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President Tsai's 2018 visit to Paraguay and Belize

Local media coverage

President Tsai achieves three breakthroughs during stopover in US

President Tsai's first US stopover following passage of the Taiwan Travel Act

Tsai Ing-wen becomes first Taiwan president to visit official US institution

Taiwan and US taking a step-by-step approach to relationship building

Tsai invites Taiwanese-American youth to pursue careers in Taiwan

Tsai's address in Los Angeles focuses on Six Assurances

President Tsai quotes Reagan: Everything is negotiable except our freedom and our future

President Tsai arrives in Paraguay, meets new president

President Tsai receives high-level courtesies in Paraguay, shares dais with 6 heads of state

President Tsai: Promote Taiwan-Honduras agricultural cooperation

President Tsai decorated by Belize Governor-General, states that Taiwan-Belize ties are strong

President Tsai addresses National Assembly of Belize, thanks Belize for staunchly supporting Taiwan's international participation

Tsai Ing-wen comments on recent 85°C café incident, regrets that "that coffee lost some of its flavor"

President Tsai visits NASA, tours flight control room

Massive turnout at expatriate banquet to support President Tsai

President Tsai calls for Taiwan-US cooperation to defend companies against political interference

The New York Times reports US giving Taiwan’s President Tsai more diplomatic courtesies than ever on her current trip

President Tsai: Suppression makes Taiwan more determined and unified

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