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News & activities

Vice President Lu Receives Secretary-General Taj Hamad of WANGO

Vice President Lu Receives Secretary-General Taj Hamad of WANGO.

Vice President Annette Lu received this afternoon Secretary-General Taj Hamad of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) and extended her welcome to the distinguished guest.

Vice President Lu was highly impressive that the WANGO is able to make the kind of achievement that crosses boundary, religion, culture and race. This achievement has allowed non-governmental organizations to share and to utilize useful information, and has thus contributed to the world's improvement. The vice president was concerned about the NGOs' efforts in solving the basic problems of mankind. Knowing what a NGO can do, she initiated the plan of founding the Democratic Pacific Union (DPU) as an effort to help Taiwan as well as other peace-loving and democracy-loving countries.

The vice president also elaborated on the formation of the DPU, saying that the organization was founded this August in Taiwan and has 28 member countries. All of which are situated in the Pacific Rim and are nations that honor democracy and liberty. The DPU is established to pursue three objectives: democracy, peace and prosperity. With the concerted efforts of the countries that love democracy and peace, the DPU aims to solve problems that challenge the world, such as the nurturing of intellectuals and the protection of environment. And the DPU views these problems as its goals and direction to move forward. Meanwhile, Taiwan aims to share its experiences with all DPU members and to promote together the prosperity and progress of the world.

The secretary-general expressed his admiration for the vice president's efforts and contribution, and exchanged with her opinions on how to operate the WANGO. Mr. Hamad also proposed setting up a WANGO branch in Taiwan, which won the Vice President's support. The vice president expressed her hope that WANGO and DPU could work together and create a better future for the global village.

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