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President Tsai issues remarks after returning from state visits to Paraguay and Belize


President Tsai explains trip objectives before departing for Paraguay and Belize

Over the past nine days, we made transit stops in the United States, traversed the northern and southern hemispheres, and visited our diplomatic allies Paraguay and Belize. I thank all the delegation members, support staff and reporters for their hard work, making the trip successful.

In addition to personally thanking our diplomatic allies, friends who care about Taiwan, overseas community members, and our diplomatic colleagues posted abroad, we discussed the future development of bilateral relations with Mr. Mario Abdo Benítez, the newly elected president of Paraguay. In Belize, I met with Governor-General Sir Colville Young and Prime Minister Dean Barrow, thereby further deepening the friendship between our countries.

While representing Taiwan and interacting with the heads of state and envoys from various nations, both allied and non-allied, I reiterated Taiwan's firm commitment to freedom and democracy, and our resolve to deepen Taiwan's engagement with the international community.

Despite the pressure faced on the road, we were still able to take concrete actions to show the international community that Taiwan will not bow to pressure. Pressure will only make us stronger and more unified, strengthening our determination to engage with the world.

During the trip, our government continued to function smoothly according to plans already in place. I also thank everyone at home who kept the government running. I especially want to thank our armed forces for safeguarding national security around the clock.

As it's getting late, at this point in time, I'd just like to thank you all once again for your hard work. Now that we accomplished our mission, it's time to get some rest so that we can be refreshed for tomorrow. Thank you, everyone.

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