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121 2015/10/12 President Ma meets delegation led by St. Christopher and Nevis Deputy Prime Minister Shawn Kenneth Richards Chinese
122 2015/10/10 President Ma receives congratulations from foreign visitors attending 2015 National Day celebrations Chinese
123 2015/10/10 President Ma meets US Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Ranking Democrat of Subcommittee on Readiness in House Armed Services Committee Chinese
124 2015/10/10 President Ma hosts luncheon for visiting Japanese delegation celebrating the ROC's Double Tenth National Day Chinese
125 2015/10/10 President Ma Ying-jeou's National Day Address Chinese
126 2015/10/09 President Ma meets delegation led by Solomon Islands Governor General Frank Kabui Chinese
127 2015/10/09 President Ma meets Guatemalan Supreme Court of Justice President Josue Felipe Baquiax Chinese
128 2015/10/09 President Ma meets delegation led by Republic of Honduras Vice President Ricardo Antonio Alvarez Arias Chinese
129 2015/10/09 President Ma meets delegation from US Republican National Committee Chinese
130 2015/10/08 President Ma confers honor on Republic of Paraguay Vice President Juan Eudes Afara Maciel Chinese
131 2015/10/07 President Ma meets Anna Chennault, widow of Flying Tigers Lieutenant General Claire Lee Chennault Chinese
132 2015/10/03 President Ma attends commemorative screening of the movie The Everlasting Glory Chinese
133 2015/10/01 President Ma meets delegation led by Deputy US Trade Representative Robert Holleyman Chinese
134 2015/10/01 President Ma interviewed by Thomson Reuters Chinese
135 2015/09/30 President Ma meets delegation from the European Parliament's European Conservatives and Reformists Group Chinese
136 2015/09/29 President Ma's Remarks at Videoconference with Members of the European Parliament Chinese
137 2015/09/26 President Ma visits special photo exhibit marking 120th anniversary of the fight by anti-Japanese martyr Chiang Shao-tsu and Tienshui Hall in Beipu Chinese
138 2015/09/23 President Ma meets delegation led by Slovakian Member of European Parliament Eduard Kukan Chinese
139 2015/09/22 President Ma meets Chairman and CEO Jim Pattison of Canada's The Jim Pattison Group Chinese
140 2015/09/22 President Ma meets delegation of British parliamentarians Chinese
141 2015/09/19 President Ma attends opening ceremonies of ROC Air Force Academy's Aviation Education Pavilion Chinese
142 2015/09/16 President Ma meets Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research Founder and Director Hans Joachim Schellnhuber Chinese
143 2015/09/15 President Ma confers honor on Republic of Paraguay Chamber of Deputies President Hugo A. Velazquez Moreno Chinese
144 2015/09/14 President Ma attends reception to commemorate 194th anniversary of Central American independence Chinese
145 2015/09/10 President Ma awards posthumous citation to late ROC Ambassador Ho Feng-Shan Chinese
146 2015/09/09 President Ma attends special exhibit commemorating 70th anniversary of ROC's victory in War of Resistance and Taiwan's retrocession Chinese
147 2015/09/08 President Ma meets delegation led by Republic of El Salvador Vice President Oscar Samuel Ortiz Ascencio Chinese
148 2015/09/07 President Ma meets Japanese House of Representatives Member Kazunori Tanaka Chinese
149 2015/09/03 President Ma meets high-ranking executives from German multinational Siemens Chinese
150 2015/09/03 President Ma meets US Congressman Steve King Chinese
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