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Press conference on key visual of Presidential Office Building 100th Anniversary
Press conference on key visual of Presidential Office Building 100th Anniversary

The Office of the President plans to hold a series of events in 2019 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Presidential Office Building. A press conference was held on February 18 to announce the key visual and an animation produced specially for the centennial celebrations. Mr. Feng Yu (馮宇), Creative Director of IF OFFICE and designer of the 100th anniversary key visual, was also invited to speak about the design concept.

According to Presidential Office Spokesperson Sidney Lin (林鶴明), President Tsai Ing-wen has brought a steady stream of creative activities and exhibits to the Presidential Office Building since taking office, in the spirit of an "open Presidential Office Building." A celebration of international Star Wars Day, parades held for Universiade and Asian Games competitors, and a special farmer's market arranged with the help of the Council of Agriculture are just some of the events held here that have given citizens a greater sense of participation.

Noting that 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the Presidential Office Building, Spokesperson Lin stated that an exhibit focusing on the architecture will be held in the building's first floor gallery space, and a series of activities will be held. The Office of the President and the Ministry of Finance will also jointly hold a road race to mark the anniversary, and the Chunghwa Post will issue a set of commemorative stamps.

Mr. Feng, in comments on the key visual of the 100th Anniversary of the Presidential Office Building, stated that this building is among the most important structures in Taiwan. It carries with it the history of this land, and holds many of our nation's shared memories. Thus, the visual identity is designed around the concept of "progress." Mr. Feng said that his inspiration came from the decorative red-and-white horizontal bands on the building's facade. In the language of design, he said, this pattern signifies speed and forward motion. In the context of the Presidential Office Building centennial, it invites us to remember the past even as we look forward to the century that awaits.

The key visual's graphic design uses horizontal bands and red bricks to reproduce the look of the Presidential Office Building. The red bricks symbolize a foundation built collaboratively by citizens over generations. As the nation marks the building's centennial, this symbolism delivers a message of hope and inspiration. Mr. Feng also noted that the logo is a three-part combination of red bricks, an arcing curve, and an upward pointing arrow, alluding to the connection between past, present, and future. The foundation left by our predecessors remains with us in the present day as we move toward a future of growing consensus.

The animation, created by 27Design based on Mr. Feng's overall concept, borrows on the Presidential Office Building's unique brick red and tuff gray coloring. The music is produced by a combination of different types of instruments—traditional and modern, Eastern and Western—symbolizing the diversity and harmony of Taiwan's culture.

The animation begins with a brick wall symbolizing solidarity and cooperation, embodying the history and diversity that have accumulated at the Presidential Office Building over the past century. The middle of the animation depicts this diverse culture's transformation into energy, breaking through the bounds of the brick wall toward progress. Thus, this building, which carries with it the hopes and dreams of a nation, is able to house greater potential for unfettered imagination. Finally, the animation concludes by gathering this imagination and energy together and pushing toward a more open future.

During the press conference, Third Bureau Director-General Nan-Yang Lee (李南陽), Department of Public Affairs Director-General Chang Wen-lan (張文蘭), and Legal Affairs Committee Chairperson Kuo Hung-jung (郭宏榮) each took the podium in turn to give details on the 100th anniversary special exhibit and a road race that will be held to mark the building's centennial.

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