguay to attend the inauguration of Paraguayan President Santiago Peña Palacios. Says that on this trip he will convey to the people of Paraguay, on behalf of the people and government of the Republic of China (Taiwan), the warm wishes of the people of Taiwan and our high regard for our friendship. Says that we hope to further expand upon the bilateral cooperation between our two countries, and that during the trip he will engage with leaders from a number of countries in exchanges built on confidence, showing the world that Taiwan is committed to the universal values of freedom, democracy, and respect for human rights.
2023-08-08 Hosts a banquet for a delegation led by Aso Taro, former prime minister of Japan, current member of the Japanese House of Representatives, and vice-president of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. Thanks former Prime Minister Aso for his longstanding support and concern for Taiwan. Notes the former prime minister's determination to maintain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. Emphasizes that Taiwan and Japan are trustworthy security partners and important trade partners that are committed to shared values. Says he hopes that Taiwan and Japan, while working to ensure stability in the Indo-Pacific and to develop trade and industry supply chains, will be able to jointly create opportunities for cooperation and mutual benefit.
2023-08-03 Attends the groundbreaking ceremony for the Kaohsiung City Sanmin District Ben He Social Housing Development Turnkey Construction Project. States that the government will work to implement its social housing and subletting management policies in order to meet young people's demand for housing. Also states that the government will increase the loan limit on preferential interest rate loans and the interest subsidies offered under the housing assistance program for families.
2023-07-28 Presides over the 19th meeting of the Presidential Office Indigenous Historical Justice and Transitional Justice Committee. Thanks the Subcommittee on Land Matters for clarifying how indigenous peoples lost their lands, and the Subcommittee on History for its efforts in the field of education. Expresses hope, with regard to the rights and obligations of the Pingpu peoples after their indigenous identity is recognized, to assess and restore the relevant rights based on two important principles: the objective needs of various indigenous peoples and the allocation of national resources. Says he looks forward to the government and the representatives of indigenous groups engaging in parity-based dialogue through the committee to promote more communication and discussion and find viable solutions together.
2023-07-26 Meets with a delegation from the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs. Thanks the committee for supporting actions to improve relations between Taiwan and the European Union. States that Taiwan is a democratic nation which, like the EU, pursues the universal values of democracy, freedom, respect for human rights, and the rule of law. Expresses hope that Taiwan and the EU can continue bolstering their cooperation to enhance economy and security while furthering the cause of peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.
2023-07-24 Meets with a delegation led by Senator André Gattolin, vice-chairman of the French Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and the Armed Forces. Emphasizes that Taiwan and France are both democratic nations that pursue the universal values of democracy, freedom, and respect for human rights. Says that the world's democratically oriented nations are increasingly unified in face of the challenges presented by authoritarianism. Expresses hope that France will continue focusing on the peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific region and that it will continue building up its economic and trade ties with Taiwan.
2023-07-20 Attends an event held by the Agricultural Bank of Taiwan and young farmers in support of the net-zero emissions initiative in agriculture. States that no one is a bystander in the face of climate change. Praises the young farmers for becoming a powerful force in the transition to net-zero emissions. Outlines specific government policies regarding the transition to net-zero emissions in the agricultural sector. Expresses hope that we can cooperate across disciplines to fight the impacts of climate change together.
2023-07-19 Meets with a delegation led by Mrs. Abe Akie, wife of the late former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo of Japan. Extending his welcome to Mrs. Abe, expresses hope that Taiwan and Japan will be inspired by the spirit of former President Lee Teng-hui and former Prime Minister Abe to continue cooperating toward a better future for both countries.
2023-07-18 Meets with the team representing Taiwan at the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023. Thanks the coaches and athletes for striving for national glory and athletic achievement. Emphasizes that the government attaches great importance to the right of persons with disabilities to take part in sports. States that central and local government agencies cooperate to enhance participation and that moving forward, they will continue directing athletic resources in support of Special Olympics athletes.
2023-07-17 Meets with a delegation led by President Damon Wilson of the United States-based National Endowment for Democracy (NED). States that the democratic achievements for which Taiwan is internationally recognized today have required many people to make tremendous sacrifices and contributions. Expresses hope that, in facing emergent regional hegemonic threats, the NED will continue to support Taiwan and that the international community will pay closer attention to Taiwan. States that we can work together to maintain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region and strive to ensure that all democratic nations can maintain their freedom and democracy.
2023-07-12 Meets with President-elect Santiago Peña Palacios of the Republic of Paraguay and his wife. Notes that the Republic of China and Paraguay have a shared commitment to the universal values of democracy, freedom, and respect for human rights, and that both countries play key roles in maintaining peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. States that, moving forward, Taiwan hopes to work with Paraguay to create a better future for both countries and contribute to the international community, whether it be by taking part in international organizations or by maintaining peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.
2023-07-06 Inspects a social housing project in Linkou of repurposed buildings from the 2017 Taipei Universiade Athletes' Village. Points to the government's three key policies for safeguarding the people's right to housing: adopting a nationwide registration system for real estate ownership and differential property tax rates; increasing the loan limit offered under the housing assistance program for families; and expanding the number of social housing units and rental subsidy recipients. Says he hopes to use these three policies to resolve right-to-housing issues so that people with housing needs can afford to buy or rent good-quality housing.
2023-07-05 Meets with a Canadian parliamentary delegation. Notes that Taiwan and Canada have solid economic and trade ties and are in the initial stages of signing a foreign investment promotion and protection agreement (FIPA). Expresses hope that the FIPA will spur further development of economic and trade activity and enhance our bilateral partnership. Reiterates that Taiwan will spare no effort to maintain the status quo of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait while continuing to build up its national defense capabilities. Says he looks forward to standing with the democratic community against threats from authoritarian regimes.
2023-07-04 Meets with a delegation led by Representative Kevin Hern, chairman of the United States House Republican Study Committee. Thanks the US for its long-term support for Taiwan. Expresses hope for stronger economic and trade ties with the US and the signing of a Taiwan-US avoidance of double taxation agreement (ADTA), which will help stimulate economic development in Taiwan and the region as a whole. Says that, at a time when global supply chains are being restructured, an ADTA would enable Taiwan to contribute more to the international community.
2023-07-03 Meets with a cross-party delegation from Japan's National Diet including representatives from the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, Japan Innovation Party, and Democratic Party for the People. Expresses hope that Japan will continue supporting Taiwan's accession to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership and that the two countries can cooperate on such issues as bilateral trade and regional security in order to enhance trade ties and maintain regional peace and stability.
2023-07-01 Attends press conference for the launch of the TPASS monthly commuter card for Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Pingtung. States that the TPASS will make life much easier for people by providing access to multiple forms of public transportation in and between these areas, including mass rapid transit (MRT), light rail, intracity and intercity buses, railways, ferries, and public bike rental. Says that TPASS cards are extremely convenient for users, can make a significant contribution to easing traffic congestion, and help reduce carbon emissions and carbon footprint.
2023-06-29 Attends a groundbreaking ceremony and investment promotion event for phase three of the Tainan Science Park. States that the government will continue improving Taiwan's investment environment by signing investment protection agreements with other countries and resolving taxation issues. Expresses hope that companies will take root in Taiwan, expand globally, and provide their services to the world, so that Taiwan can become a country on which the economic sun never sets.
2023-06-28 Attends the 2023 World News Media Congress welcome reception. States that artificial intelligence innovations, changing business models, and geopolitical tensions will all have profound and lasting impacts on the media, so we will need adaptation across the board, from business management to ethics and professional standards. Expresses confidence that by bringing together so many bright minds at this congress, we can find innovative solutions to these challenges.
2023-06-27 Attends the D2C X AI Summit Taiwan 2023 and calls on businesses to express their creativity and use technology to create Taiwanese brands, so that they can take root in Taiwan, expand globally, and provide their services to the world. Says that by cooperating with one another, we will foster continued economic growth and bring about a second Taiwanese economic miracle.
2023-06-25 Watches the women's singles championship match at the Yonex Taipei Open badminton tournament in a show of support for Taiwan's most important badminton competition. Cheers on the athletes and commends them for their outstanding play.
2023-06-20 Attends a flag presentation ceremony for Chaoyang University of Technology volunteer summer service teams and states that the government cares deeply about students' financial burdens. States that for students from low-income backgrounds, the government currently reduces or waives tuition and fees, reduces interest rates on student loans, and extends student loan repayment deadlines. In addition to these measures, says that a budget will be allocated to narrow the gap between the cost of attending public and private schools in order to reduce the burdens faced by students.
2023-06-12 Attends the 2023 Taiwan Investor Capital Expo and praises Taiwanese startups for their progress and growth. Expresses hope that innovative venture capital will drive future economic growth, and that by harnessing the creativity of young people, we can achieve green and inclusive growth, building hope for the nation and bringing the international community's attention to Taiwan's achievements.
2023-06-08 Attends the Celebration of Australia-Taiwan Friendship and thanks Australian Representative Jenny Bloomfield for her contributions to and support for the Taiwan-Australia friendship. Calls for continued bilateral cooperation to advance economic and trade development in both our countries, so that we can make progress toward achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and jointly maintain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.
2023-06-08 Accompanies American Institute in Taiwan Chairperson Laura Rosenberger on a tour of Tainan's best-known attractions and local food. Thanks the United States government for demonstrating its longstanding support for Taiwan through concrete action, including the recent signing of a first agreement under the Taiwan-US Initiative on 21st-Century Trade. Expresses hope that Taiwan-US relations will continue to grow, as we work together to maintain regional peace and prosperity.
2023-06-05 Attends a plaque unveiling ceremony and press conference for the Taiwan Climate Institute. Calls on the institute to cultivate green-collar talent and to work with different sectors to satisfy industrial demand for low-carbon solutions, so that Taiwan's economy can further its green and digital development, while also working toward a just transition, social inclusion, and maintenance of social harmony and stability, thus steadily moving toward the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.
2023-06-01 Meets with a delegation from the Berlin Security Conference and thanks the German government for emphasizing the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait many times at public gatherings such as the G7. States that, in addition to strengthening its own self-defense capabilities, Taiwan will actively cooperate with democratic partners to achieve the goal of peace.
2023-05-28 Addresses Taiwanese Heritage Day at a Major League Baseball game via recorded video. Shares Taiwan's love of baseball and our shared values of freedom and democracy with US baseball fans.
2023-05-23 Holds bilateral talks with Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire of St. Lucia, and notes that Taiwan and St. Lucia are both island nations engaged in a shared pursuit of the universal values of democracy, freedom, and respect for human rights. Thanks St. Lucia for speaking up for Taiwan at international venues over many years and for supporting Taiwan's international participation. Expresses hope that our two countries will cooperate to develop the tourism industry post-pandemic.
2023-05-18 Meets with United Kingdom Member of Parliament and former Prime Minister Elizabeth Truss and thanks her for expressing support for democratic Taiwan through concrete action. States that Taiwan, as a member of the global democratic community, will stand firm in the first island chain, using its democratic and economic power to continue promoting global economic development, peace, and stability.
2023-05-11 Meets with a delegation led by Janet Napolitano, former United States secretary of homeland security and current director of the Center for Security in Politics at the University of California, Berkeley. Thanks Professor Napolitano for pursuing numerous Taiwan-friendly policies during her time in office, especially Taiwan's inclusion in the US Visa Waiver Program, which has substantially contributed to people-to-people exchanges between our two countries.
2023-05-10 Attends the opening ceremony of CYBERSEC 2023, and reiterates that cybersecurity is national security and that the government will fully support the development of the cybersecurity industry. Says he hopes that people working in this industry believe in safeguarding the country and will protect it from being influenced by disinformation, so that we can maintain democracy and peace.
