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President Lee Welcomes Gambia President Jammeh with Military Honors

President Lee Teng-hui, accompanied by Vice President Lien Chan as well as ranking government officials, this afternoon welcome His Excellency Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh, President of the Republic of The Gambia to Taipei with military honors.


At the 21-gun military salute ceremony at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, President Lee says that President Jammeh's visit here will assuredly further consolidate the existing cordial relations between the two countries.


"Although the Republic of China and the Republic of The Gambia are geographically separated by great distance, our two peoples have been bound together by shared ideals of peace, freedom, justice and democracy," President Lee remarks. "Since the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between our two countries in July last year, we have been enjoying very close ties of friendship and cooperation."


President Lee also tells the visiting Gambia president: "Although our two countries have encountered different challenges while pursuing our common goals of democracy and prosperity, yet we both have attained great success. Your Excellency's election as the first President of the second republic of your country earlier this year is a shining example."


Meanwhile, President Lee says that he looks forward to the pleasure of exchanging views with President Jammeh on international situation, regional issues and matters of mutual concern and that their discussions will not only enhance the relationship between our two countries, but also provide new insights on how to preserve peace, security and harmony in the world.


In response, President Jammeh expresses his appreciation to the ROC government for all the courtesies rendered him and his delegation. He also hopes that, through his visit here, he will be able to gain a better understanding of the ROC and will further contribute to even closer ties between both countries.


At the invitation of President Lee, President and Madame Jammeh, accompanied by the Hon. Baboucarr Blaise Jagne, Minister of External Affairs, the Hon. Musa B. Mbenga, Minster of Agriculture & Natural Resources, the Hon. Dominic Mendy, Minister of Trade, Industry & Employment, and other ranking officials come to the ROC for a five-day state visit. They are scheduled to leave Taipei on November 25.

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