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President Tsai meets delegation from DONG Energy of Denmark
President Tsai meets delegation from DONG Energy of Denmark

President Tsai Ing-wen met on the morning of March 9 with a delegation led by Mr. Samuel Leupold, Executive Vice President for Wind Power of DONG Energy based on Denmark. In addition to explaining the concrete measures and policies her administration has adopted since taking office to promote green energy, the president also expressed hope that the government will integrate the resources of local organizations, companies, and international green energy developers to jointly bring about an energy transition.

In her remarks, President Tsai stated that DONG Energy is in the midst of several projects in wind site development and technical cooperation in Taiwan. She then thanked DONG Energy on behalf of the government for DONG's investment in Taiwan.

The president pointed out that people here largely agree that we need to transition away from nuclear and fossil power in favor of new energy sources. She campaigned on this issue as a candidate, she said, and under her administration the green energy industry has received unprecedented support.

Speaking of measures adopted by the government to promote green energy, President Tsai referred to the launch of a green energy innovation project based in the Shalun area in the southern city of Tainan. The project is integrating the full range of private, public and academic resources to accelerate green energy R&D and application. The government also completed initial amendments to the Electricity Act. Green energy including wind can now be distributed via the grid and sold directly to customers. In addition, Taiwan's energy market will be configured to support sustained growth in green energy.

The president said that last year, 4.8% of Taiwan's electricity came from renewables – this is a record high, but it is still too low. The government wants renewables to supply 20% of our electricity by 2025. She expressed confidence that Taiwan can achieve the goal.

President Tsai further stated that Taiwan has been putting in place comprehensive policy measures to support green energy. Notably, integrated wind site development policies passed the strategic environmental assessment phase at the end of last year. Taiwan also has a wealth of experience and technology in ICT, materials science, machinery and civil engineering, as well as elite engineers and managers. When we add to this our partnership with DONG Energy and its vast expertise and global experience, said the president, there is no doubt that Taiwan will achieve this energy transition.

The president remarked that wind power has great potential in Taiwan, and our market is growing. The experience DONG Energy gains here will also be valuable for its ventures in other Asia-Pacific markets. So our partnership is a definite win-win for the long-run, the president noted, while adding that Taiwan would be delighted to see DONG Energy partner with Taiwanese firms to develop other markets. She concluded by saying: "I am very glad to see we together propel the world towards a green energy future."

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