2023-05-09 Holds bilateral talks with Deputy Prime Minister Geoffrey Hanley of the Federation of St. Christopher and Nevis, and thanks him for supporting Taiwan through concrete action. States that Taiwan is St. Christopher and Nevis' partner in sustainable development, with our countries engaged in a wide range of cooperative projects. Says that Taiwan will continue to step up cooperation with St. Christopher and Nevis, and expresses hope for an enduring bilateral friendship and for the happiness and well-being of our peoples.
2023-05-04 Meets with a delegation led by former Japanese House of Councillors President Santo Akiko. Says he looks forward to Taiwan and Japan continuing to strengthen cooperation in economic affairs, trade, regional security, and people-to-people exchanges.
2023-05-04 Hosts a luncheon for a delegation led by Suzuki Norikazu, member of the Japanese House of Representatives and director of the Youth Division of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party. States that, as Taiwan and Japan enjoy a friendly and close relationship, our two countries always help each other when struck by natural disasters, two-way travel is frequent, and we enjoy close economic relations. Expresses hope that Taiwan and Japan can engage in economic cooperation and work together to maintain peace in the Indo-Pacific region, furthering our bilateral relations.
2023-05-03 Meets with a delegation of Liberal Democratic Party members of the Japanese Diet from Kumamoto Prefecture. Expresses hope that Taiwan can join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership and that it can also play a positive role in the new regional economy, global supply chains, economic development in Taiwan and Japan, and the post-pandemic economic recovery.
2023-05-01 Meets with former United States National Security Advisor John Bolton. Thanks Mr. Bolton for his longstanding efforts to deepen Taiwan-US relations and for paying close attention to stability in the Taiwan Strait, as well as for his contributions to promoting global democratic solidarity and developing the regional security system. States that Taiwan will stand firmly alongside other democratic nations in shared defense of regional peace and stability.
2023-04-26 Hosts a dinner banquet for President Alejandro Eduardo Giammattei Falla of the Republic of Guatemala. Thanks President Giammattei for his friendship with Taiwan. Expresses his hope for a lasting friendship, mutual cooperation, and prosperity and good fortune in both countries.
2023-04-26 Meets with Latin America Formosa Club chapter. Thanks its members for supporting Taiwan's international participation. States that Taiwan faces a direct threat from authoritarianism in the Indo-Pacific region but that its people are deeply united and courageous and are certain to defend regional peace and maintain Taiwan's democracy and freedom. Expresses hope that our nations will cooperate for our mutual benefit and to make more concrete contributions to the international community.
2023-04-25 Meets with members of the World Veterinary Association (WVA). Thanks the WVA for its support and for giving Taiwan the opportunity to host the 38th World Veterinary Association Congress, affording Taiwan a chance to engage internationally. Expresses hope that the government, the medical profession, and the WVA will together support the One Health approach to the fight against disease and resolve the problem of zoonotic transmission.
2023-04-25 Accompanies President Tsai to welcome President Alejandro Eduardo Giammattei Falla of the Republic of Guatemala with military honors. Witnesses the conferral of a decoration upon President Giammattei. Attends a state banquet and bilateral talks with President Giammattei's delegation.
2023-04-24 Attends an event in a Taiwan Thinktank forum on Taiwan's national development up to 2032. Expresses hope that ambitious individuals in Taiwan can advance the three major objectives of democratic unity, democratic governance, and democratic peace as we promote a vision for national development rooted in democracy, peace, and prosperity. Expresses hope that the nation adheres to the principle of justice so that, in the course of its digital and green transformation, it can become a just and inclusive society that moves the nation forward.
2023-04-20 Meets with representatives of the Formosa Cancer Foundation and 12 other patient groups. Thanks the cancer-related medical associations and patient associations for their contributions to cancer prevention. Expresses hope that promotion of public health policies and development of the precision healthcare industry will further ensure people's health, strengthen the nation, and bring global attention to the level of healthcare in Taiwan.
2023-04-19 Meets with American Institute in Taiwan Chairperson Laura Rosenberger. Emphasizes that as Taiwan occupies a critical position in the first island chain, it must defend the democratic alliance. Expresses hope to cooperate with our peace-loving democratic allies and friends to safeguard peace, stability, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region.
2023-04-18 Meets with a delegation from the French National Assembly led by France-Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Group Chairman Eric Bothorel. Expresses hope that Taiwan and France can further enhance economic cooperation and strengthen bilateral economic relations, saying that doing so will make our countries more capable of dealing with security challenges.
2023-04-17 Meets with a delegation from the Portuguese Assembly of the Republic. Thanks the delegation members for their deep friendship and firm support for Taiwan. Expresses hope of furthering cooperation with Portugal in areas such as economy and security to contribute to the well-being of our peoples and to bring our countries together as important democratic partners.
2023-04-15 Meets with winners of the 10th Taiwan Children's Medical Contribution Awards and thanks them for their contributions and years of service. States that the government has budgeted NT$2.8 billion from 2021 through 2024 to implement a project for optimizing pediatric medical treatment. Expresses hope for cooperation to improve pediatric medicine and further develop children's health.
2023-04-14 Attends a press conference to announce the judges' panel and the selection rules of the 61st Ten Outstanding Young Persons awards. Expresses hope that the young people can use emerging technologies to enable our nation to meet the challenges of the coming age, and thus allow Taiwan to perform even better and establish its place on the world stage.
2023-04-14 Attends the 33rd Taipei Electrical Appliances, Air Conditioning and 3C Expo. Expresses hope that advanced, high-tech goods will enable people to lead more comfortable lives while encouraging consumption and economic development. Says he looks forward to consumers, companies, and government agencies cooperating in smart energy conservation and carbon reduction so that Taiwan can achieve its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.
2023-04-11 Meets with a Canadian delegation led by Member of Parliament John McKay, chair of the Standing Committee on National Defense. States that as Taiwan occupies a critical position in the first island chain, it will certainly maintain solidarity, safeguard the democratic community, and work together with the international community to uphold peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region while furthering global prosperity and development.
2023-04-06 Meets with a delegation led by US House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul. Expresses hope for solidarity and cooperation among democratic allies in a joint defense of peace and democracy. States that Taiwan stands willing to be a positive and critical force pursuing global prosperity and stable development.
2023-03-28 Attends the Net Zero City Leaders Summit, and thanks Czech Parliament Chamber of Deputies Speaker Markéta Pekarová Adamová and Deputy Mayor Volodymyr Bondarenko of Kyiv for attending. States that all cities stand on the frontline of the fight against climate change and thus have a responsibility to share ideas and stand united to address this issue. Expresses confidence that there will be a way to resolve the crises brought on by climate change.
2023-03-24 Attends the opening ceremony of the 2023 National Indigenous Games, and states that in addition to its goal of strengthening connections between different indigenous groups, a more important reason for holding this competition is to preserve indigenous culture and pass it on to future generations.
2023-03-24 Attends a Taiwan-Japan conference on building a peaceful global community, and expresses hope that Taiwan and Japan will continue to cooperate in the areas of economic affairs, democracy, national defense, and peace to benefit both our countries and improve global well-being.
2023-03-23 Meets with Dr. Richard Bush, nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, and expresses hope that democratic nations will form a closer cooperative network to maintain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region, and to ensure that the world order can continue to develop.
2023-03-20 Meets with a delegation from the Global Taiwan Institute, and states that the administration will do everything it can to bolster the economy, defend democracy, strengthen national defense, and ensure peace. Expresses hope that the international community will continue to support Taiwan.
2023-03-20 Meets with winners of an award for outstanding teachers in early childhood education and representatives from a national association for the advancement of early childhood education. States that the government continues to promote various policies to deal with the declining birth rate. Expresses hope that the government and the people will work together to improve early childhood education policies and give frontline early childhood education workers a better working environment in which to pursue their ideals, so that our children can receive better care.
2023-03-19 Attends an event to commend children who have overcome difficult circumstances, and praises award recipients for their growth in the face of adversity. States that Taiwan is a democratic, diverse, free, and open society where, as long as you work toward your goals, you can make your dreams come true, regardless of your family background.
2023-03-18 Attends an event marking World Down Syndrome Day and the 25th anniversary of the Down Syndrome Foundation ROC. Expresses hope that Taiwan will act as a force for good, fostering a stable, harmonious, and just society where disadvantaged people and the elderly are cared for, young people see reason for hope, and people in their prime achieve their ideals.
2023-03-16 Attends the 2023 CommonWealth Semiconductor Forum: Global Chip Competition and Taiwan's Key Strengths, and states that the government has absolute responsibility for the continued development of the economy, improving Taiwan's investment environment, and ensuring that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and other Taiwanese companies have a stable supply of water, electricity, land, labor, and professional talent, so that the economy can develop and prosper. Emphasizes that Taiwan will continue to safeguard democracy, strengthen its national defense capabilities, uphold its security, and maintain the peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific region.
2023-03-13 Meets with leaders of outstanding service-oriented university societies and recipients of the 29th Outstanding Youth Awards, their faculty mentors, and important officers of the Distinguished Citizens Society of ROC. Praises the award recipients for being service-minded and for their contributions and dedication. Describes them as role models for young people, and calls on everyone to work together so that Taiwan will be filled with love.
2023-03-12 Attends an annual celebration of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and an international forum, and praises practitioners of TCM for their contributions to the health of their fellow citizens. Expresses hope that Taiwan will continue to play a key role in development of TCM for the benefit of our citizens and people around the world.
2023-03-08 Watches a 2023 World Baseball Classic Pool A game at the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium. Joins a baseball legend to throw out a pair of opening pitches. Cheers for the athletes, calls on fans to show their support for the national team, and enjoys an entertaining baseball game.
2023-03-03 Travels to Tainan to attend the opening ceremony of the 2023 Taiwan International Orchid Show. Expresses hope that government agencies at the central and local levels can promote cooperation between industry, government, and academia to market Taiwanese orchids worldwide. Thanks the World Orchid Conference Trust for choosing to hold the 23rd World Orchid Conference and Exhibition in Tainan in 2024.
2023-02-23 Attends a special screening and exhibit to mark the 33rd anniversary of the film A City of Sadness. Encourages people to see the movie in theaters so that they can better understand Taiwan's history and the difference between democracy and autocracy. Expresses hope that through the film, all can come to appreciate democracy more, set aside differences, and cooperate in solidarity.
2023-02-23 Attends groundbreaking ceremony for Shin Kong Memorial Wu Ho-Su Hospital expansion project. Thanks the hospital for bearing its societal duty during the pandemic and for helping the country provide medical assistance to Palau, thereby enhancing bilateral ties. Expresses hope that the expansion will provide medical care providers with a better environment and benefit more people.
2023-02-20 Meets with representatives of companies that won the 23rd National Gold Award for Architecture and representatives of companies named as "Taiwan Trustworthy" brands for 2022. Thanks the awardees for their work in improving the quality of architecture and the living environment. Calls for continued repair of dilapidated and dangerous old buildings and for transition to net-zero emissions by 2050, so that Taiwan can become more advanced and do more for the common good.
2023-02-19 Travels to Taichung City to attend the 2023 handover ceremony between the 28th and 29th chairpersons of the elite club of listed companies in central Taiwan. Expresses hope that Taiwan can maintain its position in the world economic landscape amid geopolitical changes and the transition to a global smart and digital age; and that amid the formation of new supply chains, Taiwan can continue to play a key role, build up its global presence, and bring attention to Taiwan's economic power.
2023-02-16 Attends 2023 International Mother Language Day: Indigenous Languages Revitalization Awards Ceremony and Development Conference. States that the government pursues a policy of multi-ethnicity and will continue to promote state-planned language revitalization. Calls for cooperation with the government to revitalize Taiwan's indigenous languages.
2023-02-16 Accompanies President Tsai to welcome President Mario Abdo Benítez of the Republic of Paraguay and First Lady Silvana López Moreira de Abdo with military honors. Attends bilateral talks, and witnesses the signing of a bilateral agreement between Taiwan and Paraguay for the training and exchange of diplomatic personnel. Accompanies President Tsai to host a state luncheon for President Abdo Benítez and First Lady López Moreira.
