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Vice President Lu Addresses a Seminar on National Security and Civil Defense Mobilization

Taipei, May 23 (CNA) Vice President Annette Lu said Wednesday that the Republic of China should co-exist peacefully with mainland China and follow the experience of the European Union in establishing an alliance with countries that share similar beliefs. 


She said that such a Northeast Asia alliance could be formed with South Korea and Japan, which also value democracy,technology and Confucianism. 


Lu made the remarks at a seminar on national security and civil defense mobilization organized by the Reserves Mobilization Management School of the Armed Forces Reserve Command. 


Of the 189 member states of the United Nations, 188 are nothostile toward Taiwan, she said, adding that only one--the People's Republic of China--is unfriendly, full of hostility and making plans to invade Taiwan. Because of this hostility, Lu said, the people of Taiwan must strengthen their national, civil and psychological defense.She added that Taiwan must respond to mainland China's "hard military threats" through such "soft national power" as democracy, human rights, peace, "love" and high technology.


Regarding the growing migration of domestic capital and industries to mainland China in recent years, Lu called the mainland merely "a processing plant for the world" and urged the high-tech industries in Taiwan to put more efforts into research and development so that the world-famous "Made in Taiwan" label could become "Innovated in Taiwan." 


Turning to domestic politics, she said that a new Cabinet should be formed after the year-end legislative elections with the ministers appointed according to the proportion of party seats in the Legislative Yuan. This would help promote the concept of "common destiny" and ensure that both the legislature and the government are "of all the people," she added.


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