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President Chen Sends a Congratulatory Message to a Forum on International Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

Taipei, Feb. 12 (CNA) Republic of China President Chen Shui-bian Monday exhorted concerted efforts by the government, the academic and industrial sectors to promote the development of the biotech industry to make it into the century's star industry.

Chen expressed the hope in a written message addressed to a forum on international biotechnology and pharmaceuticals sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

He added that the government is determined to promote biology and biomedical technology development in the coming four years and noted that the concerted efforts by the government, academic and industrial sectors have seen the biotech and pharmaceutical industries develop well over the years, with investment in these sectors dramatically increased.

However, he also pointed out that trade liberalization, the improvements in intellectual property rights protection, health care for all citizens and World Trade Organization entry will drastically change the environment and industrial development for these sectors.

He called on the local biotech industry to reform its operation structure, strengthen research and development programs and modernize and amend related regulations so as to upgrade its competitiveness at home and abroad.

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