2023-02-14 Meets with a delegation led by Chen Tian-long (陳天隆), chairman of a Taiwan support association in Japan. Thanks the expatriate leaders for continuing to care about Taiwan from Japan, and says that they serve as a bridge for bilateral ties between the two countries. Expresses hope that Taiwan and Japan will engage in a united effort to maintain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.
2023-02-14 Attends presentation ceremony for the 25th National Biotechnology and Medical Care Award and the Symbol of National Quality (SNQ). Expresses hope that medical professionals and the medical industry will work together to further develop biotechnology into a trillion-NT-dollar industry, so that Taiwan can gain international presence and create a global impact in biotechnology.
2023-02-11 Meets with members of the Federation of Taiwan Pharmacists Associations (FTPA) and Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations (FAPA). Thanks the pharmacists for fighting on the frontline against the COVID-19 pandemic, and thanks FAPA for its support of Taiwan. Notes that FAPA 2023 will be held in Taiwan, which is a matter of great significance. Expresses hope that Taiwan's pharmaceutical profession will receive further support from Asian counterparts, and that their close cooperation can benefit all.
2023-02-10 Delivers an address titled "Believe in Taiwan and Be Proud of Hakka" at the invitation of the Taiwanese Hakka Association of the World. Thanks successive generations of Hakka citizens for all they have done for Taiwan. Explains the government's Hakka policies, and calls on the Hakka community to display the same spirit embodied by their virtuous forebearers by working with the government to strengthen the economy, care for the people's needs, bolster the national defense, and preserve the peace.
2023-02-10 Following the devastating earthquake in Türkiye that occurred earlier in the week, visits the Turkish Trade Office in Taipei to offer condolences on behalf of the people and government of Taiwan to Turkish representative Muhammed Berdibek. Wishes Türkiye a smooth recovery and expresses hope that the people of Türkiye can make a quick return to normal.
2023-02-07 Visits the Fo Guang Shan Monastery in Kaohsiung to mourn the passing of Master Hsing Yun (星雲大師). Expresses his sincere gratitude toward the master and hopes that the master's good works will spread throughout Taiwanese society, that Fo Guang Shan Monastery will continue to be a force for good in Taiwan, and that the power of Buddhist doctrine will serve as an important pillar of social stability.
2023-02-03 Attends the 2023 Tourism Festival Awards Ceremony and thanks partners in the tourism industry for cooperating with the government's pandemic measures. States that tourism is ready to rebound and that the government will take steps to strengthen the state of the tourism industry, including an inventory of tourism infrastructure and working with the industry to develop a more diverse range of tourist themes, to prepare for post-pandemic tourism and attract more international tourists to Taiwan.
2023-01-31 Presides over a handover ceremony for the secretary-general to the president and praises outgoing Secretary-General David T. Lee (李大維) for his outstanding performance and contributions. Calls on incoming Secretary-General Lin Chia-lung (林佳龍) to make the most of his strengths and build on the foundation laid by Secretary-General Lee, so that he can serve as an important channel of communications between local governments and the Office of the President. Expresses hope that this will help ease the burden on the president and allow her to contribute even more to diplomacy, national defense, and cross-strait affairs in order to better serve our national interests.
2023-01-31 Presides over an Executive Yuan joint handover ceremony for the new premier and cabinet ministers, and thanks outgoing Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) for his hard work over the past four years. Expresses hope that under the leadership of incoming Premier Chen Chien-jen (陳建仁), the Executive Yuan will embrace his spirit of care and compassion to comfort our people in the post-pandemic society. Says that he also hopes the Executive Yuan can follow Premier Chen's lead as a scientific expert by taking a pragmatic and steady approach to completing the tasks entrusted to it by the president, ensuring the nation's continued development.
2023-01-16 Meets with representatives of companies and local governments that received awards at the 30th Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award Ceremony and commends them for their contributions to Taiwan's architecture industry. Noting that living in old residential buildings affects the safety and quality of life of people in Taiwan, says that government agencies are actively promoting urban renewal and calls on industry to join this effort and work together for a better quality of life and higher standard of housing.
2023-01-16 Meets a group of students from the 2022 International Youth Ambassadors Exchange Program and praises them for successfully completing a considerable undertaking in people-to-people diplomacy. Expresses hope that moving forward Taiwan will make even more progress in responding to climate change and addressing cultural and environmental challenges, so that Taiwan can become a better country.
2023-01-12 Attends the 2022 National Healthcare Quality Awards ceremony. Encourages the award winners to continue striving to advance the quality of healthcare in Taiwan, so as to provide citizens with better diagnostics and care and to spur industrial development.
2023-01-11 Attends a ceremony at the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association to mark the handover between its 25th and 26th chairpersons and the awarding of certificates. Commends the association for its contributions and says that Taiwan must continue to make progress in responding to challenges such as climate change and the changing geopolitical landscape as well as Taiwan's aging population and falling birth rate. Says that everyone needs to work together and come up with innovative approaches to address these issues and expresses confidence that Taiwan will have an even brighter future.
2023-01-10 Addresses via video an event marking the end of the lunar year held by the Federation for the Welfare of the Elderly. Thanks the federation for consistently speaking up for senior citizens and for its longstanding cooperation with the government to promote senior citizens' welfare. Says he hopes that the government, the federation, and other private organizations will work together to build a friendlier and safer environment for seniors that is better suited to their needs.
2023-01-09 Meets a delegation from the Project 2049 Institute, a think tank based in Washington, DC, and thanks Chairman Randall G. Schriver for his longstanding support for Taiwan. Emphasizes that Taiwan hopes to play a positive and constructive role in the international community by working with the global democratic community to uphold peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.
2023-01-09 Meets with members of Taiwan's delegation to the 2022 Summer Deaflympics. Reiterating President Tsai's conviction that participation in sports is a basic human right, recognizes the delegation members' hard work. States that the government highly values the right of people with physical and mental disabilities to participate in sports. Calls on the athletes to keep up their good work and to represent our country with distinction.
2023-01-09 Attends the 2023 CommonWealth Economic Forum and states that this year the global economy will face four major challenges: tight monetary policy, an economic downturn in China, the restructuring of global supply chains, and climate change. States that the government will continue to increase public spending and encourage private investment and hopes to cooperate with the private sector to formulate appropriate policy responses to global economic challenges.
2023-01-03 Meets with Chairman of the Alliance of Democracies Foundation Anders Fogh Rasmussen and states that Taiwan is willing to play a positive and constructive role in contributing to the international democratic order. Says that Taiwan looks forward to cooperating with the Alliance of Democracies Foundation to promote our shared values of democracy, freedom, and respect for human rights.
2022-12-31 Attends a high-level national security meeting convened by President Tsai Ing-wen to discuss economic issues. 
2022-12-28 Meets the winners of the Chinese Mercy Love Association's 25th Compassion Awards and their mentally and physically challenged children. Commends the awardees for their devotion to caring for children. Notes that the government is helping to alleviate the burden for households with physically and mentally challenged family members by increasing subsidies to organizations for the physically challenged, setting up community care stations, and providing subsidies directly to the physically and mentally challenged.
2022-12-28 Meets a delegation led by Japanese House of Councillors member Seko Hiroshige. Says he looks forward to further bilateral solidarity and cooperation. Calls for our two sides to fully demonstrate commitment to the sentiment, as expressed by former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo of Japan, that "if Taiwan has a problem, then Japan has a problem; if Japan has a problem, then Taiwan has a problem," and to jointly address the challenges faced by our two countries and by the Indo-Pacific at large.
2022-12-27 Attends a press conference convened by President Tsai Ing-wen to announce a plan for realigning the nation's military force structure.
2022-12-20 Attends the Taiwan Social Welfare League's joint thanksgiving dinner. Thanks social welfare groups for their efforts in serving underprivileged groups while also raising Taiwan's profile in the international community. Notes that, as a result of our concerted efforts, Taiwan was ranked in the highest cluster (Doing Well) for the third consecutive year in the Doing Good Index 2022, which studies 17 Asian economies. 
2022-12-20 Meets a delegation from the United States House of Representatives led by Representative John Curtis. States that Taiwan sincerely hopes to step up cooperation with the United States with regard to the restructuring of global industrial supply chains, not only to defend democracy and resist the threat of authoritarianism, but also to jointly deal with the impact of climate change and ensure that Taiwan-US cooperation benefits both countries and that we continue to prosper.
2022-11-29 Accompanies President Tsai to welcome Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre of Saint Lucia and his delegation with full military honors, and joins President Tsai and Prime Minister Pierre for bilateral talks.
2022-11-18 Attends the 2022 Taiwan AI Academy Annual Conference, and praises the academy for its efforts in personnel training and numerous contributions to artificial intelligence (AI) applications in many industries. Notes that in promoting AI, Taiwan must take care that the process meets ethical standards, conforms to democratic principles, and incorporates a spirit of inclusiveness. States that technology and AI present a window of opportunity to which the solution is personnel training, and says that only through joint efforts across the public and private sectors can we successfully move toward our goal of making Taiwan a "smart nation." 
2022-11-15 Accompanies President Tsai to welcome President Russ Joseph Kun of the Republic of Nauru and his delegation with full military honors, and joins President Tsai and President Kun for bilateral talks.

2022-11-10 Attends the 2022 Sports Activist Awards. Thanks all the individuals, groups, and enterprises that have promoted sports activities and contributed to sports competitions. Expresses hope that the public and the government can continue working together to support domestic athletes and help young competitors pursue their dreams on the field, while also spurring public participation in sports to promote health and wellness. 

2022-11-09 Attends the 9th Dun & Bradstreet Taiwan Elite SME Awards. States that Taiwan is actively pursuing membership in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), and notes that we have launched talks under the US-Taiwan Initiative on 21st-Century Trade and the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) while actively engaging in a range of cooperative projects and negotiating investment protection agreements with Southeast Asian nations. Expresses confidence that these efforts will give Taiwanese enterprises more room to maneuver and help boost their competitiveness. 

2022-11-08 Accompanies President Tsai to welcome Prime Minister Terrance Drew of the Federation of St. Christopher and Nevis and his delegation with full military honors, and joins President Tsai and Prime Minister Drew for bilateral talks and a state luncheon.

2022-11-04 Meets with Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda, and expresses hope for further collaboration with Coursera to promote the development of Taiwan's bilingual policy and digital learning programs.

2022-11-03 Travels to Belau National Hospital to attend a ceremony for the donation of equipment to a telemedicine center established by Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital and the Palau Ministry of Health and Human Services. Expresses hope that the equipment will improve the health and well-being of the people of Palau, and says he is optimistic that Taiwan and Palau will comprehensively strengthen cooperation in all areas. Attends a ceremony marking the donation of baseball supplies at the Asahi Baseball Field in Palau, and then shares his thoughts and impressions on the trip at a reception for the press corps traveling with his delegation. Returns to Taiwan after the conclusion of his trip to Palau, and delivers remarks on his visit at Taoyuan International Airport. States that his delegation to Palau included a range of professionals who each did their utmost to complete the group's work, garnering praise from President Surangel S. Whipps Jr. of Palau. Notes that Taiwan and Palau can look forward to stronger connections and broader cooperation, and invites his fellow citizens to visit Palau so that we can bolster our alliance and deepen the mutual goodwill between our peoples.

2022-11-02 Boards a boat piloted by President Surangel S. Whipps Jr. of Palau to visit the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon, which are designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a World Heritage Site. Hosts a dinner banquet to thank the government and people of Palau for their warm hospitality during his delegation's visit, and expresses hope for steadfast bilateral relations and for the continued growth of the friendship between our peoples. 

