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President Lee Meets With Liberian Congressmen

President Lee Teng-hui met today with a delegation of Liberian congressmen, who are here to celebrate the National Day of the Republic of China, and extended his welcome to them. He also requested the delegation to convey his warm regards to President Charles Ghankay Taylor of Liberia.

President Lee said that since the end of World War II, the ROC has maintained a long-standing friendship with the Republic of Liberian, and that the ROC cherishes very much the close relations between the two countries.

During the meeting, Nyudueh Morkonmana, Speaker of the Liberian House of Representatives and head of the visiting delegation, extended on behalf of the Liberian government and people a sincere invitation to President Lee to visit his country. In response, the President said that as an agricultural economist, he would be willing to visit Liberia to offer his expertise and recommendations for the economic development of that country.

President Lee said that as Liberia is recovering from the ravages of civil war, the ROC is prepared to render agricultural and medical assistance to facilitate its restoration.

After conveying President Taylor's regards to President Lee, Speaker Morkonmana stated that the friendship between Liberian and the ROC is not a short-term relationship, but rather is one which will last for generations, and that Liberia's stance to support the ROC will never change.

Accompanied by Vice Foreign Minister Wu Tzu-dan, Speaker Morkonmana met with President Lee at the Presidential Office this afternoon. Secretary-General of the National Security Council Ding Mou-shih and Su Chi, Deputy Secretary-General to the President, were also present. Other members of the Liberian delegation included: Grace B. Minor, Chairwoman of the Senate's Executive Committee; John D. Gray, Chairman of the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee; Harrison N. Sleweon, Chairman of the Senate's Lands, Natural Resources and Environment Committee; James H. Tukpah, Chairman of the Senate's Rural Development Committee; Marie E. McIntosh, Chairwoman of the House Committee on Executive; and Stanley S. Kparkillen, Chairman of the House Committee on Transport.

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