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Vice President Lien Meets With Grenadian Prime Minister Mitchell

Vice President Lien Chan met this afternoon with visiting Prime Minister and Mrs. Keith Claudius Mitchell of Grenada and their delegation, and extended his warm welcome to them.

Vice President Lien told the Grenadian delegation that the Republic of China and Grenada have long enjoyed a close friendship, and that the ROC is most willing to assist in Grenada's developments so that the two countries can share a comradeship in pursuing prosperity and progress. He said that during his stay here, Prime Minister Mitchell should discuss concrete projects with ROC ministers for further cooperation and exchanges between the two countries.

The Vice President also expressed his appreciation for the warm hospitality accorded to him by the government and people of Granada when he visited that country last May. He recalled his meeting with PM Mitchell, PM Edison James of the Commonwealth of Dominica, PM Denzil Douglas of Saint Christopher and Nevis, and PM James Mitchell of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Vice President Lien assured them at that occasion that upon the existing foundation, the ROC will expand exchanges and cooperation with their countries to pursue mutual benefits and reciprocity. Particularly, the ROC will promote a project for social and educational development in order to meet these Latin American countries' demands of further developing comprehensive education and human resources, he told them.

On behalf of his government and people, PM Mitchell expressed hearty appreciation for all the assistance the ROC has offered to Grenada over the years, and especially for the ROC Agricultural Technical Missions stationed in his country, which have contributed greatly to the development of Grenada's agriculture and fishery. In addition, the ROC-funded scholarship is very popular in Grenada, he said. PM Mitchell also expressed his hope that the relations between the two countries will continue to grow, and said that his country will render staunch support for the ROC to participate in international organizations.

During the meeting, Vice President Lien requested PM Mitchell to convey his best regards and appreciation to Governor-General and Mrs. Daniel Williams for the warm hospitality extended to him and his wife last May.

Accompanied by ROC Foreign Minister Jason Hu, PM and Mrs. Mitchell met with Vice President Lien at the Presidential Office. Other member of the Grenadian delegation included Permanent Secretary Meryl Forsyth of the Ministry of Finance and Permanent Secretary William Joseph of the Ministry of Agriculture. Su Chi, Deputy Secretary-General to the President, was also present.

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