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President Lee Meets with Canadian MPs

President Lee Teng-hui this morning met with a group of Canadian members of the House of Commons. During the meeting, President Lee extended his warm welcome to the guests and exchanged views with them on relations between the Republic of China and Canada and on other issues of mutual concern.

President Lee told his guests that, in addition to having scored rapid economic growth, the Republic of China on Taiwan has very successfully conducted political and other reforms, which enable our people to enjoy prosperity, democracy and freedom.

President Lee noted that Taiwan has attained these achievements within a relatively short period of some 50 years. The ROC would like to share the invaluable Taiwan experience with the Chinese mainland and other countries in the world, said the President.

The visiting Canadian MPs, who are deeply impressed by the ROCs political, economic and social development, agreed with President Lee, saying that the Taiwan experience could serve as a model for other countries. They also expressed their hope that, in addition to strengthening current economic and trade relations between the two countries, Canada and the ROC can enhance cultural exchanges.

Meanwhile, the visitors expressed concern over Taiwan-Chinese Mainland relations and asked about Taiwans current challenges.

In reply, President Lee reiterated that there has been no change in the ROCs determination to seek national reunification. The President, however, pointed out that there are still big gaps between both sides of the Taiwan Strait in teams of political system and way of life.

President Lee added that the ROC government has devised the Guidelines for National Unification in the hope of achieving peaceful reunification of China step by step and eventually letting the Chinese people on both sides of the strait enjoy freedom, democracy and an equitable distribution of wealth.

The President also said that, as a sovereign state, the ROC looks forward to joining international organizations so as to make contributions to the international community and reciprocate for what she had received from other countries in the earlier years.

Accompanied by Vice Foreign Minister Tzu-dan Wu, the Canadian lawmakers, including Gar Knutson, Celine Hervieuipayette, Inky Mark, Charles Hubbard, Stan Dromisky, Pauline Picard, and Devinder Malhi, came to the Office of the President for the meeting. Also present were Dr. Ding Mou-shih, secretary-general of the ROC National Security Council, and Dr. Su Chi, deputy secretary-general to the President.

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