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President Tsai meets Palau President Remengesau, tours Palau National Congress, and attends tree-planting ceremony
President Tsai meets Palau President Remengesau, tours Palau National Congress, and attends tree-planting ceremony

President Tsai Ing-wen met with Palau President Tommy Remengesau, Jr. on the morning of March 22 local time (morning of March 22 Taipei time) in the capital, Ngerulmud, for wide-ranging discussions on issues of mutual concern. President Tsai also visited the Palau National Congress, where she emphasized that Taiwan will work together with Palau to contribute more to the Pacific region.

Upon President Tsai's arrival at the National Congress, Foreign Relations and State Affairs Committee Chair Mario Gulibert read aloud a joint resolution from the 10th House of Delegates and Senate supporting Taiwan, and welcoming President Tsai to Palau.    The resolution also thanked Taiwan for its continuing generous assistance and support. House of Delegates Vice Speaker Lucio Ngiraiwet then presented the text of the joint resolution, which Taiwan legislator Liu Chao-hao (劉櫂豪) accepted on behalf of the nation.

President Tsai began her remarks by conveying her sincere appreciation to the Members of the Palau Senate and House of Delegates for choosing this iconic house of democracy—the Capitol Building—for the meeting. She also thanked them for this most precious gift that they have given Taiwan, the joint resolution that was read just moments ago.

The president pointed out that Taiwan and Palau have much in common. We share Austronesian culture that dates back centuries, and we possess bountiful marine resources from the Pacific Ocean. Most importantly, we uphold the core values of democracy and freedom.

She further stated that because we harbor the same ideals, Taiwan and Palau have mutually supported each other over the past two decades.

President Tsai expressed her gratitude to Former President Kuniwo Nakamura for the key role he played in the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries, as well as to all of our Palauan friends for their longstanding commitment to speaking up for Taiwan in the UN, WHO, and many important regional organizations.

Looking ahead, the president said, we face considerable challenges with regard to climate change, economic development, cultural revitalization, and regional peace and stability. Taiwan is very much willing to work together with Palau to contribute more to the Pacific region.

The president mentioned that later this year, Taiwan will host the 49th annual meeting of the Asian-Pacific Parliamentarians' Union (APPU), and she took the opportunity to sincerely invite members of the Palau National Congress to this important event.

In closing, President Tsai once again thanked the Palau National Congress for their warm hospitality, and each of them for their firm support of our diplomatic partnership.

Following her address, President Tsai toured the National Congress accompanied by President Remengesau. They then proceeded to a tree-planting ceremony, where Taiwan Technical Mission in Palau Chief Pang-chi Yang (楊邦棋) and Palau Minister of Natural Resources, Environment & Tourism Fred Sengebau introduced the origin and species of the trees to be planted. The presidents then picked up spades and planted their seedlings. President Tsai planted a Jin-Hwang mango seedling, while President Remengesau planted an Irwin mango seedling, both representing the close friendship and enduring partnership between Taiwan and Palau.

Also in attendance were President Remengesau, Vice President Raynold Oilouch, Former President Thomas Remengesau, Sr., Former President Johnson Toribiong, and members of the Palau Senate and House of Delegates, as well as Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (吳釗燮), National Security Council Deputy Secretary-General Tsai Ming-yen (蔡明彥) and ROC Ambassador to Palau Wallace M.G. Chow (周民淦).

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