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President Tsai meets delegation from US-China Economic and Security Review Commission
President Tsai meets delegation from US-China Economic and Security Review Commission

President Tsai Ing-wen met on the morning of June 21 with a delegation from the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC). Besides extending a cordial welcome to the visitors, the president also expressed hope that the USCC will continue to use its influence to support Taiwan.

In remarks, President Tsai thanked the USCC for positive comments in its 2015 Annual Report to the US Congress regarding Taiwan's active provision of international humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, and its contributions to regional security and the maintenance of peace and prosperity in the Asia Pacific. The president also thanked the USCC for urging in the same report that the Congress call on the executive branch to "make available to Taiwan… defense articles and services required to address the continuing shift in the cross-strait military balance," and to "increase its public support of Taiwan's participation in international organizations, which would help Taiwan expand its status and legitimacy in the international community."

Turning to the topic of cross-strait relations, President Tsai pointed out that we will strive to establish channels for positive cross-strait dialogue and communication. Through shared effort by both sides, we will maintain cross-strait peace, stability, and positive development.

The president mentioned that Taiwan is transitioning toward an innovation-driven model for economic growth, and hopes to strengthen cooperation with the US, Japan, and the European Union, particularly on research and development. President Tsai added that hopefully, the US and Taiwan will share human resources and technologies in order to add further depth to the bilateral economic and trade relationship.

In closing, President Tsai voiced hope that the visitors will continue supporting Taiwan and taking serious interest in issues pertaining to Taiwan-US and cross-strait relations.

Included in the delegation were USCC Chairman Dennis Shea, USCC Vice Chairman Carolyn Bartholomew, and former US Senator James Talent.

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