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President Chen Meets with Belize Prime Minister

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Aug. 16 (CNA) Republic of China President Chen Shui-bian met with Belize Prime Minister Said Musa of Belize here on Wednesday, to exchange views on bilateral relations between the ROC and Belize.


President Chen expressed his gratitude to Musa for dispatching a congratulatory mission to his presidential inauguration on May 20. Chen noted that the ROC and Belize established diplomatic ties 11 years ago when Musa was foreign minister of Belize. Chen also expressed his gratitude to Musa for his contributions to the promotion of cultural and economic cooperation between the two countries.


Chen pointed out that relations between the two countries will not be affected by the recent transition of power in the ROC. The new ROC government will further cement relations with Belize on the established basis, President Chen said.


Chen also expressed his thanks to Belize for its long-term staunch support of the ROC in its bids for membership in international organizations. Chen hoped that Belize will continue to support the ROC petitions for membership in international organizations, such as the UN and the World Health Organization (WHO).


Chen also praised the economic and political progress Belize has made under the able leadership of Musa. He described Belize as a great country comprised of many races living harmoniously.


Chen extended an invitation to Musa to visit the ROC at his convenience in the future. In return, Musa also invited President Chen to visit Belize. Chen expressed his hope that he will be able to visit Belize as soon as possible.


Musa replied that he always upholds the principle of self-governance, and added that he will continue to promote ROC-Belize relations on this basis. Musa also expressed gratitude on behalf of the people and government of Belize for the ROC's assistance in Belize's development.


Both Chen and Musa are in Santo Domingo to attend the Dominican Republic's presidential inauguration on Wednesday, Aug. 16.

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