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President Lee Meets with Panamanian Minister Arango

President Lee Teng-hui this morning told visiting Panamanian Minister of Industry and Commerce Raul Arango that the Republic of China attaches great importance to the future operations of the Panama Canal, and that the ROC government has formed a task force made up of experts and scholars to evalute various plans for promoting the development of Panama Canal.


President Lee said that when he goes to Panama for attending the World Congress on the Panama Canal in the coming September, he will also present his views on how to promote cooperation between the two countries.


Prresident Lee reiterated that the ROC values very much her cordial relations with Panama and hopes to increase bilateral exchanges in various aspects .


Minister Arango thanked President Lee for the warm welcome extended to him by the government and the people of the ROC during his stay here, and expressed the hope that his visit will help strengthen trade and economic relations between Panama and the ROC.


Meanwhile, Minister Arango noted that President Lee's presence at the international meeting on Panama Canal in September would be a great honor to the government and the people of Panama, and that his country will be well-prepared for President Lee's visit .


During the meeting, Minister Arango, on behalf of President Ernesto Perez Balladares of Panama, gave the best regards to President Lee. President Lee also asked Minister Arango to convey his warmest wishes to President Balladares.


Accompanied by ROC Vice Foreign Minister C. J. Chen and Panamanian Ambassador Carlos A. Mendoza, Minister and Mrs. Arango came to the Office of the President for the meeting. Also present were Dr. Ding Mou-shih, secretary-general of the ROC National Security Council, and Mr. Stephen Chen, deputy secretary-general to the President.

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