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121 2016/04/06 President Ma meets former US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage Chinese
122 2016/03/31 President Ma meets delegation from European Parliament Chinese
123 2016/03/30 President Ma meets delegation led by US Congressmen Jim Costa and Kurt Schrader Chinese
124 2016/03/30 President Ma's remarks at 2016 AmCham Hsieh Nien Fan celebration Chinese
125 2016/03/29 President Ma meets US Department of State's Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs Kurt Tong Chinese
126 2016/03/29 President Ma attends opening ceremony of 2016 B Corp Annual ASIA Forum Chinese
127 2016/03/26 President Ma Interviewed by CNN Chinese
128 2016/03/25 President Ma meets Belgian Chamber of Representatives Vice-President Sonja Becq Chinese
129 2016/03/23 President Ma's remarks at international press conference regarding Taiping Island in Nansha Islands Chinese
130 2016/03/22 President Ma meets former Japanese House of Representatives member Hiroshi Nakada Chinese
131 2016/03/19 President Ma attends expatriate banquet in Los Angeles Chinese
132 2016/03/19 President Ma concludes visit to Central America, returns to Taiwan Chinese
133 2016/03/18 President Ma's itinerary on his second day in Belize Chinese
134 2016/03/17 President Ma holds reception in Belize for delegation's traveling press corps Chinese
135 2016/03/17 President Ma's itinerary on his first day in Belize Chinese
136 2016/03/16 President Ma's afternoon itinerary on his second day in Guatemala Chinese
137 2016/03/16 President Ma's morning itinerary on his second day in Guatemala Chinese
138 2016/03/15 President Ma attends banquet in Houston with expatriate community Chinese
139 2016/03/15 President Ma's first day itinerary in Guatemala Chinese
140 2016/03/14 President Ma delivers remarks aboard aircraft after departing for Central America Chinese
141 2016/03/13 President Ma departs on journey to diplomatic allies Guatemala and Belize Chinese
142 2016/03/11 President Ma meets delegation from University of Southern California US-China Institute Chinese
143 2016/03/11 President Ma meets delegation led by Marjorie Margolies, President of Women's Campaign International Chinese
144 2016/03/10 Remarks by President Ma at 2016 Fulbright Research Workshop Chinese
145 2016/03/10 President Ma meets delegation from US-based Hudson Institute Chinese
146 2016/03/09 President Ma and Vice President Wu attend forum to mark 25th anniversary of Straits Exchange Foundation Chinese
147 2016/03/09 President Ma meets delegation led by Mario Monti, former Italian Prime Minister and former European Commissioner Chinese
148 2016/03/08 President Ma meets Richard Haass, President of US Council on Foreign Relations Chinese
149 2016/03/03 President Ma meets delegation led by Fabrizio Cicchitto, Chairperson of Foreign Affairs Committee of Italian Chamber of Deputies Chinese
150 2016/03/03 President Ma meets former Swiss President Adolf Ogi and delegation from Swiss Economic Forum Chinese
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