2022-11-01 Attends a welcome ceremony at the Palau National Congress, and thanks the Republic of Palau's Senate and House of Delegates for their staunch support for Taiwan's international participation, which demonstrates the depth of their friendship toward Taiwan. Expresses hope that his visit will further enhance our bilateral friendship and strengthen people-to-people ties, while helping us continue joint efforts to defend democracy, freedom, and human rights and make substantive contributions to the international community. Attends a groundbreaking ceremony for a road building project in Ngerulmud, the capital of the Republic of Palau, and visits a farm developed by the International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) technical mission in Palau. Attends a welcome dinner banquet hosted by President Surangel S. Whipps Jr. of Palau.
2022-11-01 Delivers remarks before embarking on a three-day, two-night trip to the Republic of Palau. States that he hopes to achieve the three objectives entrusted to him by President Tsai – advancing bilateral and international connections, tourism, and cooperation – by connecting both with our Pacific ally Palau and the international community, and by working together to promote ocean tourism and enhance bilateral cooperation in all areas. After arriving in Palau, meets with President Surangel S. Whipps Jr., and exchanges views with President Whipps on a wide range of topics of mutual concern. On behalf of President Tsai, conveys the Taiwanese people's gratitude to the government and people of Palau for supporting Taiwan, and especially to President Whipps for publicly speaking out on numerous occasions for Taiwan's international participation.
2022-10-29 Attends a ceremony celebrating the 111th anniversary of the founding of National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT), where he is bestowed with the title of distinguished honorary alumnus. Thanks NTUT for cultivating outstanding talent and continuing to promote national progress and development. 
2022-10-21 Accompanies President Tsai to welcome King Mswati III and Inkhosikati (Queen) LaMashwama of the Kingdom of Eswatini, meet with King Mswati III for bilateral talks, and witness the signing of a joint declaration.
2022-10-19 Attends the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women's 2022 general assembly and Hua Kuang Award presentation ceremony. Commends the 10 awardees for their contributions to Taiwanese society. Expresses hope that Federation members around the world will come together and cooperate to leave an even better country to the next generation and give the international community an even better Taiwan.
2022-10-14 Meets with the winning teams from the National Science and Technology Council's inaugural Tech Innovation Excellence Award. Congratulates the awardees for distinguishing themselves among intense competition. Expresses hope that they will continue to collaborate with international teams to respond to the global challenges of the future and contribute to the international community.  
2022-10-13 Attends the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization's 2022 general assembly and a forum on the future of the biomedical industry. States that the advancement of the biotech industry is an international trend. Expresses hope that everyone will work together to benefit the health and well-being of Taiwan's people, make the biotech industry Taiwan's next trillion-dollar industry, and ensure its resilience. 
2022-10-11 Meets with a Canadian delegation led by Member of Parliament Judy Sgro, Chair of the Taiwan-Canada Parliamentary Friendship Group and Chair of the Standing Committee on International Trade. Highlights the significance of the delegation's trip to Taiwan to attend our National Day celebrations, as their visit comes in the wake of the pandemic and amid tensions in the Taiwan Strait, sending a message of stability to the people of Taiwan. States that Taiwan-Canada cooperation has increased in recent years, and expresses hope that Canada will support Taiwan's participation in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and that we will work together for the benefit of both our nations and a better future for the international community. 
2022-10-07 Attends a press conference announcing the winners of the 60th Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awards. Praises the awardees for their contributions to society in various fields, and expresses hope that they will become examples for other young people to follow and help move society in a positive direction. Encourages everyone to continue to work hard for Taiwan, use their talent, show their love, and serve more people.
2022-10-07 Delivers remarks via video at the 2022 Yushan Forum. States that Taiwan will cooperate with like-minded countries and continue working toward its accession to regional cooperation mechanisms such as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF). Says that as global industry supply chains continue to be restructured and made more resilient, he hopes Taiwan will contribute to the international economic recovery.
2022-10-06 Accompanies President Tsai to welcome President Surangel S. Whipps Jr. of the Republic of Palau with full military honors, meet with President Whipps for bilateral talks, witness a signing ceremony for bilateral cooperation agreements, and host a state luncheon in honor of President Whipps and his delegation.
2022-10-05 Meets a delegation from the World Taiwan Foundation. Praises Taiwanese businesspeople operating overseas for speaking up for Taiwan, and sharing information about democracy, freedom, and human rights in Taiwan, giving the international community a better understanding of our country. Asks Taiwanese businesspeople to continue showing their care for Taiwan. 
2022-10-03 Meets with a delegation from the German-Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Group, and states that Taiwan is a democratic country that shares the values of democracy, freedom, and respect for human rights with Germany. Notes that Taiwan is located in a key position on the first island chain and is an important link in global industry supply chains, and says that we will continue to deepen our democracy and stand with democratic countries so that the international community can continue to prosper and make progress.
2022-09-27 Attends the Global Taiwan Business Forum and thanks overseas Taiwanese businesses for their contributions to Taiwan's economic development. Calls on Taiwan's overseas businesspeople to work with democratic nations to build a new, secure, and reliable industrial supply chain. Emphasizes that Taiwan must take advantage of this new era and show confidence to consolidate our position in the global industrial supply chain. Says that in order to adapt to the development of new energy sources, Taiwan cannot be absent from the global effort to transition to net zero. States that the government will provide strong support to overseas Taiwanese businesses, and affirms that they can contribute to Taiwan's economy while improving well-being around the world.
2022-09-20 Accompanies President Tsai to attend the 18th meeting of the Presidential Office Indigenous Historical Justice and Transitional Justice Committee and later presides over the meeting in lieu of President Tsai. In closing remarks, thanks the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, and Council of Indigenous Peoples for explaining each of the proposals brought forward by committee members. States that written proposals will be assigned according to the principles on which they are based, and forwarded to the legislature or relevant Executive Yuan agencies for assistance, with the relevant agency then following up with reports to the respective committee members.
2022-09-13 Attends the opening of a ceremony marking the 41st Independence Day of Belize and the launch of Belize Culture Month and thanks Belize for speaking up for Taiwan on the international stage. States that Taiwan and Belize enjoy fruitful collaboration in fields including public health, medicine, environmental protection, agriculture, education, culture, and information and communications technology. Expresses hope that our countries can continue to advance our economic cooperation, further strengthening our bilateral friendship.
2022-09-08 Meets with a delegation from the French Senate led by Senator Cyril Pellevat, vice president of the Senate Committee on European Affairs, and thanks France for its support for democratic Taiwan. Notes that Taiwan and France are collaborating ever more closely on trade, technology, culture, and education, and says that statements made and positions taken by France regarding Indo-Pacific peace and stability have been very beneficial to regional stability. Expresses gratitude for these gestures as well as hope that the French Senate and government will continue paying close attention to peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region.
2022-09-05 Accompanies President Tsai to welcome Prime Minister Kausea Natano of Tuvalu and his wife with full military honors, meet with Prime Minister Natano for bilateral talks, and host a state luncheon for Prime Minister Natano, his wife, and their delegation.
2022-08-25 Meets with a delegation from the University of Tokyo's cross-strait relations research group led by Professor Matsuda Yasuhiro. During their discussions on peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the Indo-Pacific region, states that in the face of pressure and all manner of unreasonable treatment from China, Taiwan stands with the democracies of the world, including the US-led Western world, as well as countries like Japan, with which we maintain extremely close ties. Says that these nations must join together to defend the universal value of democracy, maintain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region, and pursue the greatest good for the world.
2022-08-2 Meets with a delegation led by Chairman Furuya Keiji of the Japan-ROC Diet Members' Consultative Council. Thanks Chairman Furuya for leading a delegation to visit Taiwan at a critical time when China is conducting military exercises, signaling Japan's friendship with Taiwan to the international community. Expresses hope that the current generation can carry on the ideals of former President Lee Teng-hui and former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo of Japan and cooperate more closely to build even stronger Taiwan-Japan ties, while also promoting stability in the Indo-Pacific region, spurring economic development in both our countries, and enhancing the well-being of our peoples.
2022-08-20 Attends a memorial concert in honor of the recently deceased former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo of Japan. Recalls former Prime Minister Abe's great friendship with Taiwan and emphasizes that Taiwan's memories of and gratitude for the former prime minister will not change in spite of his passing. Says that the Indo-Pacific security strategy advocated by former Prime Minister Abe will not fall away in his absence, but grow stronger, contributing further to the stability of the Indo-Pacific region.
2022-08-18 Meets with winners of the 28th Central Taiwan Manager Excellence Awards and Pearl Awards, and praises them for contributing to Taiwan's economic development. Mentions an upcoming constitutional referendum on lowering the voting age to 18, and calls on everyone to get the word out so that the referendum can pass, helping young people get involved in public affairs, take on national responsibilities, and express their views at an earlier age.
2022-08-12 Attends the opening and awards ceremonies of the 2022 Asia-Pacific Forum & Exposition for Sustainability and states that in order to achieve Taiwan's goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, the Executive Yuan this past March announced Taiwan's Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions in 2050. Notes that technology R&D and climate legislation are foundational to the government's implementation of this plan, which relies on transition strategies encompassing energy, industry, lifestyles, and society at large. States that Taiwan will continue working to become a model for how to respond to climate change and transition to net-zero.
2022-08-08 Accompanies President Tsai to welcome Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves of St. Vincent and the Grenadines with full military honors, meet with Prime Minister Gonsalves for bilateral talks, witness the signing of bilateral treaties and a letter of intent, and host a state luncheon in honor of the prime minister.
2022-07-28 Meets with a delegation of parliamentarians from Japan's National Diet focused on security issues, and states that, while there are many aspects of national development worth focusing on, security should be the top priority. Says that Taiwan and Japan have the spirit of a shared community, so our bilateral cooperation ought to be comprehensive and include national security, economic development, and social exchanges. Says that the tragic death of former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo of Japan is a great loss for Japan, for Taiwan, and for the entire international community, and expresses condolences once again on behalf of the people of Taiwan.
2022-07-27 Delivers opening remarks via video at the BIO Asia-Taiwan 2022 International Conference and Exhibition. Encourages domestic biotechnology and information and communications technology firms to work together to advance the core strategic industry of precision medicine, and to accelerate the digital transformation of the biotech industry. Expresses hope that Taiwan will play a more active role in the global biotech industry and further expand its contributions to global health and well-being.
2022-07-21 While attending a celebration marking the 246th anniversary of the independence of the United States of America, says that, as expanding authoritarianism seeks to change the rules-based democratic order, Taiwan will resolutely defend democracy, stand together with the US and other like-minded nations to uphold regional peace and security, jointly maintain a free and open Indo-Pacific region, and ensure the security of industrial supply chains. Expresses hope that Taiwan and the US can continue to cooperate in more areas, more broadly, and in greater depth.
2022-07-21 Attends a press conference announcing the results of a 2022 survey on the well-being of senior citizens in Taiwan, and says that ensuring the happiness of all seniors in Taiwan is a measure of our societal progress. States that, to address the ageing of our population, the government has expanded the scope and number of different services, and increased the amount of time spent on these services, in order to provide the elderly with better long-term care. Expresses hope that everyone can work together to help develop Taiwan into a country with ample benefits and an optimal living environment for the elderly.
2022-06-28 Delivers a speech on economic development in the post-pandemic era at the invitation of the Rotary Club of Taipei Southeast, and explains three key factors affecting future economic development: the pandemic, the new order it has brought, and sustainability. Emphasizes that in changing circumstances, the winners will be those who can show confidence, respond appropriately, and achieve sustainable development in terms of social environment and health. Says that as long as our people are united, there will definitely be opportunities to create an even brighter future based on the foundation that Taiwan has laid over the past decades.
2022-06-15 Delivers an address via video to the first meeting of the 15th General Assembly of the National Association of Small & Medium Enterprises and the presentation of the 14th national awards for those who have made major contributions to the development of SMEs in Taiwan. States that, in response to the pandemic's impact on sectors that depend on domestic demand, the government will once again roll out three major stimulus measures to help industry and protect labor, reduce burdens, and stabilize cash flow. Says that the government will continue to be a vigorous supporter of industry and advance SME innovation and transformation in order to promote further growth of our SMEs, bringing renewed prosperity to Taiwan's economic development.
