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News & activities

President Lee Appoints New National Unification Council Members

The Office of the President made public the members of the fifth National Unification Council (NUC), with President Lee Teng-hui as the chairman, and Vice President Lien Chan, Premier Vincent Siew, Senior Advisor to the President Huang Hsin-chieh, and National Assembly Delegate Hsu Li-nung as vice chairmen.


Appointed by President Lee, the 31 members of the fifth NUC are: Fredrick F. Chien, Speaker of the National Assembly; Liu Sung-pan, President of the Legislative Yuan; Shih Chi-yang, President of the Judicial Yuan; Hsu Shui-teh, President of the Examination Yuan; Wang Tso-yung, President of the Control Yuan; Tsiang Yien-si, Senior Advisor to the President; Koo Chen-fu, Senior Advisor to the President; Huang Kun-huei, Secretary-General to the President; Ding Mou-shih, Secretary-General of the National Security Council; Wu Poh-hsiung, Secretary-General of the Kuomintang; Yu Chi-chung, Chairman of the China Times; Wang Pi-cheng of the United Daily News Group; Huang Hwei-chen, Publisher of the Central Daily News (newly appointed); Jason Hu, Foreign Minister (newly appointed); Chiang Chung-ling, National Defense Minister; Chang King-yuh, Chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council; James Soong, Taiwan Governor; Chen Shui-bian, Taipei City Mayor; Wu Den-yih, Kaohsiung City Mayor; Wu King-tsan, Fujian Province Governor; Liu Ping-wei, Speaker of the Taiwan Provincial Assembly (newly appointed); Chen Chien-chih, Speaker of the Taipei City Council (newly appointed); Chen Tien-mao, Speaker of the Kaohsiung City Council (newly appointed); Kang Ning-hsiang, Control Yuan Member; Su Nan-cheng, National Assembly Delegate, (newly appointed); Chen Kuei-miao, Legislator; Chang Jen-hsiang, Legislator (newly appointed); Lee Hai-tien, President of the C.C.K. Foundation for Chinese-Japanese Cultural Exchange; Chiu Hungdah, Professor of the School of Law, University of Maryland, USA; Hsiao Hsin-huang, Research Fellow of the Academia Sinica and National Policy Advisor to the President; and Tien Hung-mao, Professor, University of Wisconsin, USA and Director of the Institute for National Policy Research (newly appointed).


According to Article 6 of the NUC Organization Guidelines, President Lee has also appointed the following 20 NUC research councilors: Bau Tzong-ho, Professor of the Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University; Chiang Su-hui, National Assembly Delegate (newly appointed); Lin Wu-lang, Professor, National Sun Yat-sen University; Wu Rong-I, President of the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research; Wu Hsin-hsing, Professor and Director of the Graduate Institute of Political Economy, National Cheng Kung University; Shaw Yu-ming, Director of the Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University; Sheu Ke-sheng, Vice Chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council; Kao Cheng-shu, Dean of the College of Social Sciences, Tunghai University; Kau Ying-mao, Professor of Political Science, Brown University, USA, and CEO of the 21st Century Foundation; Yin Chung-wen, Director-General of the National Security Bureau; Weng, Byron Song Jan, Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Chen Hsi-huang, Professor of the Department of Agricultural Economics, National Taiwan University; Chen Po-chih, Professor of the Department of Economics, National Taiwan University; Chang Jung-kung, Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Director of the Department of Mainland News, Central News Agency; Chang Jung-feng, Senior Advisor to the National Security Council; Mai Chao-cheng, President of the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research; Huang Kuo-chang, Delegate of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission; Tseng Yung-hsieng, National Policy Advisor to the President and Professor of the Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, National Chengchi University; Chang Lin-sheng, Deputy Director of the National Palace Museum; and Su Chi, Deputy Secretary-General to the President (newly appointed and concurrently serving as convener of NUC's research councilors).

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