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President Tsai meets delegation from American Enterprise Institute
President Tsai meets delegation from American Enterprise Institute

On the morning of October 16, President Tsai Ing-wen met with a delegation from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a think tank based in Washington, DC. President Tsai thanked the AEI for continuing to promote exchanges and cooperation between Taiwan and the United States through concrete actions. The president emphasized that we will adhere to our commitment of neither provoking nor acting rashly, and that we will increase cooperation with the US and other like-minded democracies as we contribute to the world as a force for good.

A translation of President Tsai's remarks follows:

I extend a warm welcome to AEI President Robert Doar and his delegation. I am also delighted to see Dr. Zack Cooper and Senior Fellow Dan Blumenthal once again. Having last received an AEI delegation three years ago, I look forward to exchanging views with you all today.

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude to President Doar. Since assuming this position in 2019, he has invited Representative to the US Bi-khim Hsiao (蕭美琴) to engage in exchanges with the AEI. He has also published books and established the Coalition Defense of Taiwan project to allow the international community to better understand the challenges facing Taiwan.

Taiwan and the AEI have long enjoyed a cooperative relationship. For instance, our Ministry of National Defense and the AEI have co-organized strategy forums. And the AEI is committed to promoting freedom, democracy, and a market-based economy, all of which are values that Taiwan and the US share.

AEI scholars and experts have repeatedly called upon the US government to strengthen Taiwan-US relations through concrete actions. I want to thank all of our distinguished guests for continuing to promote Taiwan-US exchanges and cooperation through such visits.

I know that you all take a keen interest in Taiwan's security. In recent years, we have been making efforts to secure our homeland, and these efforts have manifested in our self-sufficiency in national defense. For example, 20 of our domestically built Brave Eagle jet trainers have already been delivered. And last month, we held the launch ceremony for our indigenous Narwhal submarine. These achievements demonstrate our determination to ensure national security.

We will continue to adhere to our commitment of neither provoking nor acting rashly. And we will increase cooperation with the US and other like-minded democracies as we contribute to the world as a force for good. I look forward to Taiwan-US relations further deepening as a result of the research conducted by the AEI and the discourse it fosters. I welcome you all to visit often. 

President Doar then delivered remarks, first thanking President Tsai for meeting with him and the rest of his delegation. Noting that it is his first time in Taiwan and that he has only been here a short time, he said he has been overwhelmed by the president's and our country's generosity and hospitality while they've been here. President Doar said that they at the AEI have long admired President Tsai’s skill in navigating what is an increasingly complicated geopolitical climate and that the enduring vibrancy of Taiwan's democracy, economy, and culture in the face of these challenges is a tribute to her leadership.

President Doar noted that with him today are leading policy experts and business leaders from AEI's community. He pointed out that the AEI is the leading public policy think tank in the US, and its scholars' work shapes public conversation and informs American policy on a range of issues defined by its overarching commitment to democracy, free enterprise, and American global leadership.

President Doar mentioned that the AEI has long been a supporter of close friendship between Taiwan and the US, adding that in recent years he has made it a priority to expand and strengthen their scholarship and understanding on US strategy and policy toward Asia. He said that the PRC has emerged as the US' primary global rival, and that their scholars are working to prepare the US to meet that challenge and preserve an Asia of free and democratic states.

President Doar stated that their scholarship seeks to improve both America's and their allies' defensive readiness through increased investment in capabilities and aid and closer collaboration strategy. He added that US policy will be dependent on close relationships with its regional allies, especially its closest friends, like our country. Mentioning that their hope in making this visit is to learn more about the Taiwanese perspective on these challenges, President Doar pointed out that the information they gain and the relationships they build with President Tsai and the Taiwanese people will improve their own scholarship as they work with US policymakers to build a durable and powerful partnership with our country.

But just as important, President Doar said, is that they want this visit to visibly convey their institution's commitment and friendship to President Tsai and all of Taiwan. He said that they are looking forward to the conversation and they hope this visit and meeting will be the first of many between the AEI, President Tsai, and all of their friends in Taiwan.

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