2022-05-15 Addresses the 2022 Spring Meeting of the Formosan Medical Association via video. Praises medical professionals for resolutely standing at the frontlines of the pandemic to protect the health of our people. Notes that the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has continued to adapt its pandemic response strategies, and is now working to eliminate and prevent severe cases of COVID-19 while effectively controlling mild cases, so that Taiwan can take the final steps toward returning to normal life.
2022-05-05 07 Meets Japanese House of Representatives Member Ogura Masanobu, director of the Youth Division of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party. Thanks the government of Japan for donating COVID-19 vaccines to Taiwan in 2021, getting us through a difficult time in the pandemic, and for supporting Taiwan's inclusion in international organizations such as the World Health Organization. States that the delegation has demonstrated its firm commitment to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait by taking concrete action, coming to Taiwan in spite of the ongoing pandemic, during the invasion of Ukraine, and at a time when the international community has shown concern about the state of cross-strait relations. Expresses hope that, as we emerge from the global pandemic, Taiwan and Japan can cooperate even more closely to address such issues as climate change and regional peace and stability, thereby demonstrating the strength of the friendship between our countries.
2022-04-28 Attends the opening of a special exhibition marking the 70th anniversary of the San Francisco Peace Treaty coming into effect. States that both in terms of objective reality and international law, the People's Republic of China does not have sovereignty over the Republic of China (Taiwan), and that this is an incontrovertible fact. Reiterates that the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the People's Republic of China are not subordinate to each other, and that Taiwan's future is to be determined by its 23 million people.
2022-04-27 Attends the 23rd SecuTech expo and says that the emerging post-pandemic digital economy, geopolitical disruptions, and newly restructured industrial supply chains put Taiwan, a key democratic nation in the Indo-Pacific region, in the right place, at the right time, with the right personnel to develop our security industries. Adds that as long as government and industry work together, we can make steady progress and create our own future.  
2022-04-12 Meets with members of the Swedish-Taiwanese Parliamentarian Association and the European Parliament. States that Taiwan and Sweden both believe in the values of democracy, freedom, the rule of law, and respect for human rights, and are working together to defend these values, which we share with fellow democratic countries and democratic allies. Says he looks forward to strengthening collaboration in trade, industry, and other fields, and to enhancing ties and friendship between our peoples.
2022-03-30 Attends a national awards ceremony to recognize outstanding professionals in the field of social work. States that the government stands shoulder-to-shoulder with frontline social workers, and that it will continue to promote related policies and provide funding for their work. Expresses hope that everyone can work together for a better social safety net.
2022-03-22 Accompanies President Tsai to welcome President David Kabua of the Marshall Islands and First Lady Kabua with full military honors, takes part in bilateral talks between President Tsai and President Kabua, and attends a state luncheon hosted for President Kabua and his delegation.
2022-03-11 Accompanies Prime Minister John Briceño of Belize and  First Lady Briceño on a tour of the orchid and biotechnology industry in Tainan. Hosts a luncheon for Prime Minister Briceño, and thanks the government and people of Belize for their support, expressing confidence that bilateral ties will continue to grow stronger with our mutual support.
2022-03-09 Accompanies President Tsai to welcome Prime Minister John Briceño of Belize and First Lady Briceño with full military honors, takes part in bilateral talks between President Tsai and Prime Minister Briceño, and attends a state luncheon hosted for the prime minster and his delegation.
2022-03-03 Accompanies President Tsai to attend the 17th meeting of the Presidential Office Indigenous Historical Justice and Transitional Justice Committee. Presiding in lieu of President Tsai, commends the committee for shifting its focus from historical surveys and fact finding to policy implementation and communication with the public. Notes that progress is indeed being made toward historical and transitional justice, urges further use of mass media to inform the public about what the committee has achieved, and calls on government agencies to continue working together toward the committee's goals.
2022-03-02 Meets a senior bipartisan delegation sent by President Joe Biden of the United States. Calls on the members of the delegation for support of a Taiwan-US bilateral trade agreement (BTA) and for Taiwan's accession to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), helping Taiwan further contribute to peace and stability both in the Indo-Pacific region and the broader international community.
2022-02-22 Attends a ceremony in Tainan to mark the completion of a new building on the site where the Wei Guan Golden Dragon building collapsed in February 2016, in the worst earthquake to hit Tainan in 50 years. Thanks all those involved for helping to facilitate the smooth completion of the rebuilding project, saying that it is a commemoration not of how tragic the disaster was, but of how we faced it with courage, compassion, and a helping spirit, the qualities that make Taiwan's society great.
2022-01-30 While transiting through San Francisco, holds online meetings on security and economic affairs with US political leaders including former White House National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, former White House Deputy National Security Advisor Matt Pottinger, and former US National Security Council Director for China Matt Turpin. Concludes his trip and arrives back in Taiwan in the evening.
2022-01-29 Concludes his visit to Honduras and holds a videoconference with US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a transit stop in San Francisco, USA. Says that Taiwan and the US share the values of freedom, democracy, and human rights and that he looks forward to continuing our cooperation. Takes part in a videoconference with members of the overseas community in San Francisco to share his thoughts on the trip as well as Taiwan's recent successes in fighting the pandemic and developing the economy.
2022-01-28 Attends the inauguration of Honduran President Xiomara Castro. Meets with Honduran President Castro for bilateral talks and to hand over a donation of disease prevention supplies, saying he looks forward to strengthening our bilateral ties and that Taiwan will stand with Honduras to overcome the challenges of the pandemic. Attends a banquet at the Honduran Presidential Palace together with delegations from other countries.
2022-01-27 Holds bilateral talks with Belize Prime Minister John Briceño after arriving in Honduras. Hosts a dinner banquet for incoming Honduran Vice Presidents Salvador Nasralla and Doris Alejandrina Gutiérrez, as well as Vice President-elect Nasralla's wife. Presents his credentials as President Tsai Ing-wen's special envoy to incoming Honduran President Xiomara Castro and offers congratulations on her inauguration, saying that he looks forward to even closer cooperation and stronger ties between Taiwan and Honduras.
2022-01-26 During a transit stop in Los Angeles, USA, meets via videoconference with several US political leaders, including Senator Ed Markey, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on East Asia, the Pacific, and International Cybersecurity Policy. Attends a videoconference hosted by members of the overseas community in Los Angeles and highlights Taiwan's successes in disease prevention and economic development. Emphasizes that Taiwan will work to overcome setbacks in order to further improve our nation and show the international community that we are an active force for good in the world.
2022-01-25 Delivers remarks before departing for the Republic of Honduras to attend the inauguration of Honduran President Xiomara Castro in his capacity as special envoy of President Tsai. Says that he will convey our people and government's strong support for the Honduran government, and will also engage with the heads and deputy heads of state as well as the delegations of other allies and like-minded countries in attendance in an effort to strengthen Taiwan's international presence.
2022-01-15 As arranged, visits the gymnasium at the National Taiwan University College of Medicine to receive a third shot of the domestically produced Medigen COVID-19 vaccine.
2022-01-03 Attends ceremony marking the completion of the Federation of Taiwan Pharmacists Associations 6th-floor conference facility, and praises pharmacists for their contribution to the fight against COVID-19. Emphasizes that the pandemic has not yet ended and urges collective action to prevent the Omicron variant from spreading in Taiwan. Notes that Taiwan is now an ageing society and calls on pharmacists to continue working with the government to provide the public with better medical services.
2021-12-24 Attends the 2021 Sports Elite Awards Ceremony, and praises the award recipients for their contributions to athletics and competitive sports. Calls on young athletes to learn from one another and pass down their skills so that Taiwan can continue to develop sporting excellence from one generation to the next. States that the government will work to help improve the position of Taiwan's athletes in international competition and allow them to reach their potential.
2021-12-15 Attends opening of the Intelligent Asia Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing Exhibition, as well as a press conference announcing the release of a white paper on smart manufacturing and smart services. Emphasizes that, faced with the challenges of the pandemic, a shifting geopolitical landscape, and the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, the Taiwan government will promote a smart machinery plan to make Taiwan into a hub for advanced manufacturing in Asia, while also strengthening Taiwan's international economic and trade ties and continuing to promote the transformation of the domestic energy sector. Expresses hope that cooperation among industry, government, academia, and research institutions will drive further economic development in Taiwan.
2021-12-11 Attends the 50th annual Architect's Day celebration. States that it is Taiwan's mission to transition to net-zero emissions by 2050, calls on the construction industry to make more use of technology and energy conservation techniques to help Taiwan achieve this goal, and urges the National Association of Architects to continue working with the government to help resolve the problems of Taiwan's aging housing stock and the dangerous living environments it creates.
2021-12-09 Visits Dongyin Township, Lienchiang County (Matsu), and encourages the people of Taiwan to visit the nation's offshore islands in order to experience their rich culture and scenic beauty while accelerating the recovery of the domestic tourism and travel industry.
2021-12-05 Visits Kinmen, and uses Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers to shop for goods and local snack foods. Encourages citizens to take action to support the domestic tourism industry, which has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to stimulate Taiwan's economy and drive further growth.
2021-12-02 Attends the opening of the 2021 Open Parliament Forum, and says that Taiwan very much looks forward to sharing our achievements in open parliament and open government with the international community, with which we hope to establish a closer and more resilient partnership. States that Taiwan will continue to stand on the front lines in resisting totalitarianism, and will do everything possible to give back to the international community, showing that Taiwan is a force for good.
2021-11-25 Attends the National Cheng Kung University 90th Anniversary forum titled "T-Shaped Talents for a Global Hub." States that the breadth and depth of talent development are crucial in a constantly changing world, and that Taiwan needs "T-shaped talent" capable of holistic thinking, peer cooperation, and innovation, which is also a focus of the country's future plans in talent cultivation.
2021-11-23 Attends ceremony marking the launch of the Cingshuei Geothermal Power Plant, the first megawatt-level geothermal power plant in Taiwan. States that this is not only a crucial step for renewable energy development in Taiwan, but is also an important part of the effort toward reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. Says he looks forward to all sectors of society working together with the government to discuss Taiwan's long-term green growth strategy and address environmental sustainability, just economic transformation, and social inclusion, allowing Taiwan to progress steadily and successfully toward carbon neutrality by 2050.
2021-11-22 Attends the press premiere of climate documentary 2030 Sinking in Silence and asserts that "sinking in silence" is not a slogan, but a reality, and that no country in the world is exempt from this. Expresses hope that the documentary will raise awareness throughout Taiwan, and unite our citizens to respond to the challenges brought about by climate change. 
2021-11-18 Attends the opening ceremony of The Cares Taipei 2021, a conference and exhibition on innovative care. Emphasizes that the government is actively promoting the Long-term Care (LTC) Plan 2.0, nurturing long-term care professionals, strengthening LTC management mechanisms, and promoting LTC commercialization. Expresses hope that the LTC ecosystem will develop toward smart technology so that senior citizens in Taiwan can live long, healthy, and happy lives with dignity and more freedom. 
2021-11-12 Delivers recorded remarks at the 7th Japan-Taiwan Exchange Summit. Notes that both countries have overcome many difficulties together and that we share the universal values of freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. Expresses confidence that the virtuous cycle of mutual care, trust, and aid between Taiwan and Japan will become a global model for cooperation, as well as hope that our countries will work together to strengthen our democracy, promote economic prosperity, and uphold peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.
2021-11-07 Delivers a speech to the Taiwan Center Foundation of Greater Los Angeles via video discussing Taiwan-US relations and Taiwan's new diplomatic frontier. Emphasizes that Taiwan is deeply connected to the international community and a force for good that has spread globally. Echoes the spirit of Dr. Chiang Wei-shui's (蔣渭水) "Clinical Notes" (臨床講義), published a century ago, by proposing that Taiwan work to strengthen five key areas in order to keep progressing: Taiwanese identity; national unity; our belief in freedom, democracy, and human rights; Taiwan's role as a guardian of peace in the Indo-Pacific region; and Taiwan's engagement with the world and future progression. 
