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Vice President Chen
Vice President Chen

Mr. Chen Chien-jen was born in Cishan Township, Kaohsiung County (now merged into Kaohsiung City) in 1951. A veteran epidemiologist, he has made significant contributions to public health and infectious disease control as well as science and technology development in Taiwan. He is widely recognized for his crisis management skills and leadership abilities, as well as his open-mindedness and passion for communication.

Mr. Chen received his Bachelor Degree in Zoology (1973) and Master Degree in Public Health (1977) from National Taiwan University. In 1982, he received his Doctor of Science Degree in epidemiology and human genetics from Johns Hopkins University. His areas of expertise include epidemiology, human genetics, public health, and preventive medicine.

Mr. Chen then returned to Taiwan to serve in the following positions: associate professor (1983-1986) and professor (1986-2015) in National Taiwan University; director of the Graduate Institute of Public Health (1993-1994), founding director of the Graduate Institute of Epidemiology (1994-1997), and dean of the College of Public Health of National Taiwan University (1999-2002); Distinguished Research Fellow of the Genomics Research Center (2006-2015) and Vice President of Academia Sinica (2011-2015).

Mr. Chen's research on blackfoot disease, chronic arsenic poisoning, viral hepatitis and liver cancer, and oncogenic viruses has made a tremendous contribution to human health promotion and disease prevention. He was awarded the Academic Award (1997) and National Chair Professor (1997-2002) of the Ministry of Education. He was also elected Academician of Academia Sinica (1998), and awarded the Presidential Science Prize of Taiwan (2005) and the Executive Yuan's Outstanding Contribution in Science and Technology Award (2013). He has also been honored as a member of the World Academy of Sciences (2005), a foreign associate of US National Academy of Sciences(2017) and a Cutter Lecturer on Preventive Medicine of Harvard University (2008), and received the Knowledge for the World Award from Johns Hopkins University (2012) along with many other prestigious international awards.

Mr. Chen served as Director General of the Division of Life Sciences at the National Science Council (1997-1999), and later as the Council's Deputy Minister (2002-2003), promoting numerous national programs and cutting-edge research. During Taiwan's SARS outbreak in 2003, he was appointed Minister of Health, and successfully controlled the crisis in a short period. To enhance Taiwan's capabilities in public health and infectious disease control, Mr. Chen also actively promoted the organizational reengineering of the Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control, Department of Health; establishment of a national healthcare system for infectious diseases; amendments to the Communicable Disease Control Act; and fundamental reforms to the health insurance system.

After being appointed as Minister of the National Science Council in 2006, Mr. Chen reformed the Council to strengthen science and technology administration, promote Taiwan's knowledge-based economy, and broaden international cooperation. He has been awarded the Executive Yuan's Achievement Medal (First Rank) in 2005; the Department of Health's Health Medal (First Rank) in 2005; the Officier dans l'Ordre des Palmes Academiques from the Ministry of Education of France in 2009; and the Science Profession Medal (First Prize) from the National Science Council in 2012.

In 2011, Mr. Chen was appointed Vice President of Academia Sinica. During his tenure, he promoted the establishment of the Academia Sinica Research Fund, build up Taiwan Biobank, established the National Biotechnology Research Park at Nangang, and undertook the planning of Academia Sinica's southern branch. For his efforts, he was awarded the Special Service Medal of Academia Sinica (2016).

Mr. Chen is a devout Catholic, embracing the spirit of humble service and dedicated to putting the Christian doctrine of “loving God and your neighbor” into practice. The Vatican has invited Mr. Chen and his wife Ms. Lo Fong-ping to visit several times, where they have been received by Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis. He has been invested as a Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (2010) and a Knight of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great (2013).

