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President Lee Addresses the International Democrat Union and the Pacific Democrat Union

President Lee Teng-hui today hosted a reception for the members of the International Democrat Union, and delivered an address which follows:


I am very pleased to have this opportunity to meet with all of you who are in Taipei for the executive meetings of the International Democrat Union and the Pacific Democrat Union. On behalf of the government and people of the Republic of China, I would like first to welcome our distinguished guests who have come a long distance to attend these meetings.


With the end of the Cold War, democratization, globalization, and the information revolution have taken over as the new trends in the world. All countries must cast off the chains of ideology and conform to the global tides of democracy and freedom in order to pursue greater progress and development.


Despite volatile changes in its international environment, the Republic of China has remained committed all along to democratic principles in our national development. In domestic politics -- fully grasping the profound expectations of our people for national progress, we therefore accelerated the amending and promulgating of laws and regulations to convert, through systemic reforms, the immense power of the people into the driving force for national development. Furthermore, in our relations with Mainland China - we have endeavored to increase cross-strait exchanges, and to facilitate positive interactions between the two sides to maintain stability on the Taiwan Strait. In foreign relations - we are committed to advancing pragmatic diplomacy with the hope that through the principles of equality, reciprocity and cooperation for mutual prosperity, we can build a greater development framework for our country, as well as lay a more solid foundation for regional stability and hence, world peace.


During the last ten years, we have undergone four stages of constitutional reform. While maintaining social stability and economic growth, we successfully achieved our ideal of democratic reform. We are presently in the midst of election campaigns for members of the Legislative Yuan, and for the mayors and city councilors of Taipei and Kaoshiung. I am confident that our foundation in democracy will be further solidified. Although these hard-won accomplishments have received wide affirmation, we are however not yet satisfied. We are now forging ahead with greater steadiness to create even grander prospects for development. At the same time we look forward to our friendly nations moving forward in synchronism, and building together peace, cooperation and prosperity for the world.


We hope that you will use this opportunity of visiting the Republic of China to make on-the-spot observations besides learning more about our democratic elections. We also welcome your valuable recommendations as reference for our future development.


Finally, I wish everyone good health and happiness. Thank you.





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