2021-11-05 Visits the Gongliao Fishermen's Association where he asserts that Taiwan must make progress toward our energy transition goals, and warns that continued reliance on nuclear and coal power will jeopardize Taiwan's security and the health of our people. Expresses hope that residents will support the construction of the Third Liquefied Natural Gas Import Terminal, given the government's efforts to both preserve the local algal reef ecosystem and promote Taiwan's economic development. States that opening up the market to US pork imports will deepen Taiwan-US trade relations and help Taiwan engage with the world, and that holding referenda and national elections separately will allow for more comprehensive discussions around referendum topics while maintaining the quality of our democracy.   
2021-10-30 Attends the opening ceremony of a forum on the transition to net-zero emissions by the year 2050. States that the transition to net-zero emissions is also a transition to equality, and must give equal consideration to economic development, social equality, and environmental protection in its implementation. Expresses hope that everyone will work together toward those goals.
2021-10-29 Travels to Taitung to visit custard apple production and marketing groups in Beinan and Taimali townships, and invites the business community to take concrete action to support farmers. Says that Taiwan should not rely on a single market in the future, and that industry must be transformed and upgraded while adopting a more diverse and long-term marketing approach. Visits the Taitung Tourism Night Market in the evening, uses Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers to buy local snacks, and encourages everyone to work together to stimulate Taiwan's economy.
2021-10-28 Attends the International Gay Sports and Equality Discussion Forum, and emphasizes that equality in sports is a global trend that Taiwan has a responsibility to promote while engaging with the international community. Notes that Taiwan will host the Asia Pride Games in 2022, and expresses hope that the event will help the international community see Taiwan's diverse values and culture as well as our achievements in gender equality.
2021-10-17 Attends the Taiwanese Cultural Association centennial, and expresses appreciation for the profound impact that founder Chiang Wei-shui (蔣渭水) and his contributions have had on Taiwan over the past 100 years. Expresses hope that everyone will work together to strengthen Taiwanese identity, our determination to protect Taiwan, our belief in freedom, democracy, and human rights, Taiwan's role as a protector of peace in the Indo-Pacific region, and Taiwan's confidence.
2021-10-06 Delivers recorded remarks at the opening of the Taiwan AI Academy Annual Conference & Technology Review Forum. States that Taiwan and all other democratic countries are facing threats posed by technological authoritarianism, and that protecting universal rights and democratic values will be at the core of future innovation. Asserts that we must remain vigilant of this important issue in order to prevent AI and smart technology from being used as a tool to oppress ethnic minorities, infringe on personal privacy, and trample civil liberties.
2021-10-02 Delivers a speech to the Harvard Taiwanese Cultural Society via video, discussing Taiwan's future development by looking at our democratic pandemic response. Shares Taiwan's achievements in controlling the pandemic, and states that the government is making every effort to address the challenges of China's geopolitical threat, the coming age of smart technology, and achieving net-zero emissions. Expresses hope that more Taiwanese from different generations and areas of expertise can continue working together to build a stronger Taiwan and make Taiwan an even greater country.
2021-09-30 After making an online vaccination appointment, visits the gymnasium at the National Taiwan University College of Medicine to receive a second shot of the domestically produced Medigen COVID-19 vaccine.
2021-09-29 Accompanies President Tsai to attend a party in honor of Taiwan's Paralympic athletes. Praises the Paralympic delegation for turning in outstanding performances and overcoming many obstacles, leaving the people of Taiwan deeply moved and inspiring all those in Taiwan living with disabilities.
2021-09-29 Travels to Tainan to celebrate the launch of a project for research and development in compound semiconductors, and witnesses the signing of an MOU on cooperation in the project between the Industrial Technology Research Institute and the Tainan City Government. Commends the project for leveraging the competitive strengths of southern Taiwan's auto parts industry and the added value of compound semiconductors, saying that this will drive development not just in Tainan City and southern Taiwan, but in all of Taiwan, making our nation more globally competitive.
2021-09-24 Attends a summit on carbon capture and a ceremony marking the launch of Taiwan's first carbon-negative demonstration factory, and asserts that we all have a stake in the effort to address climate change. Says that Taiwan must turn challenges into opportunities to bolster our efforts, while drafting and implementing pragmatic plans to achieve our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 so that Taiwan can stand tall on the world stage.
2021-09-23 Delivers recorded remarks at a conference on healthcare and health insurance, and states that the government is drawing up fair and reasonable mid to long-term reforms of the National Health Insurance (NHI) system. Says that NHI coverage and payments will be reformed along with the national healthcare system, integrating the public health network with NHI resources to increase coverage and improve the efficiency and quality of medical services.
2021-09-20 Delivers recorded remarks at the Taiwanese Association of America's 50th Anniversary Celebration. Emphasizes that deepening Taiwan-US relations is of utmost importance to our government, and expresses hope for further increasing bilateral economic, social, and cultural exchanges. Calls on Taiwanese expatriates in the US to work with our government so that Taiwanese living abroad can take unreserved pride in their homeland.
2021-09-10 Accompanies President Tsai to attend the 16th meeting of the Presidential Office Indigenous Historical Justice and Transitional Justice Committee. Listens to reports and presides in lieu of President Tsai, expressing his approval for the reconciliation reached between the indigenous communities of the Skaru watershed and national land management authorities. Says that, given its size, Taiwan would be a more harmonious place if people throughout this land could display the spirit and open-mindedness of this Sbalay reconciliation ceremony.
2021-09-01 Accompanies President Tsai to attend a celebration in honor of Taiwan's Olympic athletes. Says that their performances in Tokyo were Taiwan's best ever at an Olympic Games, winning medals in more events than ever before and uniting people across the nation. Thanks the athletes for their many years of intensive training and for their outstanding performances that help raise Taiwan's international profile.
2021-08-30 Attends a ceremony marking the launch of Taiwan+, a new international multimedia streaming platform. States that the government is actively promoting the Bilingual Nation policy to improve the level of English proficiency in Taiwan and make our country more competitive. Says that this English-language multimedia platform will help bring Taiwan's viewpoints and stories to the world, letting the world see the real Taiwan.
2021-08-27 After making an online vaccination appointment, goes to the gymnasium at the National Taiwan University College of Medicine to receive a shot of the domestically produced Medigen COVID-19 vaccine.
2021-08-21 Attends an international forum on social prescribing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and states that the practice of social prescribing can mitigate the alienation created by rigorous public health measures during pandemics. Expresses hope that international exchanges of expertise will strengthen cooperation and facilitate joint efforts to address the pandemic.
2021-08-21 Delivers recorded remarks by video at an online press conference and event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a center for missing senior citizens established by the Federation for the Welfare of the Elderly. Praises the center for the many contributions it has made over the years, while noting that Taiwan is an ageing society and is expected to become a super-aged society by 2025, highlighting the urgent need to build systems to locate seniors who have gone missing. Expresses hope that the government can strengthen cooperation with civic organizations to help all families feel happy and content.
2021-08-10 Attends press conference for the world premiere of Seqalu: Formosa 1867 on Taiwan's Public Television Service, a landmark series in national television history. Says that by familiarizing audiences with events in Taiwan's history, the series will help us be more accepting of different ethnic groups. States that Taiwan's story is one of diversity, and that our country's television and film industries are capable of outstanding work that will draw international attention to Taiwan and make us all proud of our nation.
2021-07-21 Addresses the opening of the BIO Asia-Taiwan 2021 conference via video. Expresses hope that this event will highlight Taiwan's achievements in pandemic prevention and biomedical technology, advance cooperation toward the development of Asia's biomedical industry, and help Taiwan play a more active role in the global biomedical industry while contributing to the health and wellbeing of people around the world.
2021-07-13 Addresses an online event hosted by the Taipei Office of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) celebrating United States Independence Day and bidding farewell to outgoing AIT Director Brent Christensen. Affirms cooperation between Taiwan and the US, which is steadily taking our bilateral relations to new heights, and thanks Director Christensen for his outstanding contributions to Taiwan-US ties over the past three years. Expresses hope that Director Christensen will continue to support Taiwan wherever he goes in the future. 
2021-05-12 Addresses the Taiwan Medical Association, saying that at this critical time, as Taiwan faces a spike in COVID-19 community transmission, our health professionals are standing on the front lines and protecting the health of the nation by swiftly and effectively diagnosing and treating patients. Calls on the public to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by diligently following the measures announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center. Encourages those prioritized for vaccination to promptly get vaccinated, and calls on everyone to remain united so that we can overcome this challenge.
2021-05-06 Attends a forum entitled “Declining Birth Rate in Taiwan: Countermeasures and Perspectives,” and announces that the government will launch new initiatives in August to expand affordable education and care services, double child-rearing allowances, and lower child care and education fees. States that the Executive Yuan has already approved three major new policies to expand subsidies and eligibility for infertility (in vitro fertilization) treatments, increase the number and types of subsidized obstetric examinations, and increase subsidies for parents who take unpaid parental leave. Calls for all parts of society to work together and to provide suggestions on how to address Taiwan's declining birth rate.
2021-05-01 Attends the 10th Florence Nightingale Awards Ceremony, and thanks nurses for their hard work and sacrifices. Asks nurses to remain focused on their disease prevention work, because Taiwan needs medical professionals standing on the front lines. Calls on members of the public to facilitate disease prevention work by cooperating with measures to combat COVID-19, thereby ensuring our common safety.
2021-04-27 Attends the EU-Taiwan Health Forum, and states that Taiwan is an integral part of the global public health network and can help other countries to combat the pandemic, realizing the spirit of our slogan "Taiwan can help, and Taiwan is helping." Says that we should start preparing for the post-COVID-19 era, and that as national borders are re-opened, more opportunities will be created for Taiwan and European countries to deepen cooperation.
2021-04-24 Welcomes American Institute in Taiwan Taipei Office Director Brent Christensen and other foreign representatives in Taiwan to Chiayi County to visit the Tfuya historic trail and the Tapangu Village of Alishan. Explains that the Tfuya trail is among the most culturally and historically significant trails used by the Tsou tribe. Expresses pleasure in leading foreign guests to explore Taiwan's mountains and forests, engage with indigenous peoples, and experience the culture and warmth of the Tsou tribe.
2021-04-22 Attends a book launch and roundtable discussion for How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates. States that Taiwan cannot avoid facing up to the possibility of climate disaster, and must actively participate in efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change. Says that Taiwan must make sincere efforts toward reaching net-zero carbon emissions, draw up a pragmatic policy response, and be steadfast in resolving problems in order to move toward national sustainability.
2021-04-21 Attends the opening ceremony for the trade show 2021 Touch Taiwan, and witnesses the founding of the Smart Display Industrial Alliance. Expresses hope that Taiwan will make the most of the new 5G era by leveraging artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, augmented reality, virtual reality, and 8K resolution technology to become a key player in the development of innovative solutions for the smart display industry, thereby advancing our progress toward becoming a smart nation.
2021-04-21 Attends an awards ceremony for excellence in construction site management, and states that the derailment of the Taroko Express No. 408 highlighted the important role of construction site managers. Says that the government is determined to resolve problems facing the construction industry and enact reform. States that this administration will cooperate with local authorities to address systematic deficiencies and ensure that supervision, management, and inspections are all properly carried out. Calls on all construction firms to comprehensively oversee the key areas of quality, safety, environmental protection, timescale management, and costs.
2021-04-17 Attends a memorial service in Hualien for victims of the Taroko Express No. 408 accident of April 2, 2021. Offers incense and flowers for the deceased, and expresses sincere sympathy and condolences to their families.
