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President Lee and Vice President Lien Congratulate U.S. President Clinton and Vice President Gore

President Lee Teng-hui today sends a telegram to U.S. President Bill Clinton to congratulate him on his re-election. The full text of his congratulatory message is as follows:


Dear Mr. President:


On the auspicious occasion of your re-election to the presidency of the United States of America, my wife and I would like to extend to you and Mrs. Clinton our warmest congratulations. Your re-election is a resounding confirmation by the American people of the distinguished leadership and superb services you have rendered your country in the past years.


During your first term of leadership, the United States has defended freedom, human rights, and democracy, prevented terrorism and nuclear proliferation, and advocated world peace and sustainable development. Thanks to all these efforts which have acquired commendations worldwide, global peace and prosperity today are more assured than ever. Because of your continued leadership of the United States, I am totally convinced that freedom, democracy, and justice will be further safeguarded and enhanced.


I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our deep appreciation for the U.S. commitment to furthering U.S.-R.O.C. relations as embodied in the Taiwan policy review of September 1994 and for the dispatching of two aircraft carrier battle groups to the vicinity of the Taiwan Straits during the missile crisis initiated by the Chinese mainland in March 1996. By demonstrating American determination to maintain peace and stability in this part of the world, the foregoing U.S. actions not only helped defuse a threatening situation, but also will conduce toward future security and development in the region.


As a major economic power in the world, the Republic of China has every intention of actively participating in international affairs and earnestly fulfilling its international obligations. For that purpose, the goodwill and support of our friends in the rest of the world is of special importance. As we look forward to continuing close cooperation with the United States in the years ahead, it is also our hope that you will kindly extend continued support to our bid for greater participation in global affairs.


Our best wishes to you and Mrs. Clinton for your personal well- being and continued success,


Sincerely yours,

Lee Teng-hui



Meanwhile, Vice President Lien Chan sends a congratulatory telegram to U.S. Vice President Al Gore for his re-election. The full text of the message is as follows:


Dear Mr. Vice President:


On the auspicious occasion of your re-election to the vice presidency of the United States of America, my wife joins me in extending to you and Mrs. Gore our warmest congratulations.


In the past four years, your unswerving dedication to assisting President Clinton in managing many domestic and international issues of vital importance, particularly those on sustainable development, has clearly contributed much to this historic reconfirmation at the ballot box of the Clinton administration's leadership by the American people. I would like to express to you my sincere admiration. I am confident that under the leadership of President Clinton and your good self, the close and cordial friendship between our two peoples will be further strengthened in the years ahead.


Please accept our best wishes to you and Mrs. Gore for your personal well-being and continued success.


Sincerely yours,

Lien Chan

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