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President Tsai's remarks for Lunar New Year 
President Tsai's remarks for Lunar New Year 

On the night before Lunar New Year's eve, President Tsai Ing-wen recorded a video wishing a happy and successful New Year to her fellow citizens and friends around the world.

A translation of the president's full remarks is as follows:


As we approach Lunar New Year's eve, I want to take this opportunity to wish an early Happy Lunar New Year to everyone in Taiwan and all our friends around the world.

The past year was a tough one. I recall that it was last Lunar New Year when COVID-19 began to spread and disrupt lives everywhere. As more and more people are vaccinated this year, I hope that the whole world can join Taiwan in returning to life as normal.

For our own vaccine supply, we have opted both to acquire vaccines from abroad and to develop our own domestically. The first batch of vaccines in Taiwan will be given to frontline healthcare and essential workers. We are planning out the order of future vaccinations to ensure that everyone is protected.

Many Taiwanese living abroad have not been able to return home this Lunar New Year due to the pandemic. Others are still in centralized quarantine facilities or quarantine hotels. I want to thank you all for your cooperation and wish you well this Lunar New Year.

May you enjoy happiness, health, and good fortune, wherever you may be in the world. I look forward to us all resuming normal lives and getting back together again once this pandemic has subsided.

Of course, the New Year is a time to make a wish for the year ahead. I hope that the Taiwanese people will come together this year like we have over the past year, because there is strength in unity. Let's work together to turn the tide, beat this pandemic, and create a more prosperous economic outlook.

I want to wish everyone a "safe New Year" (Mandarin) and a "safe New Year" (Taiwanese).

To our Hakka friends, I wish you "a joyous New Year and peace around the world" (Hakka).

To our Cantonese-speaking friends, I want to thank you all for continuing to follow me on Facebook over the past year. Please remember that even though democracy may not be perfect, it is still the best form of government we have. Hold fast to your beliefs and don't give up. I wish you all "a safe New Year" (Cantonese).

Last but not least, I want to wish a wonderful New Year to our ethnic Chinese friends and everyone around the world. Happy Lunar New Year!

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