2021-04-15 Accompanies President Tsai to attend the 15th meeting of the Presidential Office Indigenous Historical Justice and Transitional Justice Committee, and then presides over the meeting in lieu of the president. Expresses hope that the Ministry of the Interior, the Council of Indigenous Peoples, and local governments will formulate overall plans and implement solutions for land use issues, which are of the utmost concern to indigenous peoples. Asks them to visit indigenous communities often to explain their national land allocation policies, so that local governments can adequately meet indigenous communities' land use needs and realize the spirit of the National Land Planning Act. 
2021-04-11 Travels to Baishatun Gongtian Temple in Tongxiao Township, Miaoli County, to attend the seating of a statue of the goddess Mazu in a palanquin and the start of the Mazu pilgrimage, demonstrating the importance the government attaches to this annual pilgrimage as a part of Taiwan's cultural heritage. Expresses his wish for a smooth pilgrimage, favorable weather, and the health and well-being of the Taiwanese people.
2021-04-04 Travels to Hualien to visit passengers hospitalized after the derailment of the Taroko Express No. 408. Calls on doctors and hospital staff to do everything they can to treat the injured and help them return home in good health. At a funeral hall, offers incense and pays respect to those who died in the accident.
2021-03-30 Attends the launch of the Taiwan-Palau travel bubble together with Palau President Surangel Whipps Jr. and First Lady Valerie Whipps, and encourages Taiwanese to visit Palau to enjoy its scenic beauty. Expresses hope that the two countries will continue to advance bilateral cooperation and exchanges in the future. 
2021-03-27 Takes part in a hike along Laonong River in southern Taiwan. Emphasizes that hiking historic trails is one of the best ways to stay healthy, and expresses hope that the day's hike encourages citizens to pay more attention to their health and take part in a series of hikes that he has been promoting.
2021-03-20 Visits the Taitung Indigenous Cultural and Creative Industries Park (TTICC) and the Bai-Chung-Ren Foodstuff Company, and expresses praise and support for young indigenous people who return to their hometowns to start businesses and promote traditional culture. Visits the TTstyle Wave House and attends a concert celebrating the 80th anniversary of Guoben Farm in Taitung County. Expresses hope that we can all work together to provide youth in Taiwan's rural areas the opportunity to pursue their dreams.
2021-03-19 Attends the opening ceremony for an Asia University seminar on opportunities and prospects for digital learning in the post-pandemic era. States that digital learning has become the new normal, so we should adapt to it as soon as possible, and that in addition to using digital learning to offer international curricula and turn universities into international institutions, we can also use it to resolve problems in remote areas such as ageing populations and falling birth rates.
2021-03-17 Attends the 2021 Wealth Magazine Wealth Management Award Ceremony, and emphasizes that climate change and efforts to reach carbon neutrality are key trends in future global development. States that with the restructuring of industrial supply chains driven in no small part by carbon reduction considerations, Taiwanese companies taking part in this process urgently need support from the financial sector. Says that by using financial management to direct private funds in support of Taiwan's development, financial institutions can benefit all parties involved.
2021-03-07 Attends the High School Basketball League (HBL) girls' division third-place playoff at the Taipei Arena and cheers on the competitors. Calls on Taiwanese to support the HBL so that high school students can pursue their dreams and demonstrate their abilities.
2021-03-06 Attends the launch of the book The Embroidery Collection of Tian Tan (Temple of Heaven) and a ceremony to mark the opening of a facility for the preservation of cultural artifacts. Notes that Tainan is rich in history and culture, and observes that cultural artifacts, as important and valuable parts of living religious history, can show us how religious festivals and rituals have evolved in Tainan over the past century. Calls on everyone to carefully preserve these artifacts and continue to pass them on to future generations so that the people of Taiwan can identify with and take pride in their culture.
2021-02-28 In response to the Chinese government's banning imports of Taiwanese pineapples on spurious grounds, attends a press conference announcing government coordination to promote the purchase of domestically grown pineapples by food processing firms. Noting that pineapples are both nutritious and delicious, states that local governments are collaborating with the Council of Agriculture to diversify export markets, and says that as long as we remain united, we can turn this difficult situation into an opportunity for Taiwanese farmers to enjoy even greater assurances of success.
2021-02-28 At a memorial service for victims of the 228 Incident and the Lin family murders, notes that President Tsai has actively pursued transitional justice since taking office in 2016. Observes that her administration has passed the Act on Promoting Transitional Justice and the Political Archives Act, and has established the Transitional Justice Commission, the National Human Rights Commission, and the National Human Rights Museum. Says that these measures demonstrate to Taiwanese society the government's will to thoroughly and critically reflect on the past, build the nation upon human rights principles, and let everyone in Taiwan live safely.
2021-02-26 Accompanies President Tsai to attend the First General Assembly of the Eighth General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC), and is elected as the GACC's new vice chairperson, a role in which he will work to enhance Taiwan's cultural power.
2021-02-19 At a press conference marking the launch of E.SUN Commercial Bank's ESG and sustainability initiative, observes that the effects of climate change are felt across the globe, and that Taiwan, as a member of the international community, cannot sit on the sidelines. Says that the government takes the issue of sustainable development very seriously, and that its use of national policies to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to climate change is not just in line with what the international community is calling for, but can also spur industrial upgrading and economic transformation.
2021-02-17 Visits Adimmune Corporation, Medigen Vaccine Biologics, and United Biomedical. Says that Taiwan must find its own way to manage the pandemic, and notes that the government has taken concrete actions to support domestic companies, including by issuing emergency use authorizations (EUA) and by providing subsidies and making advance procurements during the R&D stage, so that domestic vaccine makers can focus on developing and manufacturing vaccines. Expresses hope that their vaccine production can ensure the nation's safety.
2021-02-10 Visits the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) Mobile Business Group to express appreciation for CDC staff members and those on duty at the CHT Mobile Business Group's 1922 Communicable Disease Reporting and Consultation Hotline. Thanks everyone for working through the Lunar New Year holiday to protect Taiwan and our public health.
2021-02-09 At a high-level national security meeting, is asked by President Tsai to jointly lead a project with former Vice President Chen Chien-jen to study and assess the Nipah virus and how diseases develop, and to provide early deployment guidance to the administration with assistance from Academia Sinica and the National Health Research Institutes.
2021-02-04 Attends the opening of a new Google office complex in Banqiao. Notes that the complex is Google's largest hardware R&D base in the world outside of its headquarters, and is set to be a global innovation hub for the company's artificial intelligence, software, and hardware technologies. Thanks Google, an important business in Taiwan, for increasing its investments here, and expresses confidence that the company will help Taiwan achieve steady progress toward our goal of smart digital transformation.
2021-02-01 Attends a ceremony marking the establishment of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU), and calls on NYCU to cultivate cross-disciplinary talent and play a key role in the post-pandemic world. Encourages NYCU to target development in smart healthcare and precision medicine in order to drive progress in Taiwan and live up to the high expectations the nation has for the university.
2021-01-30 Attends the opening ceremony for an exhibit marking the centennial of a petition movement to establish a Taiwanese parliament. States that the movement laid the foundation for democracy and the rule of law in Taiwan, spurring wave after wave of democratic progress over the last century. Adds that we should cherish our democratic accomplishments, uphold regional peace and security, and assist in the development of international society to honor the contributions that our venerable predecessors made to our homeland.
2021-01-29 Attends Taiwan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) press conference. Commends the animal welfare organization for its compassion, and calls on Taiwanese to cherish animals through their actions by adopting pets rather than buying them, and loving them instead of abandoning them. Encourages the public to visit animal shelters to spend time with animals, and says that if everyone cherished animals more, Taiwanese society would be even better.
2021-01-26 Meets the winners of the 21st National Gold Award for Architecture and Taiwan Trusted Brands. Praises the numerous contributions of the award-winning firms, which have not just constructed buildings, but also improved architectural expertise and living environments while acting as a positive force to promote social progress.
2021-01-18 Visits an exhibition of artifacts from more than a century of the Baishatun Mazu pilgrimage, and states that the pilgrimage is a unique, independent, local, and intangible cultural asset protected by the state. Points out that the mutual trust, assistance, and encouragement among participants in the pilgrimage highlights their selfless devotion and the abundant goodwill of Taiwanese society.
2021-01-15 Attends the 4th Hit AI & Blockchain Summit, and emphasizes that for Taiwan, this new era presents opportunities that we must boldly embrace. States that the government will continue to cultivate talent, encourage innovation, offer funding, and forge international connections so that Taiwan can play a key role in the coming age of smart technology. 
2021-01-04 Attends the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry's 2021 annual meeting. In keeping with the meeting theme, “Crossing Disciplines, Breaking New Ground,” encourages the biomedical sector and government to work together in the post-COVID-19 era to protect public health, develop domestic industry, and help the international community.
2020-12-29 Accompanies President Tsai to the 14th meeting of the Presidential Office Indigenous Historical Justice and Transitional Justice Committee in his capacity as a member and deputy convener of the Committee.
2020-12-27 Visits Hsinchu for an event marking the Shigen Historic Trail section of the Raknus Selu Trail, organized by the Hakka Affairs Council and the Taiwan Thousand Miles Trail Association. Encourages all Taiwanese to promote exercise and the importance of a healthy lifestyle, as well as develop personal exercise habits, and says that as long as our citizens are healthy, Taiwan will naturally be healthy too.
2020-12-25 Attends the Taipei Co-Space 2021 Turning Point startup festival, and praises the enthusiasm, innovative thinking, and abundant energy of the start-up teams. Encourages them to use their current achievements as momentum for the next stage of development, redouble their efforts, and forge a brighter future.
2020-12-23 Attends the opening ceremony for the second joint conference of directors and supervisors at the 28th Congress of the Asia Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce. States that the government has made extensive preparations to address post-COVID-19 economic development, including by recruiting and promoting national teams for five major initiatives promoting high-end R&D and manufacturing, semiconductor R&D and manufacturing, 5G technology, offshore wind power, and precision medicine. Welcomes domestic firms to return to Taiwan to invest and become members of the national teams working to develop our country.   
2020-12-10 Attends a book launch for The Romantic Road to Democracy: A Biography of Lei Chen, at which he commemorates Mr. Lei's sacrifices and contributions to Taiwan's democracy, and expresses hope for continuing to protect and strengthen Taiwan's democracy so that it can shine internationally. Also hopes that Taiwan's story will inspire people in areas still seeking democracy and freedom, giving them the strength to continue their quest and hold fast to their ideals.
2020-12-03 Attends the 2020 Taiwan Investment Summit Forum. Expresses hope that the venture capital sector and the government will work together to support Taiwan's innovative industries so they can thrive. Says that such support will also help Taiwan's enterprises expand globally, allowing the country to continue to improve and providing our citizens with more secure lives and gainful employment.
2020-11-24 Visits the Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Productions Site and the Global Smart Machinery Development Center, where he encourages the enterprises to take the impact as a driving force and turn crises into opportunities when faced with changes in Taiwan's geopolitical landscapes, shifts in industry chains, and even challenges brought by COVID-19. As long as we stick and work together, production and manufacturing in the machinery industry will be more precise and efficient, and Taiwan's industry will get even better in the future.
2020-11-23 Accompanies President Tsai to attend the first advisory conference for the 2030 Bilingual Nation policy. Receives briefings and exchanges views with the advisors. States that in the future process of building a bilingual nation, we can help children, especially those in remote areas, to learn through "digital learning."
2020-11-21 Accompanies President Tsai to attend the 2020 Presidential Office Concert, "Dawn‧Kaohsiung" at the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying), joining the public for a musical feast. Expresses hope that the sound of Taiwan will inspire the world.
2020-11-17 Attends the closing ceremonies of the 2020 Conference of the Overseas Community Affairs Council via video. Emphasizes that the government is actively working to adopt policies regarding land, utilities, manpower, taxes, and financing and attract mainland China-based Taiwanese businesses back to Taiwan. Expresses hope that the other side of the Strait will heed Taiwan's voice. Under the principles of parity and dignity, we are willing to work together to facilitate meaningful dialogue and maintain stability and peace in the region. Also expresses hope that leaders from overseas Chinese communities will continue to follow through on their original commitment to supporting Taiwan so that the Republic of China (Taiwan) will continue to shine in the international arena.
