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President Lee Meets with President Walsh of Wellesley College

President Lee Teng-hui today reiterates his determination to push for educational reform, saying that formal schooling should equip students with independent thinking and a global view.


President Lee makes the remarks this morning when he receives Dr. Diana Chapman Walsh, President of Wellesley College in the United States.


President Lee says that, under the current education system which is diploma-oriented, many students in this country study by rote in order to pass examinations, and have little time for extracurricular readings and activities which are also important to them.


President Lee also notes that studying by rote does not help students foster a broader outlook on things when they make judgements. It is not good for their future development, adds the President.


President Lee further points out that after a two-year evaluation, the ad-hoc Education Reform Committee has accomplished a report on the problems, and that it is time for government agencies concerned to put the recommendations in the report into action.


Accompanied by ROC Education Vice Minister Yang Chao-shiang and Chairman Eugene T. C. Wu of Sin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd., President Walsh and her delegation come to the Office of the President for the meeting.


Also present are Dr. Ding Mou-shih, secretary-general of the ROC National Security Council, and Mr. Stephen S. F. Chen, deputy secretary-general of the Office of the President.

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