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Vice President Lu Makes a Videotaped Speech to the World Culture and Sports Festival and the Women's Federation for World Peace

Taipei, Jan. 28 (CNA) Vice President Annette Lu said Sunday that the universal value of the 21st century is that everyone, with a heart of gratitude, should love others and cherish the euphoria that human civilizations have created.

Lu made the remarks in a videotaped speech to members of the World Culture and Sports Festival and the Women's Federation for World Peace, who are now meeting in New York.

Lu told the participants that although she cannot attend their current meeting in person because of mainland China's pressure, she shares the same ideas with all of them.

"We all long for melody instead of gunshot. We long for fresh flower instead of fresh blood. In a word, we long for peace instead of war," Lu stressed. Lu expressed her admiration for all the participants for being able to join the ongoing forum to usher the 21st century into the path of peace and truth.

"I wish to convey my respect to the founders, leaders and the entire members of the World Culture and Sports Festival and the Women's Federation for World Peace for their great efforts to make this conference a great success and to spread its ideals to every corner of the world," she added.

Noting that 28 days have passed since the world entered the 21st century, Lu said she has been thinking what "should be" the difference between the 20th century and the 21st century.

A century ago, Lu said, there were only 1.6 billion people on earth. Currently, there are 6.3 billion people. Over the past century, Lu said, human kind experienced two world wars, more than 30 regional wars and 150-plus internal wars. "War can only bring death and destruction. By no means can it create happiness nor solve problems. History tells us that those who instigate war will eat their own evil fruits," Lu remarked.

The Republic of China's first female vice president went on to point out that the population increased by 4.7 billion in the last century. "With the remarkable progress of life science, long life is no longer a dream. Population explosion will be an inevitable nightmare in the future," Lu said, adding that since there is only one earth, the globe will team with population which will reach 10 billion after two or three decades from now. And there will be more population and older people in the future.

"Is it God's duty or ours to let people pursue happiness and enjoy dignity while living in good health and in perpetual peace?" Lu asked. Quoting renowned historian Arnold J. Toynbee, Lu said religion is the core of civilization. "As different civilizations encounter, accommodate and complement, the world has gradually ended with four prominent spheres of culture: Confucian-Buddhist-Taoist culture in East Asia, Hinduist culture, Christian culture, and Muslim culture," Lu said, adding that now these influential cultural mainstreams are in a process of adjusting to and complementing with each other, pointing out a possibility of a common world culture with love as its main foundation.

Lu further said that power of itself tends to be arrogant and encroaching. "Yet love urges and leads those who possess power not to harm others. Science and Technology are powerful, but it is love that makes those skilled in technology not to kill and rob."

By contrast, Lu said, without love, it would be merciless and ruthless. "Being merciless and ruthless, one will do what he or she pleases and covets." As there is only one earth, Lu said, no one should be allowed to do what he or she pleases or covets. "And the universal value in the 21st century is that every one, with a heart of gratitude, should love others. Every one should be also obliged to protect environment and help the needed to sustain themselves."

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