2020-11-13 Attends the opening ceremony of the 2020 AI Academy's annual conference, where he praises the Taiwan AI Academy for assisting the enterprises in submitting questions to schools and bringing back answers to the industrial community. Also, emphasizes that in the process of developing science and technology, we must pay due attention to democracy, human rights, freedom, and cybersecurity issues. These are all the areas where we must seek to progress.
2020-11-03 Attends the beam raising ceremony for the urban renewal reconstruction project of the Weiguan Jinlong Building in Tainan, where he states that the 2016 earthquake was Tainan's most devastating calamity in nearly a century. We will not forget the pain, while our beloved family members will always be remembered. We will show the community Tainan City's solidarity and fortitude, and give the residents the opportunity to bravely rise to their feet at the same place, taking away the storm clouds covering the sun and offering the residents a promising future.
2020-10-27 Attends a seminar on the application of artificial intelligence to 25 years’ worth of health data collected by Taiwan’s National Health Insurance program. Encourages the National Health Insurance Administration and the relevant agencies to continue working with industry and the medical community to properly utilize medical claim and medical imaging data collected over the years to improve the quality of Taiwan’s healthcare and disease treatments, and jointly promote the development of smart healthcare and precision medicine.
2020-10-13 Attends the Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS) 2020 opening ceremony, and thanks the textile industry for joining forces with the government to help fight COVID-19. With the joint efforts of the textile industry, pandemic prevention materials have become an emerging industry, demonstrating Taiwan's adaptability. Expresses hope that under the concept of "Asia's high-end manufacturing and R&D center," the government and textile industry will work together so that the textile industry can make even greater progress and grow even stronger.
2020-10-08 Addresses the 2020 Yushan Forum: Asian Dialogue for Innovation and Progress, where he explains Taiwan’s development in public health, technology, and democracy, and expresses hope that developments in these areas will bring about even greater contributions to Asia. Also emphasizes that Taiwan is willing and able to more actively participate in regional partnerships, and looks forward to continue expanding our engagement with countries around the world to jointly create a more resilient future. 
2020-10-07 Accompanies President Tsai to former President Lee Teng-hui's burial service to pay his last respects.
2020-09-29 Participates in the "Taiwan Biotech Industries Development Strategy Forum," where he expresses hope that Taiwan's biotech industries will be more resilient and become the next trillion-NT-dollar industry, and that the biomed industry will work together with ICT industries to create a "Healthy Taiwan."  
2020-09-19 Attends the 9th Nightingale Award Ceremony, where he praises the nurses' spirit of sacrifice and dedication, thanks them for their contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic, and expresses his hope that our citizens will appreciate the services of our nurses, respecting their professionalism and recognizing their efforts.
2020-09-18 Hosts a dinner banquet for the Japanese delegation attending former President Lee Teng-hui's memorial service, and thanks former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori for leading the delegation to Taiwan to commemorate former President Lee. Also expresses hope that Taiwan and Japan will continue to strengthen cooperative relations, fostering bilateral friendship and safeguarding peace and democracy in the Indo-Pacific region together. 
2020-09-11 Heads for Jianshih township in Shinchiu County and visits Qalang Smangus for two days to participate in the "2020 Smangus Harvest Festival" celebrations and to witness the spirit and love reflected in the Tayal people's symbiotic relationship with nature. Hikes a forest trail the next day, experiencing the beauty of the tribal forest and listening to the needs of local indigenous tribes, hoping to achieve true justice for indigenous peoples.  
2020-09-11 Participates in the "Hacks In Taiwan Conference, HITCON 2020," and states that he looks forward to working with hackers in the information security field to maintain Taiwan's information security and promote our information industries together. 
2020-09-03 Accompanies President Tsai Ing-wen as she confers the Order of Propitious Clouds with Special Grand Cordon posthumously on late Czech Senate President Jaroslav Kubera and meets with incumbent Senate President Miloš Vystrčil at the Presidential Office. Also attends a banquet held by the Czech delegation in the evening, expressing hope that Taiwan and Czech will continue to cooperate and work together for global democracy. 
2020-08-30 Attends a volunteer repair team's home renovation completion ceremony in Shizi Township, Pingtung County, where he states that this is the first successful cooperation project between Pingtung and Tainan counties. Expresses hope that there will be more opportunities for cooperation to benefit the underprivileged. Also expresses hopes that our citizens will maintain altruistic beliefs like this and expand their efforts to more locations. 
2020-08-24 Attends a Transitional Justice Commission press conference marking the exoneration of Tu Hsiao-sheng and Liao Li-chuan, where he states that pursuing transitional justice is something that all ethnic groups in Taiwan must address together. Also says that to face the future, Taiwan must be united, and encourages people from all walks of life to work together with the government to respond to challenges of all kinds so that the nation will continue to make progress.
2020-08-21 Participates in the "TAIWAN is Helping: Comprehensive AI x Disease Prevention online forum—Future Disease Prevention", where he states that for future disease prevention, technology and public health should develop in tandem, combining electronic technology, biotechnology and AI. Also reminds citizens that in facing the challenges of the pandemic, they should follow the Central Epidemic Command Center's instructions so that we can successfully fight its spread. 
2020-08-19 Presides over a meeting of the Funeral Committee for former President Lee Teng-hui and issues the following directives: 1. The state funeral will be conducted by state institutions, respect the opinions of the Lee family, and be based on the principles "out with the old, in with the new" and "honest and natural"; 2. The Presidential Office has communicated with family members over the past few days to coordinate decisions that have been made, and will respect the results of those discussions accordingly; 3. To maintain the dignity of the state funeral and show respect for former President Lee, security tasks should be given special attention in conducting the ceremony; 4. The Presidential Office and the Lee family will continue to communicate and further promote the idea of a memorial library in honor of former President Lee. 
2020-08-17 Heads for Fuli township in Hualien County and visits the St. Andrew Training Center for the Disabled, the Yi Feng Gardens, and Father Yves Moal's resource recycling center. States that he will assist President Tsai implement justice for indigenous peoples and ensure that their demands are taken seriously. Then visits the Yu Dong Carpenter at Yudong Junior High School to gain a first-hand understanding of rural education issues, encourage students to put the techniques they have learned to good use and find their own path in life.  
2020-08-16 Heads for Yuli township in Hualien County and visits indigenous elders to understand the results of government efforts to improve the home sanitation facilities of economically disadvantaged tribal elders in Hualien and Taitung counties. Then attends the Harawan tribe's Rice Harvest Festival and the Tafalong tribe's Ilisin Festival to experience traditional Amis culture. Emphasizes that the government will continue to show support for the tribes and provide better venues for cultural events to ensure that indigenous cultures are fully protected. Stays overnight in Hualien. 
2020-08-11 Hosts a luncheon for US Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar and his delegation. States that Mr. Azar's trip marks the highest level visit to Taiwan by a US cabinet official since 1979, showing substantive progress in Taiwan-US relations. Expresses hope that after the signing of an MOU on health cooperation, the two countries will work together to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and defeat the virus.
2020-08-11 Accompanies President Tsai Ing-wen to pay tribute to former President Lee Teng-hui at Taipei Guest House. Pens a personal tribute: "Heartfelt thanks for your contributions to Taiwan" in memory of former President Lee's efforts on behalf of the nation and society.
2020-07-31 Meets with the winners of the 20th Prudential Spirit of Community Awards and fondly recalls Mr. Democracy, former President Lee Teng-hui, and his selfless commitment and contributions that helped Taiwan’s democratic development. Because the volunteer spirit can only be fully realized under a democratic system, one could say that former President Lee is Taiwan’s greatest volunteer. 
2020-07-28 Attends a Digital National Competitiveness-Talent Circulation Alliance Industrial Exchanges Tour event in Kaohsiung, where he states that as a result of Industry 4.0 the world has entered a new digital era that he hopes will help industrial upgrading and talent cultivation in southern Taiwan. Also expresses hope that the Great South, Great Development plan will enhance the nation’s digital competitiveness, benefitting people in southern Taiwan and the whole country. 
2020-07-23 Attends the Workshop on Strategies of Climate Emergency, where he states that everyone can play an active and essential role in responding to climate change. Reducing carbon emissions and disaster prevention are not just policies, but are also industries in their own right. In addition to learning from our experiences in facing disaster, we must also be prepared and proactive. The government should cooperate with enterprises and learn from them to form a public-private partnership, which will surely drive the growth of new industries.
2020-07-22 Addresses the BIO Asia–Taiwan 2020 Conference via video, and emphasizes that Taiwan's success in containing COVID-19 has attracted worldwide attention and the key factors in that success were: prudent action, rapid response, and early deployment. Looking ahead, Taiwan will develop the biomedical industry, making it a new source of momentum for Taiwan's economy while making Taiwan a benchmark country in precision health, and using science and technology to prevent pandemics.
2020-07-15 Visits the Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation and states that citizens will start to receive their Triple Stimulus Vouchers that day, and that no matter how people use them, they will help revitalize Taiwan’s economy. Encourages citizens to turn Triple Stimulus Vouchers into “Charity Vouchers” by donating them to the Orphan Welfare Foundation or other public interest groups to help more people in need . 
2020-07-02 Attends a Dr. Chen Wen-cheng memorial event, where he quotes what Dr. Chen repeatedly emphasized when he was interrogated by the Taiwan Garrison Command: "I support democracy" and "I always hope that Taiwan will progress." Expresses hope that everyone will unite to protect Taiwan and help Hong Kong, and ensure that democratic values will take root around the world to achieve global peace. 
2020-06-22 Attends the Joint Rice Harvest Festival of the Imaorod tribe on Orchid Island and visits the Lanyu health center and township office to understand local medical and basic infrastructure issues and needs.
2020-06-21 Tours the century-old underground houses of the Ivalino tribe on Orchid Island and visits the tribal elders, then stays overnight on the island. 
2020-06-12 Visits non-woven fabric and face mask manufacturers in Kaohsiung and states that Taiwan's success in the fight against COVID-19 has not only been praised by our citizens, but also widely admired in the international community, and our National Face Mask Team logistics support services also made a major contribution. Expresses hope that the national team remains intact and continues to work together to take Taiwanese brands global. The leading brand in public health and epidemic prevention is Taiwan, and we should cherish that brand image and use it so that Taiwan can forge its own path.
2020-06-11 Participates in a Harvard Table Series webinar on "The Impact of COVID-19 on Taiwan: Past, Present and Future" at the invitation of the Harvard Club of the Republic of China. Shares Taiwan's epidemic prevention experience, the pandemic’s impact on individuals and companies, and talks about how we are responding to post-COVID-19 changes in economic and trade patterns. Expresses hope that Taiwanese brands will definitely pursue global markets and promote our biomedical industry. 
2020-06-04 Visits Harbor Precision Inc. and praises the machine tool industry for their willingness to be part of the front line of defense in our national disease prevention efforts. Emphasizes that in the post-COVID-19 era, the government is dedicated to making Taiwan a hub for global disease prevention strategies and the production of medical supplies, upgrading Taiwan’s industries and developing our economy, and contributing to the international community. 
2020-05-28 Visits the Taiwanese Cultural and Creative Park and states that with the passing of the National Languages Development Act, in principle the native languages of all ethnic groups are mother tongues of Taiwan. During stormy times in Hong Kong, only by defending our sovereignty, democracy and freedom can we exercise our free will to protect and promote our mother tongues, and Taiwan will continue to move in that direction. 
2020-05-20 Sworn in as the ROC 15th-term Vice President. Accompanies President Tsai to receive congratulations from members of the diplomatic corps and foreign organizations stationed in Taiwan, as well as representatives from international organizations.   
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