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President Tsai meets foreign youth representatives sponsored by Taiwan Fund for Children and Families
President Tsai meets foreign youth representatives sponsored by Taiwan Fund for Children and Families

President Tsai Ing-wen met with foreign youth representatives sponsored by the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) on the morning of March 20, 2018. The president praised the TFCF for providing assistance to children in foreign countries, and said she hopes the government and private sector will work together, and use this positive force from Taiwan to achieve even more.

President Tsai stated that the TFCF began setting up sponsorship programs for children in foreign countries over 30 years ago. By lending a helping hand to children and young people abroad, it also strengthened Taiwan's connections with other countries. She said the young people on hand came from different countries, but for Taiwan, our relationships through TFCF sponsorship programs have made them all seem like Taiwan's own children. The president then invited all the aid recipients to see Taiwan as their second home, and learn more about our homeland.

President Tsai mentioned that after reading over their personal stories, she had great admiration for all the young people on hand, who ranged from nine to 23 years old. But regardless of age, they have all taken a positive approach to facing the challenges in their life and environment. Some of them who are still very young are helping care for their families, and others have overcome physical challenges, with the courage to make their dreams into reality. They have all shown outstanding ability in areas like sports, music, art, and academics, she said.

The president pointed out that as they were growing up, the TFCF's partners helped them have the strength to overcome difficulties, and expressed hope that their experience of life in Taiwan and Taiwanese culture during this visit will open up new horizons. The president said that this event holds a special significance, because it was the first time that the TFCF has invited aid recipients to visit Taiwan. So she gave the TFCF a special thanks for their efforts.

In closing, President Tsai said that the TFCF's goal is to spread love, and bring smiles to children around the world, and that the aid recipients on hand are Taiwan's most beautiful link with the world. She said she hopes that through young people just like them, this positive force from Taiwan will go on to achieve even more.

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