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President Lee and Nauru President Clodumar Sign Joint Communique

President Lee Teng-hui and visiting President Kinza Clodumar of the Republic of Nauru this morning signed a joint communique at the Office of the President.


The full text of the joint communique is as follows:


At the invitation of His Excellency Lee Teng-hui, President of the Republic of China, His Excellency Kinza Clodumar, President of the Republic of Nauru, visited the Republic of China from the eighteenth to the twenty-second of May 1998. His Excellency Kinza Clodumar was accompanied by Madame Clodumar and a delegation from the Republic of Nauru.


During his stay in the Republic of China, President Clodumar met with President Lee Teng-hui to exchange views on the world situation and to discuss various matters of bilateral cooperation. The meeting took place in a cordial and friendly atmosphere. The two Heads of State agreed that all nations should settle international disputes based on the principles of sovereignty and equality through dialogue, negotiation, and other peaceful means. Both leaders reiterated their desire to cooperate closely for the promotion of peace and prosperity in the two countries, in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world.


His Excellency President Lee Teng-hui complimented President Clodumar on his wisdom, foresight, steady leadership and major accomplishments in promoting the welfare of the Nauruan people, in championing the issue of environmental protection and in working for the prosperity of the South Pacific region.


His Excellency President Clodumar expressed the view that the Republic of China would contribute further to world peace and prosperity and to the economic progress of the developing countries if it could actively take part in international organizations and activities. His Excellency reaffirmed his support for the bid by the Republic of China to participate in international organizations.


His Excellency President Clodumar noted with admiration the outstanding achievements of the Republic of China in political democratization and economic development in recent years. President Clodumar further praised the initiative taken by the Republic of China in offering assistance to those countries affected by the current financial crisis in Asia. President Clodumar also commended the strong partnership role maintained by the Republic of China in assisting the development of affected countries through multilateral institutions. President Clodumar called upon the Republic of China to continue to expand opportunities for economic development of and mutual collaboration with the South Pacific Forum member countries through participation in the South Pacific Forum Dialogue process and through economic development assistance to the region. President Clodumar also took the opportunity to express his sincere appreciation to the Republic of China for having rendered generous assistance to the Republic of Nauru, especially in the fields of agricultural technology and economic development.


The two Heads of State pronounced their satisfaction at the cordial friendship and close cooperation that exist between their two countries. They confirmed their intention to strengthening collaboration for the mutual benefit of the two countries and their peoples.


Done in Taipei, on the twenty-second day of the fifth month of the year nineteen hundred and ninety eight, corresponding to the twenty-second day of the fifth month of the eighty-seventh year of the Republic of China.


Lee Teng-hui                    Kinza Clodumar 

President                          President

Republic of China            Republic of Nauru



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