Vice President Chen's timeline

2017-12-29 Attends the 2017 year-end press conference for the Presidential Office press corps, and explains the current state of pension reform and the achievements of the Presidential Office Human Rights Consultative Committee. States that the government will continue to carry out various reforms and fulfill the public's mandate to make Taiwan a better, more progressive country.
2017-12-22 Attends an exhibition of outstanding Taiwan agricultural products, and emphasizes that agriculture is the cornerstone of national development that impacts national security, ecological conservation, and farmers' livelihood. Calls on the public to maintain and support local agricultural development, and do our part to contribute to this land.
2017-12-20 Meets recipients of the national awards for charity role models, and encourages the public to continue developing a spirit of charity and promote good works to nurture goodwill throughout society and make Taiwan better.
2017-12-17 Attends the award and sharing ceremony for the Youth Overseas Peace Corps, and encourages youth volunteers to share their own experiences and inspire their friends to join the overseas volunteer service, letting the whole world experience the power of Taiwan's youth and helping Taiwan make more friends.
2017-12-09 Attends a ceremony marking the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Industry and Academia Alliance, and expresses hope that Taiwan's government, academic, business, and research communities will work together to expand AI technology and applications to more areas so that Taiwan can become an “intelligent island.”
2017-12-01 Attends the Guoguang Sports Medal and Sports Science Research Award Ceremony and expresses hope that in the future, talent selection, training and sports science will complement each other to create a comprehensive mechanism and spur new approaches to Taiwan's sports training and increase Taiwan's competitiveness in international sports competitions.
2017-11-17 Meets with Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. Praises the 6th Buddhist-Christian Colloquium for enriching the dialogue between different religions in Taiwan and promoting peace and goodwill. Expresses hope that more interreligious meetings will be held in Taiwan.
2017-11-11 Attends the opening ceremony of a conference for Taiwan’s outstanding environmental volunteers, praising their efforts and expressing hope that more people will follow in their path so that environmental protection concepts spread throughout Taiwan, making our country a model for Asia and the world.
2017-11-08 Attends the opening ceremony for the 2017 Institute of Environmental Engineering Annual Conference. Delivers an address emphasizing that the government will continue to promote environmental protection and children’s health.
2017-11-07 Attends the 19th National Golden Award for Architecture and the 14th National Brand YuShan Award ceremonies. Expresses hope that in the not so distant future, all architectural designs will make a major contribution to environmental sustainability.
2017-11-06 Attends a forum on air pollution control and prevention. Exchanges views with environmentalists and environmental protection groups in central Taiwan, emphasizing that the government is serious about tackling air pollution.
2017-11-01 Attends a youth forum that promotes innovation and creativity. Encourages young people to embrace entrepreneurial dreams and innovative thinking, have no fear of failure and be brave in challenging themselves, taking Taiwan to the next level.
2017-10-21 Attends a forum that commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Taiwan Environmental Protection Union. Expresses hope that the whole nation will work together for Taiwan’s environment, making Taiwan a beacon of environmental protection.
2017-10-18 Meets with a delegation from the 5th Pacific Islands Leadership Program and states that by training young leaders from the island nations, we are investing in our future and helping allied nations, thereby creating a sense of regional community.
2017-10-17 Meets with a delegation led by Indonesian Ulema Council head Kyai Haji Ma’ruf Amin, and states that the government and the private sector are committed to fostering a Muslim-friendly environment so that Muslims from around the globe can feel the goodwill and respect Taiwan has for Islamic culture.
2017-10-15 Attends a tree-planting ceremony in Daan Forest Park to raise public awareness about poverty. States that the government bears full responsibility to address poverty in Taiwan, and expresses hope that the private sector will work with the government to help those with limited resources to pursue their dreams and turn their lives around.
2017-10-11 Hosts a luncheon to welcome Republic of Honduras Second Vice President Ava Rossana Guevara Pinto and her husband Julio Cesar Gonzalez Cordova. Expresses hope that Taiwan and Honduras will continue working together to boost the well-being and economic prosperity of people in both countries.
