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President Lee Meets with Visitors from Japan and the Philippines

President Lee Teng-hui this morning meets with and extends a ward welcome to the Hon. Maeda Takeshi, a member of the lower house of Japan's Diet,

and his wife.


Mr. and Mrs. Takeshi are accompanied by ROC Vice Foreign Minister Tzen Wen-hua and Association of East Asia Relations Chairman Lin Chin-ching to the Office of the President for the meeting. Dr. Ding Mou-shih, secretary-general of the ROC National Security Council, is also present.


First of all, President Lee and his Japanese guests exchange views on political and economic developments in their respective countries. The President points out that the ROC is now implementing a series of administrative, judicial, educational, and spiritual reforms.


Building a consensus among the people is the key to the success of both the above-mentioned reform programs and the ROC's national development, the President adds.


Mr. Takeshi, who is also deputy secretary-general of Japan's New Frontier Party, tells President Lee that he will do his utmost to help strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.


Following the meeting, President Lee receives a visiting group from the Philippines headed by Mr. Salvador H. Laurel, chairman of the Philippine National Centennial Commission.


Mr. Laurel presents President Lee with a letter of invitation, inviting the Republic of China, particularly her private sector, to participate in a centennial fair to be held from December 18, 1997, to August 16, 1998, at the Clark special economic zone.


President Lee tells Mr. Laurel that the ROC is willing to take part in the significant events celebrating the Philippines' 100th founding anniversary.


Mr. Laurel and his delegation are accompanied by ROC Vice Foreign Minister Tzen Wen-hua to meet President Lee. Also present is Secretary-General Ding Mou-shih of the National Security Council.

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