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President Lee Hosts a State Banquet in Honor of Salvadorian President Calderon

President Lee Teng-hui tonight hosts a state banquet at the Office of the President in honor of H.E. Armando Calderon Sol, president of the Republic of El Salvador, and his delegation. ROC Vice President Lien Chan, high-ranking government officials and members of the diplomaitc corps are also invited to the banquet.


In his speech, President Lee extends his heartfelt welcome to President Calderon and says that both the ROC and Salvador, enjoying traditional bonds of friendship and sharing the ideals of freedom, democray and justice, have in the past years greatly enhanced bilateral cooperation and supported each other in international affairs.


President Lee, on behalf of the government and the people of the ROC, also expresses deep appreciation to President Calderon for the steadfast support given by Salvadorian government and people to the ROC in the international community.


President Lee assures the distinguished guests that the ROC is commited to further cementing bilateral cooperative ties to bring prosperity to peoples of both countries. He hopes that both countries can continue to work together to uphold international justice and that Salvador can continue to lend support to the ROC for her efforts at participating in international organizations and playing a more active role in the world stage.


In return, President Calderon thanks the ROC government and people for all the hospitality rendered him and his delegation during their visit here. He says he is deeply impressed by the progress and prosperity of the ROC and her hardworking people.


After their speeches, the two presidents ask all the guests to join them in a toast to the continued prosperity of both countries.

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