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121 2014/11/03 President Ma meets delegation led by Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2010 Laureate Dr. Akira Suzuki Chinese
122 2014/11/03 President Ma meets ROC delegation to 2014 APEC Economic Leaders' Week Chinese
123 2014/10/31 President Ma meets Dr. Roland P. Brown, Founder of Mennonite Christian Hospital in Hualien Chinese
124 2014/10/31 President Ma Interviewed by The New York Times Chinese
125 2014/10/28 President Ma bestows honors on Emory University Prof. Michael Malison, HHS' Administrator for Region V James Lando, and CDC's Dr. Wun-Ju Shieh Chinese
126 2014/10/27 President Ma meets delegation from Center for a New American Security Chinese
127 2014/10/25 President Ma attends opening ceremonies of 2014 International Forum on Legal Aid Chinese
128 2014/10/24 President Ma attends Building A Competitive Taiwan Forum and breakfast meeting with key participants Chinese
129 2014/10/24 President Ma meets delegation from Japan's East Asian Friendship Association Chinese
130 2014/10/23 President Ma meets delegation led by Korean Olympic Committee President Kim Jung-haeng Chinese
131 2014/10/23 President Ma meets delegation from US National Committee on American Foreign Policy Chinese
132 2014/10/23 President Ma meets delegation of British parliamentarians Chinese
133 2014/10/14 President Ma meets US Congressman Al Green and delegation of leaders from overseas Chinese communities in southern US Chinese
134 2014/10/14 President Ma meets Harvard China Fund Chairman William Kirby Chinese
135 2014/10/13 President Ma meets First Lady of Panama Lorena Isabel Castillo de Varela Chinese
136 2014/10/13 President Ma meets delegation led by Governor Neil Abercrombie of US State of Hawaii Chinese
137 2014/10/10 President Ma meets Co-Chairs Mario Diaz-Balart and Albio Sires of US House of Representatives Congressional Taiwan Caucus Chinese
138 2014/10/10 President Ma holds luncheon with members of the Japan-ROC Diet Members' Consultative Council Chinese
139 2014/10/10 President Ma meets Republic of Nicaragua National Assembly President Santos Rene Nunez Tellez Chinese
140 2014/10/10 President Ma receives congratulations from foreign visitors attending 2014 National Day Celebration Chinese
141 2014/10/10 President Ma Ying-jeou's National Day Address Chinese
142 2014/10/09 President Ma meets Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaore Chinese
143 2014/10/08 President Ma meets Republic of Paraguay President Horacio Cartes Chinese
144 2014/10/08 President Ma appoints former Vice President Vincent Siew as his envoy at 2014 APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting Chinese
145 2014/10/08 Remarks by President Ma at 2014 Taiwan Business Alliance Conference Chinese
146 2014/10/07 President Ma meets delegation from US Hudson Institute Chinese
147 2014/10/07 President Ma meets Republic of Honduras Vice President Lorena Herrera Chinese
148 2014/10/06 President Ma meets Speaker of the British House of Lords Baroness D'Souza Chinese
149 2014/10/03 Opening Remarks by President Ma at 31st World Congress of Biomedical Laboratory Science Chinese
150 2014/10/02 President Ma meets El Salvador's Foreign Minister Hugo Martinez Chinese
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