2017-09-25 Attends the National Hakka Conference and Hakka Contribution Award Presentation Ceremony of Year 2017. Explains what the government has done and accomplished in promoting Hakka culture and heritage to make it sustainable while diversifying and enriching Taiwan.
2017-09-18 Attends the closing ceremony of the 5th Asia-Oceania Mariological Conference. Expresses hope that Taiwan’s young people, as well as youth in Southeast Asian nations, can all find their “life project” through exchanges and efforts under the New Southbound Policy.
2017-09-16 Attends the 4th National Cultural Heritage Conservation Award ceremony, congratulates group winners and individual recipients, and expresses his utmost respect to those devoted to cultural heritage preservation.
2017-09-10 Attends the Youth Summit and emphasizes that it’s essential for young people to participate in public policy. Encourages young people to make “life values” their premise, and “contributing to society” their starting point, to make public participation more meaningful.
2017-09-07 Attends the closing ceremony of the 2017 Bio Taiwan Committee organized by Executive Yuan’s Office of Science and Technology. Expresses hope that through cross-agency integration, comprehensive infrastructure and regulations, and more dynamic innovation, Taiwan’s biomedical industry will reach new milestones and usher in a new era.
2017-08-30 Attends the closing of the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade and lauds all the athletes for challenging their own limits, and letting the world experience their positive energy. Expresses thanks to the people of Taiwan for actively supporting the event, showing the world that Taiwan has the ability to host international competitions and can be a great host.
2017-08-23 Visits Estelle Wilkerson Dementia Daycare Center and Nandain Community Development Association in Changhua County. Expresses hope that the public and government will work together to create senior-friendly communities, and through community care stations, create environments that allow senior citizens to remain active and healthy while ageing in place.
2017-08-09 Meets with a delegation of Taiwan’s team attending the 2017 Summer Deaflympics held in Samsun, Turkey. Praises the athletes for their efforts and notes that the government will continue to collaborate with the private sector to develop policies and systems that will transform Taiwan into an island with a thriving sports culture, enhancing Taiwan’s international image.
2017-07-28 Visits long-term care stations and child care centers in Kaohsiung City. He praises the local government for their efforts to encourage aging in place, and expresses hope that the public will work with the government to take care of senior citizens and children. He then visits a day care center and a community care station in Tainan City, encouraging the city government to continue promoting the Long-Term Care 2.0 Plan while incorporating local characteristics, thus becoming a bellwether of national long-term care efforts.
2017-07-14 Attends flag conferral ceremony for the Taiwan team that will take part in the 2017 Summer Deaflympics to be held in Samsun, Republic of Turkey. He confers a national flag and a team flag on our delegation, hoping the athletes transcend their limitations, reach new heights, and return in triumph.
2017-07-12 Attends the 2017 FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence awards ceremony and expresses hope that the central government, local governments and private enterprises will continue communicating and working together to make buildings that meet social needs and reflect Taiwan’s human-centered architecture.
2017-07-06 Attends the Industrial Technology Research Institute Laureates Award Ceremony and encourages the laureates to use their collective wisdom to continue making recommendations to the government, enhancing Taiwan’s industrial productivity and building a new innovation-driven economy.
2017-07-05 Visits a community rehabilitation station in Keelung City and stresses that the government will coordinate resources to integrate care management models to meet community needs and develop local, diversified, integrated services. He expresses hope that everyone will work together to ensure the health and quality life of our senior citizens.
2017-06-29 Attends the opening of Bio Taiwan 2017, and stresses that the government will provide resources and policy support to make the biotech industry the new engine of Taiwan's economic development, hoping that the industry can help provide many people with a better life, and spur regional industrial innovation.
2017-06-13 Attends the ninth Government Service Quality Award Ceremony, and urges civil servants to serve with passion, respond effectively to the public's needs, and provide effective and high-quality public services, working together to forge a brighter future.
