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President Lee Meets with Washington State Governor

President Lee Teng-hui this afternoon meets with Governor Mike Lowry of the State of Washington, United States of American, and extends to him a cordial welcome.


In view of the fact that the ROC is now Washington State's fifth largest trading partner with two-way trade reaching US$6 billion last year, the President tells his guest that he hopes business and trade changes between both sides will continue to grow and cooperation will expand into other areas.


President Lee also welcomes high technology investment from Washington State and encourages businesses from the state to make the ROC a gateway to markets in the Asia-Pacific.


Governor Lowry congratulates President Lee for winning success in the ROC's first popular presidential election on March 23, and lauds the President's capable leadership in ushering the ROC into a new political area.


President Lee says that, with the mandate of the people, he is committed to further reforms in various fields to ensure continued prosperity of the country and lasting happiness of the people.


Governor Lowry and his delegation are accompanied by Vice Foreign Minister Chen Wen-hwa to the Office of the President for the meeting. National Security Council Secretary-General Ding Mou-shih and Deputy Secretary-General Stephen S. F. Chen of the Office of the President are also present.

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