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Vice President and Mrs. Lien Chan Leaving for Iceland

Republic of China Vice President and Mrs. Lien Chan arrived in Iceland, today, for an unofficial visit and received, upon arrival, a warm welcome extended by the Icelandic government.

The Icelandic government has arranged for Vice President Lien and his delegation to meet with political and business leaders, in order to promote mutual understanding and cooperation between the Republic of China and Iceland. During their stay in Iceland, the ROC delegation will also visit economic, cultural and educational establishments.

Iceland, an island state in the north Atlantic, enjoys a pivotal position of strategic importance between Europe and North America. It is a developed country with sound infrastructures and a high standard of living. Its topographical characteristics lend the island country to be a natural tourist destination.

Iceland implemented a parliamentary system as early as one thousand years ago, making it one of the oldest democracies in Europe. Currently, Taipei does not operate a representative office in Iceland; the related consular business is being handled by the ROC representative office in Denmark.

Vice President Lien's visit to Iceland, a trip halfway across the world, heralds the "pragmatic diplomacy" between the ROC and northern European countries.

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