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Office of the President Opens to the Public

President Lee Teng-hui and Vice President Lien Chan, accompanied by Dr. Huang Kun-huei, Secretary-General to the President, and Dr. Wu Jing, Minister of Education, come to the squares in front of the Presidential Office this morning to greet the children who participate in a painting contest dubbed "The Brilliant 1996 Painting Carnival." President Lee encourages the children to bring their imagination into full play. Later on , he shakes hands with teenagers who enjoy roller-skating and play skateboard and wishes them a happy holiday.


The above programs are in connection with the opening of the Presidential Office today. Early in the morning, people, old and young, who wish to take a real look at the Office of the President, line up to get into it. Although this is the eighth time that the Office has been opened to public view four times a year since January 2, 1995, people still feel interested in touring the building. A total of 26,579 persons, the second highest figure within two years, come to view the inside of the building today.

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