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President Chen Meets with Winners of the Second National Architecture Award and the First National Industry Award

Taipei, March 14 (CNA) President Chen met with winners of the Second National Architecture Award and the First National Industry Award. 

Chen said his administration humbly accepts criticism of its drawbacks and tries to make improvements. But the president said he is hopeful that each of us can refrain from interpreting everything purely from a political point of view. 

"Such practices only undermine the morale of all public functionaries," Chen said, adding that he is convinced that with encouragement from the opposition camp and the general public, the government can perform better. 

Chen said local enterprises should develop a risk management mechanism when they launch business ventures on the mainland. Chen further said he hopes each of us can refrain from exaggerating mainland China's superiority and advantages and can avoid overly defaming Taiwan. 

Noting that Taiwan belongs to all residents of the island, Chen said each of them should share the responsibility of making Taiwan a better place in which to live. Chen said he is worried that the people of Taiwan are losing their traditional can-do spirit, perseverance, fortitude and down-to-earth work ethic. 

The president admitted that the general international situation is comparatively unfavorable to Taiwan and that most local people are still adapting themselves to the country's first transition of power between different political parties. "Nevertheless, I'm convinced that we can overcome all the difficulties and challenges, so long as we have confidence in ourselves, belief in this land and trust in others," Chen stressed. 

For the government's part, Chen went on, it will certainly do its utmost and will "never fall short of public expectations." Touching upon the government's policy goals, Chen said his administration will give top priority to three things--investment, economic development and Taiwan's well-being. 

"Despite its limited resources, Taiwan has managed to achieve economic prosperity with innovation and hard work over the past few decades. Therefore, I believe that we still have infinite growth potential, so long as we continue our efforts," Chen said optimistically. 

He also urged the country's blue-chip enterprises to join forces with the government to promote industrial and economic upgrading and sharpen overall national competitiveness in the increasingly competitive global market.


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