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President Lee Meets with South Korean Delegation

President Lee Teng-hui this morning says that, in order to enhance bilateral relations between the Republic of China and the Republic of Korea, both Taipei and Seoul should evaluate all related issues based on overall national interests instead of economic benefits. Furthermore, the President notes that both countries should work together to walk out of the shadow cast by South Korea's switch of diplomatic recognition to Beijing four years ago.


President Lee makes the remarks in meeting with a visiting South Korean delegation headed by Mr. Chung Jae Moon, a senior National Assembly member of the ruling Democratic Liberal Party.


The ROC and the ROK are close neighbors and both support the cause of democracy, President Lee tells his guests. Given the new situations in Asia and beyond, the two countries should deal with each other in a candid and sincere manner to establish cooperative relations in a broader sense, he points out. The President also expresses his appreciation to Mr. Chung for the latter's efforts at promoting bilateral ties.


During the meeting, Mr. Chung says that the government and people of the ROK are grateful for President Lee's contributions to the promotion of friendship and cooperation between the two countries over the past years. He also hopes that a major breakthrough in ROC-ROK relations can be made in the near future, adding that Seoul looks forward to resuming direct air links with Taipei as soon as possible to facilitate commercial and tourist exchanges.


The South Korean guests are accompanied by Vice Foreign Minister Chen Wen-hwa to the meeting. Mr. Stephen S. F. Chen, Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of the President, is also present.

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