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President and Madame Lee Host a State Banquet in Honor of President and Madame Abdou Diouf of Senegal

President and Madame Lee Teng-hui host a state banquet tonight at the office of the President in honor of Senegalese President and Madame Abdou Diouf and other delegation members visiting the ROC. High-ranking officials, including Vice President Lien Chan, Presidential Secretary-General Wu Poh-hsiung, Foreign Minister John Chang, and members of the diplomatic corps are also invited.


Before that, President Lee and President Diouf have a meeting to exchange views on matters of common interest, and then decorate each other.


At the banquet, President Lee compliments President Diouf on his brilliant leadership over the years which has brought about political stability, economic prosperity, social progress, and remarkable cultural development for the Republic of Senegal, and has made the country a model for other African nations. President Diouf has spared no efforts in furthering friendship between the ROC and the Republic of Senegal since the diplomatic ties were resumed last January. President Lee also reiterates that he will be delighted to work with President Diouf to strengthen the amicable and cooperative relationships between the two countries.


President Lee points out that the ROC has achieved greatly in terms of full democracy, economic development, and social diversity. He hopes that the ROC, with the support from friendly nations, could fully participate in international activities and thus play a more positive and constructive role in the international community. President Lee then expresses his heartfelt gratitude for the support of the government and people of Senegal for the ROC in the international society.


In response, President Diouf conveys his appreciation again for the warm welcome from the government and people of the ROC, and emphasizs that relations between the two countries are based upon the causes of democracy, freedom, and peace. He believes that the convictions shared by both countries will result in closer and enhanced cooperation.


After the speeches, President Lee and President Diouf ask all the guests to join them in a toast to the continued prosperity of and long-standing friendship between the two countries.

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