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Leader's Representative James Soong explains results achieved by ROC delegation during 25th APEC Economic Leaders' Week
Leader's Representative James Soong explains results achieved by ROC delegation during 25th APEC Economic Leaders' Week

On the morning of November 13, the Office of the President held a press conference to mark the return of the ROC delegation to the 25th APEC Economic Leaders' Week. Leader's Representative James Soong (宋楚瑜) explained what took place and what was achieved during the week-long meetings. He also accepted questions from the media.

In remarks, Mr. Soong stated that APEC gave Taiwan a chance to participate in high-level international talks on economic and trade matters. He also said that the delegation had shared examples of Taiwan's accomplishments and experiences with the world, as well as our plans for the future.

Mr. Soong explained that establishment of the APEC Women and the Economy Sub-Fund proposed by Taiwan, the United States, and Australia was formally announced during the APEC proceedings. Setting up the sub-fund shows what Taiwan has accomplished in its efforts to safeguard women's rights. And in fact, in terms of equal economic, educational, and political opportunity, and continuous promotion of the fundamental concept of equal rights for women, Taiwan is actually ahead of other countries, he added.

Mr. Soong mentioned that other countries are very impressed by how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have developed in Taiwan because we have good policies. Our government has taken the lead in promoting harmonization with the international economic community, and integrating private-sector economic activities. In both bilateral and multilateral talks at APEC this year, he said, other countries expressed hope that Taiwan would provide experience-based assistance in these areas and exchange ideas.

Mr. Soong also noted that Taiwan has a lot of experience dealing with the economic impact of severe climate change, and is in a good position to share what it knows about natural disaster warning systems and ongoing preparedness measures. Taiwan is also currently pursuing its New Southbound Policy, and has concrete experience in agricultural development and transformation of SMEs that can help countries targeted by the New Southbound Policy.

Looking to the future, Mr. Soong stated that globalization and the adoption of digital technologies were also subjects of much discussion at APEC this year. He also informed reporters that PChome Online Inc. Chairman Hung-tze Jan (詹宏志) was selected by the APEC Business Advisory Council as next year's chairman of the newly established Digital Innovation Working Group, which shows that other countries appreciate Taiwan's contributions and success in the field of information technology.

And lastly, Mr. Soong stated that Taiwan is willing to share its development experience with the rest of the world, and strengthen its cooperation with other countries. Taiwan hopes to uphold President Tsai's "open regionalism" concept, which emphasizes the need for an inclusive, participatory approach that excludes no one, working with other countries for peace, prosperity, and partnership, and sharing experiences and achievements, he said.

Among those present at press conference were: Minister without Portfolio John C. C. Deng (鄧振中); National Development Council Minister Chen Mei-ling (陳美伶); Minister of Economic Affairs Jong-Chin Shen (沈榮津); National Security Council Advisor Lin Liang-jung (林良蓉); Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Paul Wen-liang Chang (章文樑); National Policy Advisor to the President Mei-yueh Ho (何美玥); Executive Yuan Political Advisor Jinji Chen (陳錦稷); National Development Council Deputy Minister Chiou Jiunn-Rong (邱俊榮); Chairman Qin Jia Hong (秦嘉鴻) of the Manufacturers United General Association of Industrial Park of ROC; Ma Kai (馬凱), chief editorial writer at the Economic Daily News; Business Today publisher and spokesperson Hsieh Chin-ho (謝金河); Professor Lee Hong-yuan (李鴻源) of National Taiwan University; and Legislator Lee Hung-Chun (李鴻鈞).

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