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Sustainable Austronesia, Working Together for a Better Future—2017 State Visits to Pacific Allies

Local media coverage

President Tsai visits Austronesia, says "diplomatic efforts should transcend partisan politics"

President Tsai receives high-level treatment during US transit stops ahead of US President Donald Trump's trip to China

President Tsai gifts nationals of six Pacific allies with visa-free treatment

President Tsai expresses hope for close, mutual support during whirlwind visit to Tuvalu

Solomon Island government: Taiwan relations remain a priority

President Tsai lauds non-partisan diplomatic efforts, calls for cooperation on domestic issues

President Tsai receives high-level treatment during US transit stops, media privy to itinerary for the first time

AIT Chairman James Moriarty says US interests in the Pacific make commitment to Taiwan "only natural"

President Tsai in Hawaii: Taiwan-US relations have never been better

President of the Marshall Islands supports Taiwan participation in international organizations

President Tsai highlights strong Taiwan-US ties at luncheon with Taiwanese expatriates in Honolulu

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