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President Lee Meets with Central American Guests

President and Madame Lee Teng-hui this morning host a tea party at the Office of the President to welcome Central American participants in the Fifth Reunion of the Mixed Commission of Cooperation between the Countries of the Central American Isthmas and the Republic of China.


During the party, President Lee expresses his appreciation to all the distinguished guests for their endeavors at strengthening the friendly ties between Central America and the ROC. He also stresses that both the ROC and Central American countries, based on traditional friendship and with the common aspiration for freedom, peace and human rights, have made very fruitful progress in technical cooperation, cultural exchanges and high-level visits. And the abovesaid Commission would play an active role in strengthening the cooperative relations, enhancing the bilateral friendship and further improving the livelihood of the people of the related countries, the President adds.


The Central American guests include Nicaraguan Foreign Minister and Mrs. Ernesto Leal Sanchez, Belize Agriculture Minister Rusell Garcia, Costa Rican Foreign Minister and Mrs. Fernando E. Naranjo Villalobos, Salvadoran Foreign Minister and Mrs. Ramon Ernesto Gonzalez Giner, Guatemala Foreign Minister and Mrs. Eduardo Stein Barillas, Honduras Vice Minister of Planning, Coordination and Budget Julio Cesar Quintanila, Panamanian Vice Foreign Minister Alejandro Ferrer, and Mr. Eugenio Sanchez of the Economic Integration Bank of Central America.


Also joining the party from the ROC side are Mr. Wu Poh-hsiung, Secretary- General to the President, Mr. Ding Mou-shih, Secretary-General of the National Security Council, and Foreign Minister and Mrs. John Chang.

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