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Office of the President Sets up Press Lounge

The Office of the President inaugurates its press lounge this morning, aiming to offer a working and resting place for local as well as foreign journalists coming to this office.


Dr. Huang Kun-hui, Secretary-General to the President, and his deputies Mr. Stephen S.F. Chen and Mr. Hwang Jeng-Shyong, along with three representatives of the local press, jointly preside over the inaugural ceremony in which over one hundred officials and journalists take part.


Secretary-General Huang tells the gathering that he hopes the new press lounge can further shorten the distance between the President and the people of the country with the help of journalists.


He also points out that the Office of the President will try its best to maintain direct contacts with the press to convey the latest information from the government and the President's thinking on major policy issues.


A tea reception is held inside the press lounge after the ceremony.

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