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President Tsai calls meeting of senior national security officials on North Korea's hydrogen bomb test
President Tsai calls meeting of senior national security officials on North Korea's hydrogen bomb test

At 2:00 p.m. on September 3, President Tsai Ing-wen convened a meeting of high-level national security officials to discuss a hydrogen bomb test carried out by the North Korean authorities earlier in the day. The meeting was attended by Premier Lin Chuan (林全) and the leaders of Taiwan's national security organs. During the meeting, officials from Taiwan's national defense, diplomatic, and intelligence agencies provided President Tsai with updates on the latest information—including information gleaned from overseas contacts—regarding the nuclear test, the international reaction, and the security situation in the surrounding region. The president also urged all the agencies represented at the meeting to be sure that precautions were being taken to prepare for all possible contingencies.

After the meeting, the president issued the following four directives:

First, she instructed the National Security Council to set up a task force composed of representatives from the various national security organs. The task force is to closely monitor breaking events, seek to anticipate the likely course of future events, assess Taiwan's possible responses and preparations, and remain in close touch with other countries to share important information and develop a comprehensive grasp of the situation.

Second, to respond to possible contingencies, the president instructed the Executive Yuan to demand that central government agencies make comprehensive preparations to ensure domestic stability in Taiwan.

Third, she asked the public not to worry because the government is well informed about unfolding events and well prepared to actively respond, and will act in a timely manner to release accurate information.

Fourth, she stated that the Taiwan government condemns any action that undermines regional peace and stability, and will continue cooperating with any joint action by the international community that will help to maintain regional stability and order.

The meeting lasted approximately 70 minutes, and was attended by the president, Premier Lin Chuan, and the leaders of the National Security Council, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Security Bureau, and the Mainland Affairs Council.

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