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President Lee Confers Order on Gambia President

President Lee Teng-hui and President Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh of the Republic of The Gambia confer a medal on each other at a ceremony held in the Office of the resident this evening for symbolizing the firm and solid relationship between the two countries.


On behalf of the government and the people of the ROC, President Lee confers the Order of Brilliant Jade on President Jammeh in a tribute to his efforts of promoting bilateral friendship.


In turn, President Lee receives the commander of the Order of the Republic of The Gambia from President Jammeh.


In their remarks after receiving the decoration, both national leaders express their gratitude, saying that the decoration they have just received not only is the greatest honor in their life, but also symbolizes the friendly ties binding the two countries. Through more joint efforts, they believe, the friendship between both countries will be further consolidated and strengthened.


After the decorating ceremony, President and Madame Lee host a state banquet in honor of President and Madame Jammeh and their delegation. ROC Vice President and Madame Lien Chan, heads of the central government agencies, and members of diplomatic corps are all invited to the banquet.


At the end of the state banquet, President Lee delivers a speech to extend his heartiest congratulations on President Jammehs landslide victory in the recent residential election. He also praises his honorable guest for leading Gambia towards democracy and inspiring the people there to engage in the task of nation-building since the latter was elected as the Chairman of AFPRC and as Head of State of The Gambia in 1994. Concerning the fact that President Jammeh is in the process of improving Gambias investment environment, forging ahead with the Gambia 2020 vision project, President Lee says he has full confidence that it will be a great success and will shepherd the Gambian people to continue on in its march towards peace, stability and prosperity.


Meanwhile, President Lee says that the Republic of China greatly values the bilateral partnership with the Gambian people. From reestablishment of an agricultural technical mission in The Gambia to help advance agricultural development to signature of an agreement on medical cooperation and a protocol for the Essau-Kerewan road construction project, these cooperative measures will help raise the living standard of the Gambian people, the President notes. I am confident that as we join hands in our journey towards democracy, we will continue to strengthen our bonds of cooperation in agriculture, trade, investment and other areas, for the benefit of all our peoples, he adds.


In his speech, President Lee also expresses deep appreciation to The Gambia for a strong stand in supporting the ROCs bid to participate in the United Nations and other international organizations. He sincerely hopes that The Gambia will continue to give this country support and partnership in the international community.


In response, President Jammeh appreciates the warm hospitality he and his delegation receive and the financial and technical assistance to The Gambia given by the ROC. He emphasizes that the friendship between the two countries is based on shared values of democracy, freedom and peace. Bilateral friendly and cooperative ties between both countries will be further advanced, President Jammeh reiterates.


At the end of their speeches, both presidents invite all the guests for a toast to the bright future of the two countries.

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