2017-06-08 Attends activities marking World Oceans Day 2017—Restoration of Marine Habitats, and expresses hope that by making people more aware of the importance of cultivating national fishery resources, the conservation of natural habitats, and sustainable use, Taiwan can become a healthy, beautiful, and prosperous maritime country.
2017-06-02 Attends the launch ceremony for a children and youth education development fund, noting that no child's development opportunities should be limited by family economic conditions, and that it is the nation's responsibility to cultivate them so they can develop their limitless possibilities.
2017-06-01 Attends the inauguration of Taiwan Biotechnology Industry Alliance, and expresses hope that the government and private sector will work together to make Taiwan the hub of biomedical R&D in the Asia-Pacific region, and develop biomedicine into an NT-trillion-dollar industry.
2017-05-19 Interviewed by "Time" magazine and elaborates on Taiwan's contributions and achievements in global health and healthcare; urges that the World Health Organization abide by its constitution and universal application principle so that Taiwan can continue making contributions to global health-related activities.
2017-05-05 Attends the opening of 2017 Taipei Tourism Exposition and stresses that the government will deliver a new sustainable tourism strategy that aims to achieve five key objectives: diversifying tourism markets, promoting domestic travel, assisting industrial transformation, developing smart tourism, and enhancing tourism experience, all of which strive to upgrade and transform Taiwan's tourism.
2017-05-02 Elected as foreign associate of the US National Academy of Sciences, indicating that the efforts and distinguished achievements made by Taiwan's researchers in their respective areas have been recognized in the international academic community.
2017-04-19 Delivers remarks at the opening ceremony of 2017 Creative Expo Taiwan and expresses hope that the Expo will serve as a platform for exchanges among cultural and creative enterprises in Taiwan and around the world, thereby further elevating Taiwan's cultural power and building up our country's soft power.
2017-03-29 Convenes an initial dialogue between representatives of groups on both sides of the same-sex marriage issue, to discuss the establishment of a platform for communication on values.
2017-03-02 Attends a ceremony marking the official opening of the Taoyuan Airport MRT, and bears witness to the formation of a one-hour rail link connecting Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Taoyuan City into one metropolitan sphere.
2017-02-28 Attends the communion service entitled “Compassion and Justice-Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of 228 Incident,” and prays for the victims and their families; expresses hope that Taiwan can learn the lessons from the incident, walk toward reconciliation, and practice the transitional justice, so that this nation will become a paradise of justice and peace.
2017-01-25 Attends launch ceremony of the Center of Biomedical Industry Innovation Program.
2017-01-22 Presides over the National Congress on Pension Reform.
2017-01-16 Attends the opening ceremony of the international review committee meeting for the Second National Reports under the ICCPR and ICESCR.
2017-01-13 Attends the 2017 National Conference of University and College Presidents, and holds discussions with the participants.
2016-12-31 Accompanies President Tsai to attend a year-end press conference for the domestic and international news media.
2016-12-29 Convenes the 25th meeting of the Presidential Office Human Rights Consultative Committee.
2016-12-25 Attends the launch ceremony of the Asian Silicon Valley Development Agency.
2016-11-11 Convenes the 24th meeting of the Presidential Office Human Rights Consultative Committee.
2016-11-02 Convenes the first meeting of a task force to nominate candidates for vacancies in the fifth Control Yuan.
2016-10-28 Meets with Tuvalu Deputy Prime Minister Maatia Toafa.
2016-10-28 Meets with Kiribati Vice President Kourabi Nenem.
2016-10-10 Attends the ROC's 105th Double Tenth National Day Celebration.
2016-10-03 Accompanies President Tsai to meet with visiting Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez Alvarado and his wife.
2016-09-05 Meets Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin.
2016-09-05 Attends the canonization of Mother Teresa.
2016-09-02 Departs on a trip to the Holy See.
2016-08-31 Publishes an open letter on pension reform.
2016-08-26 Convenes the 23rd meeting of the Presidential Office Human Rights Consultative Committee.
2016-08-18 Meets with Dominican Republic President Danilo Medina Sanchez.
2016-08-13 Embarks on a trip to visit Dominican Republic.
2016-07-22 Convenes the 22nd meeting of the Presidential Office Human Rights Consultative Committee.
2016-06-23 Convenes the first meeting of the Presidential Office Pension Reform Committee.
2016-06-15 Convenes the first task force meeting for selecting the ROC Grand Justices.
2016-05-20 Sworn in as the 14th-term Vice President.
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